Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blogger Insanity

I am trrying to fathom why Florian's account has been flagged by blogger. Florian does not run a hate site in any description. I have been accused of running a hate blog by communists and they are 100% correct. I hate Communists and a vile genocidal
pathology that produces human misery. I do not appologize for my anti communism and being against jihadism and my blog has been flagged as well.

Now lets look at some blogs that are not flagged. A blog that portrays this author as a criminal with stolen avatars is not flagged. Brown's blog that uses a David Duke term Usreal is not flagged perhaps because he has no readers. 167 vile blogs were never censored including such classics as dem Jooooos stole the holocaust. Simon "crank dot net " Jones who classics can be found on Jooooish tribal review and has alleged that Joooos are behind alienation, pollution and bank interest was not tagged. However people do not read those blogs and Florian has a vibrant site.

I want everyone to have a serious laugh at Renegade Eye and Troutsky who label our sites as hateful. I will let the Sons of treason understand we have our reasons for being against Communism 100,000,000. The same sons of treason see nothing hateful about labeling people who do not like spam or vulgariy Klansman or the creation of a blog that claims I am a criminal is hateful. More to the point I want to point out Renegade was merely visited en masse and he was not spammed. We endured six months of spam and he is crying about a single visit and the use of Comwad.

Moving ahead I want everyone to read the interview with the good John Brown of Citzcom. That John Brown is a friend and well worth a visit. He has a great sense of humor and is a friend of Israel and the Jewish people and is not a fan of Communism.

I will prepare an interview with Greg of HearoIsrael. My first encounters with Greg were not positive. A commie loooooser type objected to this blog. Rather then show courage and step into this blog he starts whinning to my friend Freedom Now. Greg mistook Gert for a Socialist but any serious examination of his verbose unread blog also easily indicates his true inclinations as a Commie antisemite who writes about Israel and dem Joooos more often then I do. Greg has learned over time that I am not MZ but MZ is a close friend.

The other part is that a true friend stands up for his friends and thus when MZ was attacked I had no hesitation about defending a friend. I would do the same for all of the members of this community who do not star in AFLAC commercials. I wish that Florian would understand that being a member of a community has some responsabilities. Allowing a person who spams your friends, steals their avatars, threatens Elmers children, labels his friends as klansmen is just wrong. Brown does not deserve any space ever. The issue is not free speech as Ducky is here every day uncensored. The issue is behavior and Brown, Uptown Steve and Socrates are banned forever by virtue of their behavior.


Mr. Ducky said...

What happened to Florian, Beak? That little redneck get run of the blogosphere?

And nobody even felt a disturbance in the force?

beakerkin said...


Blogger has held up his account but it allows the most hateful expressions of antisemitism, communism and anti Americanism unchecked. There is nothing more objectionable in Florians blog in any rational comparison to Savage Justice or the blogs of 167. However Florian has readers unlike the latter.

nanc said...

that is so funny that greg thought you were madze! the two of you couldn't be more different.

Brooke said...

Ha! I imagine that a certain someone has done this dirty work... I wouldn't be surprised if those of us fortunate enough to be on the 'Klanwatch' start getting flagged, also.

beakerkin said...

I don't think so because Florian is his only outlet. I think Uptown Steve is a more probable candidate.
I get flagged often but have never had a diruption.

I do want to point out that while we have plenty of frieds John Brown may have one Renegade. Renegade was only lukewarm in his support of Brown.

Other then 167 who had a few flinkies most of the far leftist have no friends. Renegade seems to be another exception. Gert, Weasie and Brown have no regular friends,

Always On Watch said...

Several months ago, one of our community informed me that my blog has been flagged. Oh, well. Color me "not concerned."

I don't know how to check as to if my blog has been flagged. Maybe someone here can tell me how to find that out?

Mad Zionist said...

Beak, let Flo do what he wants to do. I don't care a lick that you are cozying up to Greg the infant for an interview even though he has slandered me repeatedly, and you shouldn't care that Florian has your enemies post comments there either.

Sorry, but that's how I see it now, and that's how I've always seen it.

beakerkin said...


Lets make a correction as I stood up for you without hesitation. Greg or even Menachem are in no way comparable to John Brown in any description.

Brown has labeled members of this community Klansmen. He has threatened Elmer's kids and has made numerous claims about me having criminal proclivities. What has Greg done exactly he called you a name a few times?

I will adress this in the interview. However I want to point out that I consider Justin Morris and Rob Bayn to be friends and I would defend them as readily as I defend any of you.

Greg is not the enemy in any description. We may disagree with him politically but he is not a Commie or Jihadi.

Florian was asked to set up rules and point out his objections to Browns behavior. These are reasonable requests given the extraordinary circumstances of Brown's behavior. Do you think I enjoy going over to Renegade and Troutsky and explaining the reality. Of course not as if I endanger their freedom of speech it is as wrong as endangering any of ours.However, Brown's behavior is beyond the pale.

