Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It is time for Jews to leave the Democratic Party

When I decided to register as a Republican in 1984 this was considered a shocking event. However I had been annoyed at a party that was intent on obstructing the Cold War. Ronald Reagan was attempting to Roll back Communism and these idiot dumbocrats were acting as the Sandanista PR staff. Ted Wiess, Joh Kerry, Harkin, Dodd, Rangel and many others seemed more interested in Commie thugs in Managua then in life in America.

The sad truth is that the Democratic Party as a coherent national party has finnished. They may win a seat or two but they are essentially finished nationally.
Republicans need to start playing tough but the red extreemist Code Pink, Answer and UPJ crowd are a liability.

Even in VT where Bernie " Do nothing but photo op" Sanders has done less for the state then Col Sanders anger is mounting. Sadly, his Republican opponent while a solid business man has failed to hit hard. The worst Tarrant has done is call Sanders a radical. If Tarant had any direction he would point to the exodus of jobs leaving VT. He would point to the Vermont service Center where our union rep has said Sanders has not lifted a finger to save jobs. While Bernie fidles with Willie Nelson native Vermonters lose their jobs or pack their bags and take other jobs across the country. Even with an inept campaign Tarant will get forty percent.

The Democratic party is no longer the party of Joe Sixpack. It is beholden to far left radicals who are using cloak and dagger to impose their socialist fantasies on us. They have a plethora of sacred shiboleths and are the party of victimization, illegal immigration, commie peace nuts, anti semites, the UN, Michael Moore, over paid Marxist educators like Noam Chimpanzee.

It is time for Pro Americans of all types to leave but especially Jews. Lets us vote with our feet and say no to this insanity of worshiping the UN and far left lunacy.
I made my move over twenty years ago over Cold War obstructionism and the very same people who obstructed America in the Cold War are obstructing America again.

Will the last patriotic Democrat turn out the light when you leave the insane assylum that has become the Democraic Party.


Mr. Ducky said...

Well, we got rif of one of them yesterday.

beakerkin said...

The Jews and Patriots will desert the Dumbocratic party. Do note that Cynthia McCommunist a certified anti semite also lost again.

Could you kindly get rid of the Carlos the Jackal avatar. Only film heads know that image you are using. It is not Carlos the Jackal but nobody else is aware.

Bruno Amato said...

YES!!! Beak!!!! The people of Georgia finally woke up and sh*tcanned that anti-American piece of garbage Mckinney...took 'em long enough!!! Bruno

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, write a short review of Breathless or Masculine/Feminine (not, I'm being kind and not asking for Weekend) and I'll change the avatar.

I feel it necessary to help anuone whois as limited in their cinematic experiences as you are.

You may even select the next avatar from:

Andrei Tarkovsky

Andrej Wajda

Kenzi Mizoguchi

Werner Fassbinder

Robert Bresson

World cinema is only a Netflix account away, Beak.

Freedomnow said...

Its so funny that Republicans are held out to "follow the party line blindly" when the Democratic Party has become ideologically locked behind a narrow platform.

There is no dissent in the Democratic Party. If you dont follow zee party line you vill be cast out!!!!

beakerkin said...

John Brown put in another 50 comments. Brown will not be published here.

Bruno McKinney has been kicked out before but even if one is on the left she is just a flake. No doubt she will blame the Jews again instead of her own idiotic comments
and unusual behavior.

Anonymous said...

Little Che Sucky Ducky tries to promte the major destruction of the Judaeo Christian ethic and the, now extremely degraded, western way of life.

Sorry Che Sucky, most of us have better things to do than viewing thinly vieled pieces of LEFTY trash called cinema.

Not only did I stop to protest what my money was being used for by those making and marketing it, but, it was easy to give up the propaganda!!


You Little Che Sucky MORON!!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Besides, Eli Roth can't hold a candle to Saddam Hussein's horror cinema.

Always On Watch said...

The Democratic Party is now lost to the far left. Not that it wasn't already, but with the ousting of Lieberman, it's over for the Party to be anything but the obvious bastion of leftists.

Loved your closing paragraph, Beak.

beakerkin said...


I want you to know when I rejected the Democratic party to become a Republican it was a shocking event. For me the insanity of John Kerry and Ted Wiess parading around a Communist thug Daniel Ortega was too much. I proud to have been ahead of my time.

There are still decent individual Democrats like Rob Bayn who is not an anti semite or a communist sympathizer. However the days where the Democrats can roll their eyes and point to Archie Bunker type Republicans are over. The Chomsky Dumbocrats are just as bigoted against Jews and their own country.

