Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Book Review The Shadow Party By Richard Poe and some unknown named David Horowitz

I want to state that Richard Poe is a first class writer. He does a freat job showing how the diabolical George Soros and his flunkies have undue influence in the Democratic party and have meddled in foreign affairs. Overall this is an excellent introduction to the wacky world of George Soros.

The book could have been better with two slight missing ingredients.

George Soros should have been portrayed as a meglomaniacal mental case. Instead Mr Poe portrays Soros as Cold and calculating. In truth Soros probably is closer to the funny farm then brilliant. The fact that one is a talented investor does not imply intelligence in other aspects or sanity.

More focus should have been placed on Soros violations of the law. It is against the law for private citizens to conduct their own foreign policy. Soros should be charged and his assetts confiscated and he should face denaturalization for interfereing in foreign policy. Who elected George Soros?

This was a book with great potential that needed a bit more oomph.

Tommorow I am going to put up a post is your friend an antisemie. This post is dedicated to Greg who was fairly rough on MZ but gives a free pass to genuine anti semites. Our resident Anti semite Ducky will be free to prove my point.

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Mr. Ducky said...

BORING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Merry Widow said...

Then skip that meeting of the Beakerkin Book Klub!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Is Soros still camped out in a monastery talking his stack of British pensioners' retirement funds, I mean his god?

Richard Poe said...

Beakerkin writes: "This was a book with great potential that needed a bit more oomph."

Gee... was it really that bad?

beakerkin said...

Mr Poe

Why did you pick out that one sentence and not the one where I call you a world class writer.

You did an overall excellent job but you had one hell of a subject to portray. If your contention is that Soros is calculating and manipulative you did an excellent job.

Soros is believed by most to be unbalanced. If Soros does indeed have mental instability he could pose a serious long term danger.
This is not to say that your take is not the correct one.

The book has some serious questions that remain unanswered.
If Soros has used the media to bolster his investments this is a serious potential violation of the law.

The other part is that it is illegal for private citizens to excersize foreign policy. Sadly, if Soros is not prosecuted then this law becomes a joke. Nobody elected George Soros to conduct foreign policy, nor was he appointed.

The book would have been perfect if the last chapter was the case against Soros. What laws has Soros broken? If Soros has violated the laws and lined his pokets as a result we could be looking at a RICO case.

This was a great book that could have benefited with a kick at the end. Maybe you can add that chapter
in the paperback version.