Sunday, August 06, 2006


On The Quana post is an important link posted by the Purple Avenger. The folks at Little Green Footballs and the EUreferendumblog have caught Reuters altering photos in Beiut to make the damage worse. Also Little Green Footballs also has more information on the photographer who staged the Qana hoax.

This is yet another example of far left types deliberately fabricating the news ala Mary Mapes. Remember that in the Vietnam era there was no blogosphere to out the fabrications of the media.

This is another reason why the MSM continues to lose respectability it can not be trusted.


Kyle said...

I often wonder how many "Dan Rather" moments the respectable media gave us during the fifties, sixties, and seventies?
I know that there was nothing but left wing propaganda in movies and TV from about 1965 on.

Thank God their days of dominance are over.

Justin said...


While we all know who's side the media is on I do want your opinion on what is happening this morning.

Would you please look into this stupid resolution that the U.S. and France have come up with.

I just heard the Under Secretary of State say that in the resolution that Hezbollah has to stop its attacks and Irsrael has to stop its offensive actions. I thought Israel was taking defensive action. I heard absolutely 0, zilch, nada any mention of Hezbollah disarming.

Sounds to me like the Hez are getting their arses kicked and need the world to bail them out. How many times must Israel be expected to give into these people and give them the respect that they have not earned or deserve?

Grrrrrrrrrr I am begining to think Bush has totally lost it and just looking for ways to kiss up to the lefties.

Anonymous said...


IMHO you hear right, of course, Olmert was sounding the same about 3 days ago. 8>)

If the leader of Israel is not willing to hold out for a reasonable basis for a cease fire, how can we expect anything better form our own appeasers and the Cheese cutting Surrender Monkeys!!

I gotta agree with your Bush statement also. He would appear to have made a hard LEFT turn over the last few months.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


The American mainstream media ceased practicing journalism sometime before the Spanish American War in the late 19th Century.

Bruno Amato said...

Our troops should be pulled from Iraq and sent to help our only true friend in the Middle East....Israel!....or at least send them all home to protect our borders, Iraq is a lost cause.

Mr. Ducky said...

Just a stock distance shot that was poorly doctored and probably didn't need it for impact. Either way, I'm sure nobody's looking at this photo saying "see? This war needs to end." Let's face it, this isn't exactly Nick Ut.

With the rest of the "truth" in what passes for media these days (blogs, etc.), an obviously doctored photo doesn't even raise my eyebrow.

beakerkin said...

Lets see Duck Rueters is doing a great job. Fake massacres in Qana and now faked photos.

Lets see we are down to 28 alleged victims. In an unprecedented move the Red Cross will not release names.

Do you want to bet that there are Marxist fellow travelers or Mary Mapes types at Reuters. There job is to report the news not fabricate it.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Mr. Ducky,

At least you understand how convincing special effects can be, or need to be on a screen for people to suspend disbelief and watch something as if they were standing right there.

Just wish you'd apply your film analysis skills to everything else.

FLORIAN said...

Not only that, but did you hear about the death threat that the editor of LGF received via a Reuters journalist? Just goes to show you how "moderate" those bastards really are.

beakerkin said...


Welcome to the blog. If you would like to do an interview segment called in the hot seat let me know. It will better introduce you to our readers.

Iraq is an artificial country and we may have to deal with that reality. Israel can fight this one without the US help but I may be enroute.

nanc said...

and to think, my departed father used to say, "believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see."

okay dad - what now?

beakerkin said...

Florian LGF is not doing the major damage the EU blog is. The reaction from the Reuters people doesn't shock me just more far left types on a mission.

FLORIAN said...

Beak: You have a link for the EU blog?

beakerkin said...


They have about 15 indepth posts on Qana hoaxes. If that doesn't work click the link to the Purple avenger and he has a link on his Qana story.

Anonymous said...

bruno amato says:

"Iraq is a lost cause."

What, and miss all thos great IslamoNazi targets that our guys are killing in Iraq???

Don't forget, part of the reason to go after Afghanistan and Iraq was to keep the Jihadis BUSY ON THEIR OWN TURF!!!

It is much better for them to use human shields and have their infrastructure destroyed through IED's and suicide bombs than for Kerry, Gore, Murtha and Hitlery to command it here!

Anonymous said...

Che Sucky Ducky,

yeah that photo was no big deal, it just DOUBLED the damage!!


and so what if we ignore it and people get used to buying the IslamoNazi propaganda. Preying to Mecca 5 times a day while someone screeches into your ear is no big thing either.

