Friday, August 11, 2006

Skilled Drivers Only

I took the challenge to drive Hazens Notch in VT. In order to get there I had to clear Smugglers Notch another tough stretch but this is the third time so I was well prepared.

Unlike Smuggler Notch Hazens Notch is unpaved and my car did slip a tad but I was at 30 mph and it was just an annoyance. There was one stretch where logging was taking place on the road. Let me be the first to tell you falling trees, Fords and Beakers are not a good mix.

On Sunday I will leave at Dawn to partake in a Northeast Kindom adventure. I passed through the area on 105 when I went to Maine. Vermont does not get more rustic then route 114. I will have to use the Vermont Atlas as the area is remote.

This is the beginng of the White Mountains and the Tundra.

Same Beaker time Same Beaker Channel

Beaish in 08 and the Purple Avenger to be the VP.


The Merry Widow said...

Just remember to take a camera this time! We want to see the beauty too!


beakerkin said...

I took my camera but with cars on my tail it left zero opportunity to take photos. Even in desrted Route 58 I had a car right on my tail and no shoulder to let him pass.

Always On Watch said...

Watch for wild beasts crossing the road--especially at twilight time.

Warren said...

Watch out for people pulling out on the road from nowhere. Some of those roads have so little traffic that the locals just pull out on the road without looking.

beakerkin said...


On Sundays troop I will be leaving at dawn. I should have a clear line of sight. Route 114 seem deserted and is one of only two roads across the Kingdom.


I found that out the hard way in Hazen's Notch. Dodging falling trees while active logging is in process was memorable.

The Merry Widow said...

I'll bet! Especially if the tree outweighs you, your car and any moose! It's weird sometimes, you go someplace out in the middle of nowhere and half the county shows up when you're ambling through! Go figure!
Good evening and G*D bless!


Anonymous said...


you are a lucky man to see G-D's country like this!!

beakerkin said...

The thing to remember is that speed limits are strictly enforced. There also is no shoulder to pull off at either so if a car is on your tail you have to speed it up a tad.

The Merry Widow said...

Or slow down or tap your brake lights, that's what I do and it works!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Or slow down or tap your brake lights, that's what I do and it works!

You don't toss a hammer behind you out the window at their windshield?

Too nice. :)

Purple Avenger said...

had a car right on my tail and no shoulder to let him pass

Just slow down -- to about 25mph. The fool will find a way to pass you.

If that don't work, then I start flipping pennies up through the sunroof. They'll think the pennies are tossed up doad debris and back off.

I worked with a guy at Rockwell who's mom was even more militant -- she had a box of glass coke bottles and would start whipping them at the morons.