Elmer's Brother said...

Maybe Ms. Mckinney can change her hairstyle and run as an independent. Her constituency won't recognize her. I mean who recognizes your grandfather's Democratic Party anymore anyway.

Warren said...

Ducky just has a little trouble telling reality from his OCD.

Looking at it realistically, if Lieberman doesn't buckle under the pressure from the Dems, not to run as an independent, he will win his Senate seat again.

Already Lamont's handlers are urging him to "respect the democratic process". Of course they are really urging him not to buck Lamont.

If Connecticut Dems cross over to vote for Lieberman, they are much more likely to vote to retain the three Republican Congressmen from that state.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


You're older than me, and more Jewish than me, hehehe. But I've never voted for a Democrat in my life for any office.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Archie Bunker was a union dockworker. "We could use a man like Harry Truman agaaaaaaaaaain..."

Archie was always a Democrat.

Jusitn said...

S.F.B. Duck said:

"Well, we got rif of one of them yesterday."

You are so right bird brain you got rid of one of them yesterday but you are so stupid you dont even know what you got rid of. You and your clap trap leaders just got rid of the Democratic party.

You people can't even do the math. Running around saying how this was a referendum on the war, a referendum on the president. Perhaps you need to go back to school and learn math. This was a democratic primary and only democrats voted. 42% of those voted for Leiberman. Now when it comes to the General Election we will all watch you lick the wounds on your anti-semetic parties arse.

Take that 42% add the independents that will vote, and the republicans that will cross lines to vote for Liberman and your man will look like a scalded cat from the trouncing he will get and justly deserves.

You also discount that fact that this was a election watched by millions of Democratic Americans who now see the Democratic Party for what it is. The party of whackos, Bird Brains, Commies, Nazi's, Anything but Americans, and they didnt like what they saw. I wouldnt count on to many electoral wins if I were yall. I work with tons of Dems who have said enough is enough this is not the party they joined.

Some of us are even breeching the fact that there just may have to be a jihad on the extreme left wing whackos who have hijacked the party of the common man.

Ducky ask yourself one question.

Why is the Democratic Party Bought and paid for by big fat rich white men. I know you like to lay that on the republicans but look at your leaders. George Soros, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, and Christopher Dodd just to name a few. You my neanderthal have been bought and paid for and when they are through and have what they want believe me you will be cast off like yesterdays donuts.

beakerkin said...

The Dumbocrats will put pressure on Lieberman not to run but I hope he gives the Dumbocras the middle finger.

Elmer I was going to make a joke about McKinneys absurd hairstyles but I resisted the temptation.

What does Duncy think the McKinney vote was a referendum on anti semitism, Marxism, mental health?

Mr B Archie Bunker was a Union man
and likely a Dumbocrat but he kept on praising Reagan on the show well before he ran for President.

Always On Watch said...

There are still decent individual Democrats like Rob Bayn who is not an anti semite or a communist sympathizer.

Individuals, yes. But the Party's leadership as it's now shaping up?

Always On Watch said...

About McKinney....

Did anyone here catch this afternoon's footage on FNC? They showed McKinney's openly anti-Semitic, New-Black-Panthers bodyguards, who belittled an FNC reporter in anti-Semitic terms.

I seem to recall that McKinney accepted some Arab money for one of her campaigns, so I'm not surprised that her bodyguards spouted such anti-Semitism.

I haven't seen the footage on any other news channel--unlike the recent story about Mel Gibson. Hmmmm....

Justin said...

Oh S.F.B. Duck, I stand corrected your liberal network said 42% but they corrected it 48% that makes it a 4 point spread not to good of odds for you and your cronies Duck.

Always On Watch said...

Bravo to your comment!

Justin said...


You know, I have often wondered being a 5th generation Texas Rancher why it is everytime I hear a Democrat talking about the poor, the children, the common working man its some one like Lamont who is a multi-millionaire or a John Kerry who married his money and last but not least a Clinton who built their millions in wealth on the backs and at the expense of the poor, the children and the common working man.

I guess the only thing I see is people follow these people blindly because they preach no personal responsibilty and the world owes you a living you shouldnt have to work for it.

Everytime they raise taxes the people who think they are sacrificing are blind fools. They use the same tax shelters I do and their taxes do not go up. Its the poor who pay the taxes.

