Saturday, August 19, 2006

Warning to John Brown

You have trespassed on my blog again twice. This is my blog and I will post about whatever I wish. You do not determine the content of my blog. If I choose to call you a moron that is my right. You will gain zero sympathy here as you have labeled several of the members of this blog community klansmen for objecting to your spam.
Moreover, you have stolen bandwith and threatened Elmer's children. If that wasn't enough you created a lame blog that portrays me as a pedophile.

This is my response to your attemps at intimidation %&^%&T% you.

Now if you continue to violate the truce I will return to Renegade with help. Keep your agreement and stay off my blog and shut the ^*&^%* up. Stay on your readerless mindless joke of a blog.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

You may as well stop saying his name on your blog. Don't want the little faggot to hold his breath and turn blue, do you?

Oh yeah. Nevermind.

beatroot said...

Far be it for me to come between you are JB but I think you should both go and have a cold bath. If you don't like what JB does on your site then delete the comments.

And stop the childish calls for Renegade to 'do something about it' are are an adult. Look after yourself.

ps - I did have a word with the dog about not honoring agreements and he said that if you don't like it then call up Kofi Anan and get a UN resolution about it.

beakerkin said...


I do not like to visit Renegade Eye. I have my own site and a large community. We post on a range of topics from art, sport and politics.

Brown seems to feel he has the right to censor free speech of an entire blog community. If Brown attempts to eliminate free speech in my community his own will get similar treatment.

As far as your sentiments Renegade was not spammed. Our blogs were spammed daily by Brown. My advice to you is to keep your dog in line.

This community has been spammed by Brown for months and it ends now.
If you feel you can not handle Brown sever all links and ban him.

I have zero problem with dissent as we have never censored Ducky who is to the far left. The Duck is original and never vulgar and he does not spam sites.

If you value your own free speech be sure that your comwad does not deny it to others. I advise you to talk to Brown.

Anonymous said...

This is the unfortunate side of the "Blog", kind of like a "crank call" people can spew all kinds of vitriol ,some of it very nasty.
Disagree,fine but draw the line.

Greg said...

I just happened to read one of Gert's anti-Semitic laden "posts". I need to make a correction...He's an anti-Semite in the full meaning of the word.

But what struck me the most is that the fascist MZ was talking s@@@ about me even on Gert's blog.MZ is concerned with one thing: wiping out my image as a decent person and a passionate Zionist that I am. I take back my apology to MZ. MZ: I will never, ever have anything to say to you. You are NOT my brother; nay, you're my enemy. This means war!!!

Anonymous said...


to burnish your image I suggest you get control of your hair trigger. Making wild accusations about people after they post something you don't like is a childish attribute. (no I am not talking about whatever MZ posted this time as I have not seen it)

Control yourself and others will have less reason to try and control you.

I personally think you are a LEFTY MORON and Beakerkin should not waste his time with you. USELESS IDIOTS like you are what Utopian Death schemes are built upon.

We all have our points of view and rarely can make any real headway in changing others. In the meantime, we should attempt to be somewhat polite about our disagreements.

Have a nice day!!


Greg said...

HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAH: and you're just like "MZ": hateful, spiteful vermin.

beakerkin said...


HAHAHA is a close friend known and being like MZ is a compliment.


Greg is young and many of us need to stumble through life. In time he will come around.

Our people have a saying Kol Yisroel Aravim Zeh La Zeh. This does not apply to Marxists and Anarchists who are outside our family.

Mad Zionist said...

Last comment I will make on this matter. Here is the comment that drove Greggy over the edge. Decide for yourself if he is justified in declaring war...


I read your exchange with Greg over at his blog and I happen to agree with your analysis about his temper issues. He still hasn't gotten past the "terrible two's" yet it seems.

That said, I have noticed you are not unlike him in your own temper issues and have a tendency to hastily ban and cut off debate with only the slightest provocation. With all do respect, Gert, remember the "glass house" analogy when giving advice to Greg and others.


2:16 PM

beakerkin said...

This is not so bad and Greg needs to chill out.

That Saba tried to put words in my mouth but I am still tough given the time is correct.