Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Warning to the Evil John Brown of Savage Justice

Should you or any annoymous spam appear on my blog or any others in this community I will pay another visit to your Comwads. It seems that they have readers on their blogs and do not like interuptions any more than we do.

You may not post a single letter here. Commenting here is predicated on good behavior and ethnic and racial slurs and spam have removed your rights permanently. Now bon vogage and may the sharks have a good feast on your pathetic carcass as you float on an inner tube to your workers paradise Cuba.


beakerkin said...

This is much better

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Live! Yee-haw!

Anonymous said...

You know we have to bad mouth him so much that he is goaded to spam you so we can attack those vile commie sites now doncha??????

Greg said...

beakerkin: I'd love to do an interview. I'm not sure how you do these things so whenever you'd like to interview me, I'd be happy to participate!

Cheers, G.D.

FLORIAN said...

Yeah Beak I got flagged by some nut-job, and I'm in the middle of appealing this. I will find out who flagged my account. In the meantime, blogger has blocked my ability to post.

beakerkin said...


John Brown is a low life period. I do not seek or have the desire to attack Commie sites. You have your space and I have mine.

We like free speech and ninety posts a day is not free speech. However should John Brown attack we will retaliate. I find it amazing that you commies see no problem with Brown's vile behavior
but I just visit and call you guys Comwads and are all bent out of shape.

nanc said...

what does that mean, flo?

Warren said...

I don't believe that they had any idea what we were talking about when we said "spam". I could be wrong but I believe that they though we were talking about an occasioal post.

Whatever, that last "partial" sample seemed to unnerve them.

For sure, they didn't want any!

beakerkin said...

Renegade is not a bad fellow but he was well aware of John Brown's antics. The message has been delivered and Warren's sample drove the point home. Let Brown's peers deal with him.

John Brown said...


Don't think you can obsess after me in post after post after post after post after post and I will remain silent.

That's just stupid.

Why don't you be a good DHS PEDOPHILE: go back to doing your stupid interviews and serializing your Nazi loving books.

Your site is much less lame when you do that.

Anonymous said...

And I didn't even have to say anything!!!

MR John Brown Stain just can't keep his filthy commie loving trap shut!!!


MR John Brown Stain, MORON Exemplar!!

beakerkin said...

All right Brown you were warned and now a visit to Renegade is in order.

One visit by Brown. One visit by me to Renegade and they love when I visit.

nanc said...

at least he's good at something, anonymouse.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Like a well trained dog.