People like "S.F.B. ducky" are stupid enough to actually think these people care about him or his ideas when in reality he is just one more back to step on in their rise to power and wealth and leave him face down in the mud.

My old daddy taught me at an early age the people who push socialist agendas will when they gain power get rid of the people who got them there to begin with because they know those are the most dangerous to them.

Look at Lenin, Stalin and Hitler. They all got rid of the people who backed them to begin with.

Bruno Amato said...

Beak, Normally when I see any politician(Lamont) surrounded by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al (Tawana Brawley) Sharpton, I already know I don't like them....However I saw Chris Matthews interview Lamont today, and for a Democrat, he didn't sound too bad at least when he talked about Iraq....Here's my thing....I want our troops out of Iraq too, not because I want to retreat and cut and run and all those other slogans Sean Hannity uses....I am for actually fighting terror in a smarter way, sending those troops home to protect our borders,,,,It wasn't the terrorists knowing that the US normally reteats when the going gets rough,(Lebanon 1983) that caused 9-11, it was the fact that we LET those terrorists IN our country, and guess what,we still are letting them in every day. If Pres. Bush wanted to fight "terrorism" he could do it at home where we need it most...thousands crossing our border every day, who knows, maybe a million have come over since 9-11....How could we be so stupid! They aren't just Mexicans coming many are Hezbollah??? How many are Alqueda???? I'm not worried at night when I go to sleep, of Iraqui insurgents hurting me, no it's the terrorist who come over the border every day, and the "students" from other countries we LET IN every day, and the luggage on those planes that go unsearched every day, and the containers in our ports....You can't help a country that won't help itself.....Let the Iraquis have their country back....I also think we could have took Saddam out of power with a nice bombing campaign, remember when we sent a missile through Kaddafis front door, he wised up real quick....maybe we should send a missile through the front door of Iran's Ahmadinejad, and wake him up a little...How many hundreds of billions have we already spent in you feel any safer????

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I wonder if Lieberman will speak at the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Warren said...

Check this out.

Ned Lamont: Pink Diaper Baby With Silver Spoon In Mouth

One of Ducky's ilk.

nanc said...

like ann coulter said, we need two parties (like in the old days - my suggestion) republican and moderate republican!

Anonymous said...


just a couple corrections. When the bomb went through Daffy Ducks door, it just made him pull in his feathers and CONTINUE HIS WMD PROGRAMS. When SoDam Insane got pulled out of the hidey hole looking like death warmed over, THAT woke Daffy up.

These MORONS like Ahma dinin jihad STILL THINK THEY CAN HOLD OUT AND VIETNAM US!!! In his case the only thing that will wake him up is a good ole Shock and Awe led by tactical nukes on top of every one of their nuclear installations and all of his oft used beds!!!!

I am not disputing that we MUST control our borders for a number of reasons, BUT, that won't stop Ahmi from loading a few nukes on a few medium range missiles on a tanker or any other decent sized ship and sailing over and presenting us with a nasty hangover for ignoring his megalomaniacal @ss.


The Merry Widow said...

The problem as I see it, is the sissification of our national will! We will not call evil "evil", we will not deal decisively with it! If I allowed that with my 2 teens, they would run the house! Now since I homeschool, they would probably be more realistic about it, but those public school products(for the vast majority)don't have a clue! They would be in debt, partying every weekend, not working, not cleaning up their own messes and expecting everything on a silver platter! Hmmmm, sounds familiar?


Mr. Ducky said...

justin, you think the Democratic Party is the only one bought and paid for?

Why all the love for Lieberman?

Was it because he stood up and worked hard for Clinton's impeachment? Funny that Clinton still tried to support Lieberman even though Lieberman has proven what a sour, self serving little puke he is over and over.

Were you cheering for Lieberman when he was up there urging Federal intervention in the Terry Schiavo case? Years of established case law isn't enough for old Holy Joe. Nope, when he can showboat on a non-issue he's front and center.

His support for the energy bill and a tax cut for BP and the rest of the majors? Glad they used the money for pipeline maintenance. What is Joe's energy policy?

His support for Alito, an activist corporate shill(yeah, i know, only "liberals can be "activist judges", you clown) on the bench.

Privatizing social security so that your thumper friends who don't have a pot to piss in end up paying out bundles of cash in brokers fees while they loan Wall Street plenty of roulette money?

His support for the brilliant operation in Iraq.

