Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Was the Qana Massacre Staged?

Our opponents are adept at fighting their battles in the media. A far left journalist
takes some photos of a geen helmeted man holding a baby wailing. The photo seemed tailored to fit the far left adgenda.

Welcome to the new media war. After the fake Jenin massacre we should be circumspect with all arab claims. How many fake claims have we seen so far. Our enemies know that the world doesn't care about kids shot in the back at Beslan or Jews blown to smithereens. However the clown in the Green helmet allows those allready predisposed to hasty judgements against Israel to whine Loook at what dem Joooooooos did. Typical of this reaction is the less than manly 167.

Robert Spencer has an article on what is apparently the Qana fraud. It may turn out that some of the charges against our military in Iraq were similar Moooosiwood productions. If that is so the journalists who perpetrated the hoax should be charged
and their credentials stripped. The parent company should be fined as well and it should start at 100,000. Let the media know that this is not Vietnam where they could spin the facts such as the sadistic General executing a civilian. The facts were the civilian in the picture was a Communist thug who just slaughtered a whole family.

Thankfully we have the internet watchdogs to catch future Mary Mapes types. Mapes types aren't satisfied to report the news. Mapes types want to manufacture the news to fit their agenda. Well they better be more careful because they are now under scrutiny.


beakerkin said...

One can go to the Purple Avenger's site and view the link to the EU referendum blog. Mr Green helmet posed with the same dead kid several times.

As Rush said. How does Mr green Helmet unearth kids from the rubble and remain imaculately clean. How does the childs pacifier show no sign of dust.

This was a made for the media hoax
and should be investigated.

Justin said...

While I could not say for ceartain that Hezbollah murdered these women and children. I can say that I would not put it past them in the least. There is a big question of when the Israeli rocket hit and when the building collapsed.

I also find it questionable that there were only women and children there.

As deplorable as it is Hezbollah is not beyond using innocent lives for propoganda purposes.

They like all their kind are evil cowards with yellow stripes down their back 6 inches wide.

beakerkin said...

Justin I looked at the European Refferendum blog linked to the Purple Avenger. It is fairly obvious the photos were staged. The man in the Green helmet is everywhere and is even in the photos of the 96 incedent wearing the same helmet.

How does a man in an imaculate white shirt emerge enraged carying a soot covered kid? It is readily aparent that the photo ops were staged.

Mr. Ducky said...

Absolutely, all those children were freakin' midgets rented by hezbollah. Damn, Beak, i didn't think the endtimers would see through it.

beakerkin said...

Two words for you Jennin Massacre.

Arabs have a lengthy history of hoaxes. Bodies on in coffins dropped and then get back into the coffin on camera. Animal bones placed in builing wreckage has been documented.

The children likely died in nearby Trye in other incedents. A photo op was clearly staged. Children sleeping in a building that colapses six hour after an air raid that was no where near the building is fishy.

However you anti semitic types need these fake massacres to justify your anti semitism. Look at the site yourself and draw your own opinion. However Marxists are known for honesty. Even if this were true and all the other fakes zionists would need 99,750,000 to catch up with your record.

Mr. Ducky said...

Oh, so it's OK if you killed them elsewhere. Stop while you're ahead, Beak.

Remember, Beak, Israel’s Hezbollah problem is not fundamentally one amenable to forcible resolution. The issue is not the presence of an armed anti-Israeli militia just north of Israel’s border but the widespread public support just north of Israel’s border for the presence of an armed anti-Israeli militia. Of course the ham handed Likud has done nothing but aggravate the issue.

Short of depopulating Lebanon up to the Litani River(as proposed by your hero, Michael "Shithead" Savage), whose waters Israel has long been accused of coveting (and let's face it, water is what the struggle is about not some pisant Hezbollah threat), a surer means of driving the country into the hands of Islamic extremists can’t be imagined.

Always On Watch said...

I finally learned how to embed a video at my blog. Take a look if you have time. The footage is from 60 Minutes, and the video is 18 minutes long. You'll need to watch all of it, not just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget the start of the 2nd intifada with Muhammad alDurah being shot on film. The French have done a good job of debunking this Paliwood adventure.

Of course the slaughter on the beach recently was another obvious Paliwood production.

In Iraq, I haven't read about anything as obviously staged as these, but, there are continuous misrepresentations of fact that makes it APPEAR that the US or Allies are involved in slaughtering civilians.

beakerkin said...

Number 1 The cynical use of bodies for propaganda purposes shows how low and complicit the MSM in a war situation. There is zero evidence that the those deaths if caused elswhere were caused by Israeli negligence or malice.

