Monday, August 07, 2006

Beakerkin and Eighty others evade execution????

There is a big meeting in two days and apparently I along with eighty other coworkers have won a stay of execution until the end of January. This does not help me so much as I will still be a GS9 in a market saturated with 11 and twelve candidates.

Should a guest worker prgram start I would be either extended until the end of my four years or be granted a chance to test for a full four. Sadly forty of my friends and coworkers are eliminated on September 30. I now know why I wasn't given a shot at a test for a permanent job. HR was trying to save as many of those slots for those forty. Of the eighty several of them only get to serve mere months before reaching year four and termination. This is as deranged as Logan's Run but that is the government at the end of January they will evaluate the situation again but I do remain eligible but five months shy of an eleven and that would put me equal to Grad students who have zero experience. A twelve would allow me to compette with lawyers.

I want to thank those that placed a prayer for me. I will get to endure the begining of a brutal Vermont Winter. I may drive on Rout two to Maine or look for Hazen's Notch on Sunday.

Beamish in 08


Anonymous said...

Beakerkin said:

"Should a guest worker program start I would be either extended until the end of my four years..."

Does this mean you would be a guest worker and might eventually get amnesty and citizenship???


beakerkin said...

Guess what we have an existing guest worker program that has been functioning for years. The H1B program has been working for well over a decade. It allows anyone with a four year degree to be hired by companies. A guest worker program would be an unskilled version of the H1b.

In order to perform the job I do each and every day one has to be a citizen. We can debate the merrits of H1B but this is a direct consequence of our failed higher educational system. Look at an Iranian degree and a US degree and you will find more political classs in a US degree then an Iranian degree.

MissingLink said...

It's a good news I guess. I must admitt I do not understand your public service recruitment system.
Seems extremely complicated.
My thoughts are with you Beak.

beakerkin said...


Our human resource department doesn't understand it either. One can become attain my job three ways. A temporary term which runs four years and one moves from 7,9,11 to 12. The lists starts at 9
where I am until the end of my scheduled run in January.

The higher your number the greater your chance for hire.They have to exhaust all the 12 and 11 candidates before I can be considered.

Masters candidates start at an 11 and lawyers start on the 12 list.
Now the ranks of the experienced candidates get smaller as some candidates pass but more masters and Lawyers appear. As an 11 which seems unlikely I would have a fighting chance.

A friend of mine took an assignment to move back with his family in another state. He must find an appartment for four months and even if extended to his for his full term August it is over. But he is a twelve and has a decent shot if they would let him sit for the test that two thirds fail.

Justin said...

Glad to hear this bit of good news for you Beak. Will keep you in prayers and thoughts. I just know there is something good for you there.

Always On Watch said...

A reprieve? This is good news!

beakerkin said...

Well it is a delay of the inevitable and the stay does not jump me a level. I will still be at
GS-9 with ever Masters candidate. Elevens are lawyers and hands. Twelves are experienced hands but there is a limited pool. As an eleven my odds would be markedly improved. All the twelves and elevens must be considered before the nine list becomes viable. One of my friends will be an eleven but I think he may have gotten picked up in the last batch of hires as he was so close to an eleven anyway.

Another friend becomes a twelve but if a guest worker program or the H1B cap gets extened all bets are off. I would likely finnish out my term and OPM would scramble for any hand it could find. An eleven is a jump of 11,000.

Anonymous said...

Just teasing!!

I've been so serious the last few days I gotta relax!!

The Merry Widow said...

The joys of dealing with the gubmint! Total confusion and no logic. I could tell some tales that go back to the '50's! I'm just glad you've been given a reprieve, will keep praying for you!
as for the Tamil Tigers, with no Judeo-Christian background you cannot expect the same respect for life! They have been committing atrocities for decades! It is also an excuse for India to stick it's nose into Sri Lankan business!
Good morning and G*D bless!


Elmer's Brother said...

I know what it's like, I will be praying for you Beak.

Brooke said...

Keep on the sunny side...

Purple Avenger said...

I would humbly suggest finding (or manufacturing) some dirt on the people in charge of making choices.

Extortion is an ugly word, so I prefer to think of this sort of thing as "motivational reinforcement". Call it what you may, but it is a time tested millenia old method of obtaining desired outcomes ;->

nanc said...

so, we get to hear this story again in three or four months? i'd have a better job by then if i were you - then in the famous words of farmer john, i'd tell them:

nanny nanny noo noo