Saturday, August 12, 2006

John Brown's Weak Point

My venture on Renegade Eye was a huge hit. Now Brown is crying that I spammed his blog. Nobody reads his blog and I get 90 comments a day. I advise the rest of you to visit Renegade Eye and point out that Brown has behaved similarly on your blog. Ninety comments a day is not free speech it is spam.

Let anyone who has a link on Brown's site know that they will become a target for similar visits. I urge the rest of you to follow suit and end this madness. Brown has gone too far and has taken this war to my friends so his few friends are fair game.

Even if his fellow Commie clowns can not control Brown they will find his friendship costly and he will become a non person quickly.

You can see Brown lie through his teeth and cry victim on Renegade Eye/ Visit Renegade Eye's house of treason and let him know how his dog behaves on your site.

Be warned all Brown spam will be returned on Renegade Eye. If Brown puts up ninety posts where is your avatar on my site I will place 90 the Boat for Gitmo leaves in three hours all Commie traitors pack your bags 90 times.


Justin said...

LOL Beak. Now is JB the white boy that thinks hes the cool ghetto boy or is he the ghetto boy that thinks hes the super intellegent commie white boy? He keeps changing so much its hard to (well not that hard) to determine just what he is.

Do me a favor just type in 90 times.

"John Brown lies moulding in the Grave." Im sure he will remember me telling him that.

I guess even the left tolerant commies exhibit jealousy when they see other blogs that people actually read.

beakerkin said...

You should see the worm back pedal
on Renegade Eye. One should not expect honesty from a Commie but his level of dishonesty is amazing.

Renegade has been warned if my friends will get visits Brown is fare game. Lets see how much he cares about his Comwads.

Justin even with free publicity at Indy media Brown still gets no readers. My blog is averaging one hundred hits a day. One can easily point to Brown and 167 as failures.
I have an audience but theirs remains a mystery.

nanc said...

it's all out war, then? because i'm primed.

beakerkin said...


This is war and the next spamming by Brown will be met with Spam on Renegade Eye. Renegade is not a bad sort for a Communist. I will post nothing too harsh. Just make it clear John Brown is the cause of the spam.

His comwads will be forced to endure what we have here.If Brown spams your site let me know. The next move is up to Brown.

Anonymous said...


Wasn't that "John Brown's body lies a mouldering in the grave?"'s_Body

How about we each pick a version of the lyrics and repeatedly post them to his friends site???

Or, something based on his REAL NAME??

Mr. Ducky said...

Renegade Eye's House of Treason?

Is this some sort of joke?

Beak, have you explored the roots of your John Brown fixation? A therapist maybe?

beakerkin said...


I do not posts Brown's ninety plus
posts of spam a day. Nor do I create fake posts from John Brown.
Moreover I do not allege any criminal behavior on the part of Brown.

I would be very happy if he left on his own accord or killed by his buddies in Hamas so we can run live.

Ducky Renegade Eye is an open Communist and as such an advocate of treason. Being a Marxist does come with some unfortunate drawbacks like the propensity to betray your country and slaughter people needlessly but I digress.

The bottom line is every time he spams this blog or that of my friends his friends get similar treatment. Weren't you blathering something about proportional response. In the words of Sam McCloud " there you go".

nanc said...

plucky has no clue as to the distress he has caused this community.

500 spams in one night between three blogs, plucky! he's like a bad case of fleas.

beak nor us are the obsessed. brownie started it and it will end - i have a feeling someone is getting very close to his achilles heel.

don't make excuses for bad behavior - go to his site and ask him how we've given him every opportunity to be decent and see just what kind of rant he goes into.

go ask rocco dipippo at autonomist - he'll tell you the same. i risk being spammed by even mentioning these things.

pharter said...

I don't think John Brown's friends should be made to suffer. Just drop by my blog, grab a cut and paste of some John Brown classics, and post them on his blog at least a hundred times. Everyone should do this. And when he's had enough, do it more, because the motherfucker didn't ask you permission to tell you he's had enough.

beakerkin said...


Remember that Duncy himself is a Marxist stooge and incapable of any rational thought. Duncy knows that Brown spams this blog and others and has stolen my avatar.
Moreover Duncy is well aware of Brown's claim I am a criminal.

Duncy's morality is selective and he wants us to be more worried about Jason Pappas and Randoids then people who slam Jets into office buildings.

nanc said...

that's nothing pharter! we've been dealing with him for a year come december. come back when you assume brownieveteranhood.

Pharter said...

I'm a collector of John Brown sock puppet classics. It's not everyday you can be a part of a counter-terrorism investigation.

The book deal is gonna be sweet.

Anonymous said...


spamming Brown Stain's blog would just raise his traffic to a plus number.

Justin said...


you could be right about the moldering part I just like to think of him lying there with the earth moulding itself around him.


I figured it out all their hits are from their stealth supporters :) LOL

Russet Shadows said...

I have some ideas...

1) Complain to John Brown's web host. Spamming is something most web hosts don't want to touch.
2) Complain to John Brown's ISP. Spam, especially of his variety, is antithetical to most ISP's Terms of Service.
3) Research hacks for his blog software, and then post them. Watch him quiver.

Don't fight harder -- fight smarter. :)

Iben Habin PMS said...

In that case, Mr. Pharter, the part of Iben should be played by Helen Thomas! The royalties you must send to widows of orphans of widows and orphans who never had the chance to be widows and orphans.

Renegade Eye said...

What has this to do with me?

I even plugged the JB spoof blog.

beakerkin said...


You are 100% correct for the first time in your life. You are a decent enough fellow for a Commie fink. I just gave you a small taste of what your frend has been doing here and on the blogs of my friends.

Like you I preffer to run in free time. However this is impossible with Brown spamming my blog and those of my friends with monotonous and vulgar posts. He may delude himself to think that you condone this behavior. However if my opperation is disrupted we can respond in kind.

Now I want you to have a nice conversation with your comwad. Explain to him that his behavior is creating problems for you.

Our demands are simple

1 Stay off all blogs in this community. We do not mind dissent but mindless stupidity is unwelcome.

2 Remove all names in the Klanwatch section. This is slander and if Brown had a blog that anyone looked at it would be more seious.

3 Stop stealing bandwith that he does not pay for namely my avatar.

Sadly, we know that Brown is a psycho and may not listen. In that case you should consider banning him. I am sorry it had to come to this but we have been very patient with Brown's bahavior but it ends.