Justin, I don't run a politically correct operation. Let's come right out and explain why Papa Joe is so dear to you. Let's explain your love for the junior senator from Tel Aviv. You love him because he "supports Israel". That's it. You are so damn shallow that all you need from a senator is for him to toe the AIPAC line.

Let me know where I'm wrong.

beakerkin said...

Another anti semitic remark from the Aflack Duck. Lets see if I had hinted at the dual loyalty of Moooslims or commies such as yourself your Bill would be off kilter. Sorry Duck you are a confirmed anti semite.However this also goes with the territiory of being a Marxist clown.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, if I have dual loyalties I would be happy to have you point them out and have them discussed.

You seem to accept Lieberman's dual loyalties or are you saying that loyalty to the U.S. must carry implicit agreement with all israeli policiy?

Let me know when you can discuss Israeli policy without playing the anti-semite card. It's as pathetic as trying to discuss race with Jesse jackson.

Bruno Amato said...

Anonymous....Don't think for a second that I'm against nuking Iran....I'm not talking about total annihalation, just a few small nukes in certain areas, and definitely in the area to take out Ahmadinajad and their nuclear weapon program...Nuking Iran means no US casualties....I'm all for it!!!

beakerkin said...


Lets start your loyalty to a philosophy that has embodied sedition treason and human misery
on the planet for the last Century Groucho Marxism. Marxist have an unparalled record of treason and sedition in this country and piles of corpses in others. Fealty to a failed genociadal idea whose practical application prove hazardous to human life is a serious issue.

Moving ahead to your anti Joooish Israel myopia. If a Jooooo supports Israel you have just accused them of dual loyalty issues. Dual loyalty would be a stretch from a regular Ameican but from a Marxist with no loyalty except to a failed philosopher is quite humorous.

The fact that LaMont is grandson of known Communists and a likely fellow traveler tells you what. The subject was not even adressed in the media 48 percent in LaMont is toast in the general election.

Guiliani and Lieberman in 08.

Anonymous said...

Little Che Sucky from the East Coast Elite, of course, KNOWS all these things from personal experience.


Mr. Ducky said...

So you can't support Israel without supporting all Israeli policies?

That's ridiculous on it's face, Beak.

beakerkin said...

Lets see the amount of Israeli policies you support is zero, you term Israeli aid welfare ( without mentioning any other country) and you question the patriotism of Jews like Lieberman. A Marxist questioning anyones patriotism is a comedic gag.

This is becoming a bore. How about going on one of your absurd tirades about Fritz Weaver in the interview section. Do not confuse Fritz Weaver with Dennis Weaver also known as McCloud.

We can use one of your odd tirades
for entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Little Che Sucky,

And in what ways, and by what means, do you support Israel?

Please be specific.

Purple Avenger said...

That JFK (Kennedy, not Kerry) would be branded as a war mongering "right wing extremist" today pretty much says where the democrats have gone.

All one has to do is read some of the old JFK speeches to be convinced of this.

Justin said...

Hey S.F.B's Daffy:

"Let me know where I'm wrong."

Ok Im letting you know where your wrong. You were wrong from the moment you activated that half a brain cell you have. Hell you were wrong from the day you were hatched.

There are plenty of places I dont support Joe on but to answer your moronic question.

Why I support and will support Joe is because he stands for something,
he believes in America and he sees your islamo facisit buddies for what they are just like we do.

That is more than you or any of the so called Demass's you kiss up to can say. If one of them took a sharp right turn you nose would be broken because its so far up George Soro's arse. You have no belief system that is credible, and you stand for nothing.

You better believe I support Israel Bucko. 100% support.
I know who your cronies in the middle east are after and its not just Israel. Even if there was no Israel they would go for Europe and then the U.S but your too stupid to understand that.

You know you ought to pull yourself out of the manure you wallow in and understand. Ducky these people hate you, they dont like you, and they have no other goal in life than to kill your dumb arse. You support the very people who have sworn your death. Now in my book that makes you pretty daffy.

I will ask you what I ask all freaks like you.

"Why dont you go over and help your buddies whip Israels arse?" could it be because you know your butt wouldnt last 10 seconds or do you just preach a good game but never follow through.

Ducky fits you well since its just about the stupidest bird in the barnyard. Perhaps you should change it to DoDo since your headed for extenction.

Anonymous said...

Come on Justin, don't hold back now!!

Solid Surfer said...

Beak, I agree. Overall, the Republican Party has been better for both Jews and all Americans for at least the past 25 years. And judging on how far left the Democrats have gone, it looks to continue that way for the forseeable future.