All the Jews and Christians won't mind being killed and persecuted and paying extra. I am sure YOU won't mind being stoned to death for several different reasons!!!




MissingLink said...

The whole history of the "Palestinian nation" has been built on poorly doctored 'shots'.

Of course we shouldn't allow small details like that to take us off the main target - the destruction of Israel.

Purple Avenger said...

an obviously doctored photo doesn't even raise my eyebrow.

Indeed, indeed - deception in persuit of "the cause" is to be commended, not condemned!

Of course war is just an extension of politics by other means too...

Justin said...

It is just me or am I missing something out of the reports coming out of Haifa. Hezzbolla missles struck two houses and I have not heard one word about children being in these houses. 30 people were involved with one pregnant woman who went into labor because of it. Were all 30 of these people adults or is it because they are Israeli children dont count. We are told over and over about the poor innocent children in Lebanon but we never hear about the children in Israel unless they are Israeli Arabs.

The U.S. and the French work out a cease fire that is going to be a win win for hezbolla since they have already called the Israeli defensive action an offensive action. And we are going to help the Lebanese army and government who has been thanking hezzbolla for protecting them (rolls eyes) so much for the war on terror.

Shakes head, I guess even with all we in the U.S. know we still havent learned.

I for one think Israel should make a Shermanesque march to the sea.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I for one think Israel should make a Shermanesque march to the sea.

Which sea?

Anonymous said...

The Arctic Ocean by way of the Indian Ocean, Sea of Japan, Caspian Sea, English Channel, Mediteranean Sea Straigts of Hormuz, (oops, I'm lost)...

The Merry Widow said...

Start with the Mediterranian, then turn around and head East, stop when you're tired! Indian Ocean? I'm sure India would appreciate good neighbors who don't attack because they are upset about a cartoon or something!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I was thinking the Sea of Tranquility, since Israel's enemies are fighting for the Moon anyway.

The Merry Widow said...

Beamish- Bwahahahahahaha! Good one! That would knock their little demon into a cocked hat!


Mr. Ducky said...

justin, get bent. Israel wanted this fight and they have it. Don't start this idiocy about "poor little Israel".

Was it expected that Hezbollah wouldn't respond? act is that the majority of Israeli casualties have been military. So why don't we just use the same freakin' standards that you use when you kill Lebanese civilians and say that civilians are going to get killed?

What you object to is the fact that more importance has not been placed on the life of Israeli civilians.

Yes, Hezbollah is likely to win this. Bame that on the dumbass Israeli military that has obviously been sitting around reading its own press clippings.

Anonymous said...

Che Sucky Ducky yodeled:

"Yes, Hezbollah is likely to win this. Bame that on the dumbass Israeli military that has obviously been sitting around reading its own press clippings."

Do you have any idea how many of us are going to be reminding you of this little indescretion for years to come??



PS: We're not feeling a little testy today are we??

Justin said...


WEll they could start with the med and finish up with the arabian,red and arabian. The sea of tranquility sounds like it might just fit the menu as well.

I think it is time they gave the so called civilized international community the middle finger and reclaimed all their lands and then some.

Duck Brain:

Ive never said poor little israel. They are far from poor and far from little. I just think its time they kick your buddies arses.

As far as your poor little lebanese how do you know they are civilians doesnt your side wear civilian clothes and hide behind some womans skirt or some kids diaper. Your side is losing is the only reason the world is calling for a cease fire. If they were winning you wouldnt hear a word out of the rest of the international dummies.

The Merry Widow said...

Justin- Just like a spoiled brat, when they start bullying some younger child, then the younger child turns out to have been studying karate for the last 3 yrs.! Then the bully starts screaming for mommy because he's just been handed his backside! And mommy complains to you that your child is a bully and sooooo mean to her little monster! You know the scenario!


Anonymous said...

Che Sucky Ducky, in his Einstein mode states:

"Was it expected that Hezbollah wouldn't respond?"


Well, let me see. Israel left Lebanon over 6 years ago and has only responded to Hizbulla provocations in all that time.

Recently Pali's committed an acto of war against the Socereign Nation of Israel by crossing their border and killing soldiers, destroying equipment and capturing another soldier.

Soon after this provocation Hizbulla does more of the same in a larger attack.

Israel responds somewhat appropriately to these Acts of War.

Little Sucky now says the above?!?!


Nothing like REWRITING reality HUH BUB?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Why yes, it WAS expected that they would respond and lie about it JUST LIKE YOU ARE DOING?!?!?!?!?!


You Little Che MORON!!!!

PS: You need to patch the holes in your water carrier. It is empty by the time you get here!!