Number2 Israel has told the residents to leave and Hezbollah has clearly fired rockets from civilian areas.

Number 3 If one allows a terrorist movement to provoke a soveriegn nation one may suffer the consequences and lose their homes.
Let Hezbollah use its 100,000,000 stipend to care for the refugees they created.

Not Israel's problem

Number 4 I am a Mark Levin fan and Levin not a Michael Savage Fan. The radio show I listen to most frequently is the John Batchelor show. As the great one Mark Levin would say." I am a Reaganite and in your face you big anti semitic dope get off my show."

Anonymous said...

Che Sucky Ducky,

you continuously attack Israel for its actions.

Tell us what YOU would recommend they do.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Israel leads the world in water purification and irrigation technology (straight out of the Meditterranean) and Ducky thinks Israel is fighting a war for water?

You've sucked off your priest a little too hard today, Ducky. I think he blew out your last remaining brain cells.

Russet Shadows said...

Ducky takes the cake for moonbat conspiracies and lies.

1) Likud took a huge shift to the left under Olhmert, or hadn't you noticed, Ducky? If they wanted to expand Israel, they wouldn't have been ejecting settlers from their homes.

2) Is Hezbollah just another pissant threat? They're the largest militia group in the area, funded directly by Iran. They also can't be small-time and enjoy wide popular support. That's just illogical.

3) So it's all about water, not suicide bombs denotating on busses, not children's heads rolling down the street, not constant fear, not settlers being taken from their homes, not soldiers being kidnapped, not rockets destroying schools. The insane reasoning of the left never ceases to amaze me.

4) Around 50% of Lebanon and all of Syria is already in the hands of "Islamic extremists". Hello! And do you think that Jordan and Egypt will overnight flip to Iranian-style madness because Israel wipes out Hezbollah? Why would they? Israel removing Hezbollah removes the Iranian threat to their own government, which is why they've been quiet on the issue thus far. Even Saudia Arabia blames Hezbollah.

Geez, get a clue. Anyone on this board can disprove your flaccid arguments with little exertion.

Brooke said...

Beak, Eyes All Around has an interesting pic of the Helmet man... And a pic of a Hezbollah ceremony with a turbaned guy in a black bedsheet that looks strikingly like the Helmet man.


beakerkin said...

No Blood for Water. I am sure Ducky is going to have the first sign with that on it. My response is what does one expect from a bird brain.

Russet Shadows said...

Hehe. And for a bird brain, he's definitely one of the small cranial capacity species! :)

I thought a little bit more about it and Ducky's reasoning is paper-thin on purpose, because it is a distraction from his true motives that he is loathe to say aloud -- that Israel should simply lie down and die. Defending sons and daughters is not motivation enough for Ducky. No, they need some nefarious, crazy reason to uproot Hezbollah. Why the conspiracy? Because the Jews are acting out of character, according to the anti-semites. They should be letting themselves be killed! So the Jews fighting back is an aberration, something unnatural, and that unnatural thing simply pours gas on the anti-semite's hate fire. You'll remember the cold silence of these folk when Israel was not responding. That is because beneath their breaths they were whispering, "One more down. One more down."

Anonymous said...

No blood for water???

I'm ready to spend all kinds of IslamoNazi blood for water!!

Does that make me soooo wrong??


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


I'm ready to spend all kinds of IslamoNazi blood for water!!

Well, we only need O-negative. Got it in 55 gallon drums?

You want Evian or Perrier?

Anonymous said...

Maybe THIS is Che Sucky's solution:

Come on, you can tell us Che Sucky. How does your solution differ from Cohen's??


Mr. Ducky said...

russet shadows, yeah I've noticed Ohlmert's move to the left. Invade Gaza and lebanon.

As far as 'defeating" hezbollah. That's the rub. Israel will screw it up as badly as they did last time.

Now it's true that hezbollah is an element in the Lebanese government, but the IRA had a political wing and the British figured out how to work with them. If israel had any brains they could figure out how to work with the lebanese government.

They don't because they don't want to.

Anonymous said...

Che Sucky Ducky,

and how many IRA did they have to kill and jail before the current RELATIVELY peaceful period???

I have also noticed reports of the little Irish Peacemen popping up in Columbia and other interesting tourist spots!!!

Yeah, that is another one where peaceful talk has settled everything!!


Oh, and Che Sucky, don't forget they had a LOT of LEFTY US and Eurotrash help screwing things up EVERY TIME!!!


You Che MORON!!!!