Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Palestinain Shell Game

The left likes to cling to the myth of a Palestinian ethnicity. What this ethnicity is based upon remains a mystery. Modern Palestinians are Arabs and this fact is contained in the great zionist source the PLO charter. Arabs have no connection to Bilical Phillistines or Cananities. Both are nations that disappeared a long time ago.

When challenged to ask what is the basis of this cultural ethnicty the left including ( Greg) cry racist hate monger. They still can't answer the question what makes a Palestinian different from any other Arab. The issue is not race it is ethnicity and there never was a Palestine or a Palestinian ethnicity.

The burden falls on the left if Palestinians are Arabs why do they need a twenty third state. Don't they have enough real estate allready. The left talks of the greater Israel myth while ignoring blatant Arab hegemony and greed for land.

The question is who colonized and opressed whom. The facts are that Arabs colonized the lands of a variety of people. Islam is a colonial religion adopted by nomads to justify a pattern of land thefts. The earliest coverts were nomadic Turks, Berbers and Tartars lured by religious sanctification of plunder. Jews and others were sedentary people who were preyed upon and treated with great malice by invading Arab and Muslim hordes. Contrary, to the halfwit Greg's opinion Muslim rule was brutal.
This same story could be repeated by Jews, Assyrians, Egyptian Copts, Hindus, Bhudists and Zoroastrians. Never ever forget that the Armenian/Assyrian/Greek genocide was the model for the Holocaust. Jews of Tel Aviv were also gathered for similar treatment but pressure stopped the genocide.

The absurd assumption by the left is that Arabs have a right to land they colonized
and from a people they abued for 1400 years. The left aso wants you to just ignore that Arabs allready have tons of real estate most aquired via colonialism. The left also dismisses genuine indigenous people such as Assyrians with thousand year histories for in favor of yet another ethnically cleansed Arab State.

The left case for Palestine rests on two lies
1 Palestinians are a unique ethnicity
2 Jews colonized Arab land.

Andrew is a well meaning Palestinian advocate unlike Gert or 167. His point is that since Arabs are Semites they have a right to the land, obviously this does not work both ways. This would be the same as Italians invading Spain and demaning land based on that similarity.

Then Andrew moves to the absurd point Jews invaded North Africa and colonized lands.
This is so far fetched it does not deserve commetary. Jews themselves are invaders they displaced North Africans. There is no archeological record of such an invasion
nor does this have anything to do with Arab colonial predation. Arabs are not Canaanites or Philistines.

The question becomes why is there such a clamor from the left for a twenty third ethnically cleansed Arab State when Arabs have a plethora of stolen real estate allready. Where is Assyria? Where is a home for the abused Egyptian Copts? Where is the home for Tibetians? Where is the home for Basques, Indian and African tribes and many people with superior claims to nation status then Arabs claiming to be Palestians.Palestinians do not even have a better case for nation status than the residents of Brooklyn NY who according to the left must be Canarsie Indians.

The left is in denial about the true issue of the Israeli Arab conflict. The whole issue has been Pan Arabism and a never ending lust for land that they colonized. The same logic would have Greeks giving up sections of Greece because the Ottomans once colonized the area. Some of the alleged Palestinians are actually descended from the
Muslim Colonialist who were kicked out of the Balkans and Greece. This also would give the left a pretext for another Muslim state in Spain. In fact this flawed logic would allow for the creation of ethnically cleansed section of Spain.

The Spanish and Greek bit may seem far fetched but Al Queda does seek the return of Muslim rule in Spain.

A two state solution is not workable and there is no partner for Peace. One can not negotiate with someone whose sole aim is your demise. Moreover, there is no case or basis for negotiation. Arabs already have plenty of land let them settle their own.
If the Europeans are so concerned place the Arabs in France. Israel is not responsible for a problem created and maintained by Arab neglect of their kin.


Jason_Pappas said...

It’s always amusing to see advocates of an imperialist supremacist ideology, Islam, cry victim. Muslims are killing Jews in Israel, Buddhist monks in Thailand, Christians in Nigeria, Russians in Beslan, Hindus in Bombay & Kashmir, and fellow Muslims in numerous places but they cry that they are victims of a Zionist conspiracy.

The fact of the matter is that the winner of a war often gains land. Germany gain land from France in the Franco-Prussian war, France got it back in WWI. Italy gained land from Austrian in WWI. Germany lost its eastern lands to Poland in WWII and Poland lost its eastern lands to Russia in that same war.

Israel has had to defend itself from Arab aggression several times and she keeps giving back the land: first the Sinai (actually twice,) then southern Lebanon in 2000 and again today, and Gaza quite recently. Israel biggest mistake is not keeping the land as a punishment for Arab aggression.

