Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Pause in the John Brown Strategy

I want to thank those of you who sent Renegade Eye a message. He has tasted maybe 5%
of the annoying tacticts of John Brown. Lets hold back on Renegade and allow him to talk to Brown.

Should Brown place a single post on any blog the kid gloves come off and we resume. Renegade will be faced with a choice that Brown's obnoxious behavior can have consequences for his friends. Renegade will have to deal with Brown who lies through his teeth.

Renegade is not a bad man for an advocate for a seditious failed philosopher. Like Ducky he has his own Code of Honor unlike Brown who has none. Renegade is smart enough to understand Brown lies and is a psycho.

If Renegade is unable to get Brown to behave he can avoid the mess by banning Brown and removing the link. We will then select another blog that Brown posts on and repeat the process.

I find it amazing that those who cry about proportionalism should whine when we use a proportional response to Brown's spamming.


Always On Watch said...

LOL at your closing sentence.

pharter said...

Renegade Eye has not spammed me, so I in turn will not spam him.

Anonymous said...


When were LEFTY ideas and attitudes EVER logical, reasonable, understandable, or proportional???


MissingLink said...

Are you sure you don't want me to host your blog?
My offer's still as good as new.

troutsky said...

Do you really think threatening renegade, who can exercise no real control over Brown, is ethical or proportional? Isnt Brown your problem? It seems like hostage taking to me , but then im a leftist too...

beakerkin said...


We recognize the unfairness of the situation. However, the psycho John Brown has spammed six blogs into moderation. Our actions were fairly measured and much less intrusive then the crap Brown pulls here.

We recognize that Brown may not listen to Reneade. In that case all Renegade needs to do is ban Brown and emove the link.

As far as terrorism you should look at the actions of Brown. We have had to endure six months of this crap. Renagade has endured a fraction of what we see on a regular basis.

Warren said...

Troutsky (from his blog):
"We are all complicit. Whatever your degree of skepticism, cynicism, gullability or paranoia, at some point the "orchestrators " responsibility leaves off and our own complicity begins, or overlaps, or melds. [...]

We are called to action.If we are aware of a structure which is responsible for injustice but still support that structure , we are complicit.We must act."

Do you feel an upward tug on your petard?

You are now "aware"!