Greg said...

Beakerskin: I appreciate the invitation and will do it gladly. I also appreciate you standing up for me. Thanks.

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker- Sent you an e-mail, interesting photos.


beakerkin said...


Thanks for the photos it is ironic that Natural destructive forces can sometimes be artistic.


We will have to adress some serious subjects and it will be tough in some sections. However it will be very interesting.

Do understand that MZ is a brother to me as well. I do not agree with my friends 100% of the time but this is a reality of adult life.

MissingLink said...

Blogs are tagged 'hateful' by Blogger if a Muslim groups or the Chinese government complain.
Other than those two mentioned groups do not count at all.
You can jump up and down and nothing will be done to the likes of JOhn Brown Inc.

FLORIAN said...

Thanks for your concern Beak...but after spending most of the afternoon emailing the help desk at blogger I am finally able to post again. I was put in a "hold status" as several people flagged my site within the last couple days, which makes me believe it was probably the same person. Blogger wouldn't reveal their identity, but at least I can post again. I used JB's site as an example to show that his site is much more inflamatory than mine is. I wouldn't be a bit surprise if that racist bastard Uptown was the one who flagged me.

FLORIAN said...

Oh and Ducky Poo: I am a disturbance in the Force!!!!!!

Warren said...

Where Comwad Ducky is a disturbance and a "farce".

nanc said...

beak - that is plucky at madze's - read the entire thread and then go to longrange and see what he posted today regarding "float". brooke is a good detective and busted him. he was trying to be our anonymouse - hahahahahahahahaha!!!

the moron!!! (plucky, not anonymouse)

Renegade Eye said...

I don't see any JB posts here, and I've looked at some of your links. I didn't see any.

I don't recall ever saying hateful. I may have said reactionary.

If I say I always liked Florian, it may hurt him. I'll say he is a hateful person.

Greg said...

Beakerkin: I have no problem with you being friends with MZ. It's not a concern of mine and none of my business. I respect you for who you are.

Russet Shadows said...

JoBro has been pretty quiet here as of late. I'm not against debate or difference, but I could live without his posts, as I'm sure a lot of us could.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I flag my own blog all the time and encourage others to do so.

uptownseteve said...

What is this bad
behavior you speak of beak?

Disagreeing with you?

beakerkin said...


Good to see you adios. You gave your word and we hold you to it. Why not take the opportunity to visit John Brown.

uptownseteve said...

Still avoiding facts huh beak?

Don't worry, I'm just passing through.

You're silly and boring as usual.

uptownseteve said...


"I wouldn't be a bit surprise if that racist bastard Uptown was the one who flagged me."

Don't flatter yourself flo.

You haven't been on my radar screen for quite a while.

Besides, you know I'm not the one who is into censorship.

I welcome your blogs because they reveal the sickness that pervades much of this country at the moment.

The more you people rant the more sensible folks will realize there is much work to be done.

uptownseteve said...


"I think Uptown Steve is a more probable candidate."

Why me beak?

I haven't been here or at florian's all summer.

I just decided to check your blog today and what do I see?

You guys still have "UPTOWN" on the brain.


beakerkin said...

Lets see Comwad Florian gets flagged and you reappear the next day. Unlike Florian I know your IP and you have been around for more then a week. You remain the prime suspect and I would lay odds that you finked out Florian.

uptownseteve said...

Whatever beaker.

Think about it.

Why would I flag him and not you?

Like I said before, I have no interest in censoring opposing views.

That's YOUR game.

uptownseteve said...


"Unlike Florian I know your IP and you have been around for more then a week."

I'll assume that's the "Fairfield, NY" IP address you claimed before, right?


Meanwhile I post from my home in Bowie, MD.

I figured you'd give your buddy Flo my IP address so he can be ever vigilant of the presence of the baaaaad black guy.


Too much.

beakerkin said...

Wrong Steve

You can try to flag this blog and many have done so. Howver there is very little you can do in my case.
As I said before we do not talk about race unless you are fouling my boards. Check the archives and it isn't there.

There is not much here to make a complaint stick and this is a well established blog. My money is on you and no doubt you probably complained about me as well.

Now you were just leaving say goodnight Uptown. This blog is not about you. Nobody comes here to read your wit and wisdom.

uptownseteve said...


You really don't know me, do you?

I have no reason to complain about your blog.

If I'm offended by it's content, I'll avoid it.

This is YOUR blog beaker, so of course it's not about ME.

However, I don't see you making this statement to your other visitors and it's obvious why.

Warren said...

"However, I don't see you making this statement to your other visitors and it's obvious why."

Well Stevie, to us it is. You're a lying shit that likes to hijack posts. Of course it could be that sign you hang around your neck, "Will Race Pimp For Attention".

beakerkin said...


Even Ducky behaves himself and doesn't play word games. You demanded sources I give them to you. Do you bother to read them.

It is behavior Uptown and like I said we post almost nothing on race
unless you are stirring the pot.