Over the last 70 years, the Arabs have ethnically cleansed all Jews from Morocco to Baghdad. Jews were in Alexandria over 1000 years before Islam existed – since the time of Alexander generals established rule in Egypt.

But Israel allows its enemies to remain in Gaza and the West Bank. No one else would do that if they had the power.

As a matter of fact, these so-called Palestinians were kicked out of many Arab countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, etc. But Israel is supposed to support these bums. Even their fellow Muslims don't want them around.

Mr. Ducky said...

"Some of the alleged Palestinians are actually descended from the
Muslim Colonialist who were kicked out of the Balkans and Greece."

And most Israelis are European, American or Russian. Where are you trying to go with this?

Farmer John said...


I'm glad someone never tires of warning the tourists about the Palestinian run Three Card Monte game in front of the U.N. in NYC...

beakerkin said...


Jews are the aboriginal people of Israel. They have a unique culture that clearly qualifies on all counts as nation worthy.

The entire myth of a Palestinian ethnicity rest on a falacy that all the Palestinians have been there for eons. This is a falacy as the Ottoman empire did not work that way. It was not uncommon for whole communities of Jews and others to be relocared.

However, wherever a Jew resides he is a recipient of a cultural inheritance based in the land of Israel. Wherever they went they were recognized as foreigners. There was no discussion of Palestinians prior to 1967. That term refered to Jews and the rest of the inhabitants were correctly called Arabs.

Mr. Ducky said...

Does this mean that if I return to Ukraine I can take somebody's land?

Anonymous said...

Little Che Sucky the Cowardly Liar,

If you BUY the land you sure CAN kick the squatters off.

If the squatters friends then attack you to take the land back ilegally you can then take the land they are attacking from.

If you disagree with this, move to the EU and start trying to change International Law to allow the squatter vermin to have rights where no rights were ever gained by any legitimate means.


In other words YOU MORON read some real history so you understand how ignorant you sound being lefty STUPID here!!!


beakerkin said...


If you returned to the Ukraine you can not ask for your land. However, you were not driven from your land by Ukranian Colonialism.
Legally under Ukrainian law, my family does have the right to several acres of property. I am not aware if your families property was nationalized. One would also want to go there as well.

beakerkin said...

I want to point out the never ending shell game of the left.

L Palestinians are a distinct ethnic group and are entitled to self determination.

B: No they aren't they are Arabs.

L Well Arabs have a right to live their too.

B; No they don't they have tons of land allready. They colonized and brutalized the indigenous people of the area for 1400 years. This is
just Pan Arabism redux.

MissingLink said...

Aren't two different issues mixed here?
State is one and individual property is another story altogether.

If there's no way to make two groups of people agree with each other (let's forget right and wrong) you separate them.
If you do not, this will effectively mean extermination of one group.

Having all this money wasted on so-called Palestinians it is just about time that all of these good people, should be physically moved into Syria, Jordan, Egypt (where most of them originated anyway)and 'compensated'(paid-ff) generously.
Just a fraction of the money spent on Katyusha rockets would make those poor folks comfortable for life as long as their current ‘leaders’ are not allowed to follow them.
Prison would be a good place for the Hamas and Fatah gurus if we feel humanitarian enough (after confiscating all the monies they stole and squirreled in Swiss and Kayman Islands banks).

It happened before on much larger scale. E.G. - shifting of ethnic German population from the current Western/Northern parts of Poland (they all lost properties without compensation) or ethnic Polish people from current Ukrainian, Byelorussian and Lithuanian territories (also lost their properties without compensation).

After so many years of deception and lies we should be in no doubt whatsoever that Palestinian claim to their statehood is pretended, false, phony (make-us-believe).
Of course other Muslim states do not want to solve this ‘so called Palestinian” problem because it is an excuse (Foot-in-the-door) for the future destruction of Israel. Plain and simple.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

My Celtic ancestors traveled from the mountains of Asia Minor and Syria to Greece, across the Mediterranean and North Africa to Spain, France, England, and Ireland. My Scottish ancestors were also of a Celtic extraction, through Gaelic Highlander lines. My Saxon ancestors from the mountains of Germany ravaged England after the Roman Empire withdrew. My Cherokee ancestors fled wars with their Iroquoian cousins and settled the Appalachian mountains.

I just want to come down out of the mountains at harvest time and jack your shit.

But more importantly, you'll all on my planet. Get the hell off. :)

Janice said...

Yes a two state solution is not viable what is needed is Secular state where there are no Zionists. Non Zionists Jews are ok.

beakerkin said...


This blog does not cater to the mentally challenged. However, you will find Savage Justice more to your tastes. Kindly find another blog that caters to people with low IQ's.

The Merry Widow said...

What are you talking about Janice? that is foolishness, completely and totally! The Jews without G*D are not able to hold their land! Besides Israel is severely screwed up from having leftista governments for decades! Israel was created by G*D to show HIMSELF. If you don't want G*D in the equation, don't go! What happened in the last several weeks is DUE TO LEFTISTA ATHIESTS! It doesn't work. You might as well take the chocolate out of a Hersheys bar!


Anonymous said...

Lefty logic...


Palestinians dreamin' of an Islamic Caliphate:good

Hmmmm.... or even funnier, Palestinians dreamin' of a secular state


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, back at the Palestinian secular state, the Jews are being beaten for not wearing the hijab, ignored in the courtroom, and are payin' a 10% dhimmi tax. Yep goota love those Palestinian secularists!


Justin said...

Every time I see this subject come up I cannot believe the stupidity that exists on the left side. Their inability to understand history is absolutely amazing to me.

I keep hearing:

1. Israel is stealing Palistinian lands.
2. That Palistinians are a ethnic race.
3. That at best there should be two states established.

1. Israel is not and has not stolen any land. They are practicing what Mexicans here in the U.S. are doing and you lefties seem to either support or be totally oblivious to what is really happening here. It is called "reconquista" (the retaking of land that was origianlly ours.)

Im sure Ducky, Janice and their "ilk" would have to agree we Mexicans have the right to slice away from the U.S. California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Southern Colorado and establish "Azatlan" a nation that is neither Mexico or U.S. owned.

2. Palestinians are a ethnic race is totally false and supported by history if the left ever took the time to read it. In 135 a.d. after Rome put down the Jewish rebellion in Judea the region was renamed Assyia-Palestina. Palestina was chosen as a insult to the Jews because its true translation is Philistine the enemy of the Jews and Israel.

3. There should be two states established. Excuse me, in 1948 the U.N. established two states and before the ink was dry on the paper the Arabs immediately declared war on the newly established state of Israel to destory it. They lost and we all know to the victor goes the spoils. One cannot co-exist with another who is hell bent on their destruction.

Just a little history lesson for all those lefties out there and lefties please remember when we establish "Azatlan" we realize it will take a big chunk out of your Northern Tax Base (sorry about that):) However, dont worry we will be glad to sell you our oil and agricultrual products.

The Merry Widow said...

Justin- SNICKER!


Anonymous said...


And don't forget La Raza's motto, Por La Raza Todo, Fuera de La Raza Nada – For The Race, Everything; Outside The Race, Nothing.!!

The Palis should steal that too and make it for the Muzzies Everything, for non-muzzies nothing we don't feel like giving them!!!


Purple Avenger said...

what makes a Palestinian different from any other Arab

I'd argue its their amazing facility for siding with and picking losers in almost any situation.

Its like this: if the Palis were to run casinos, they'd have the only casinos on the planet that would lose money.

Possum said...

Informative post. A couple things to add.

The term "Palestinian" was originally the term invented for use in some British colonial document for the people in the whole area of what is now Israel and "the Palestinian territory." It wasn't an ethnic term. It was a term like "New Yorkers," purely geographical. These "Palestinians" included the Jews and other nationalities that lived there, not just the Arabs. Since 1967, by abuse of language through propaganda, the so-called Palestinians and their leftist horns in the media have tricked the world into regarding them as a people.

Next, I think the arguments are important and should be made, but it's all academic. I tend to agree with Joan of Arc on such matters: the legalities are a ridiculous rats' nest. If we say the so-called Palestinians have a right to this land, France had better stop "occupying" parts of Germany, as well. Right? So, let's be practical. She said, "France belongs to the French, not the English!" She had no time for such debates. And she was right, because in the end that's all that matters.

Third, the Israelis have every right to make an attack cost the aggressor by seizing some territory. It's the ONLY way to make that aggressor think twice about trying again. Since time immemorial, nations attacked have done this after defeating the aggressor. These Euros who say Israel has no right to that territory are either idiots or deliberately obtuse.

Israel's biggest mistake was in NOT kicking the Arabs on that land out like everyone expected them to after the war. No, they did the nice thing and invited them to stay and live amongst them. Look how that generosity has been repaid!

The Merry Widow said...

Possom- Palestine goes back to Roman times, after Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed in 70BC after a rebellion. It is the Latin form of Philistine, an ancient enemy of the Jews. The British paperpusher obviously took Latin and was aware of the history. A rather anti-semitic slap at the Jews, most Brits were arabophiles due to some shared proclivities. Thank you T.E. Laurence!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!