Sunday, August 20, 2006

You might be an anti semie if........

Criticizing actions of the Israeli government is not in and of itself anti semitic.
My friend MZ has an entire blog that is critical of the Israeli government. You are not an anti semite if you desire a two state solution, just unrealistic. We will deal with that topic in another post if need be.

You are an anti semite if you place the worlds only Jewish state up to unrealistic standards of behavior and 24/7 scrutiny and say nothing about any other country or the adjacent states.

You are an anti semite if you play word games with Jooo and Zionism. Even the brain adled Richard Cohen who described Israel as a mistake noted the mindlessness of this shallow anti semitic shell game. Jews clearly are a people with a distinct language and historical identity dating back thousands of years. We are clearly indigenous to Israel. There is zero reason to critique only Joooooish nationalism and accept its shallowest Arab counterpart " Palestinianism".

You are a anti semite if you talk of Neocon cabals that are behind the Iraq war. You are an anti semite if you call Israel an aparthied state, jews come in all races. You are an anti semite if you start absurd talk of zionist media.

One can raise their anti semite standard to certified with the use of the following terms Usreal, Zionist Occupied Government or ZOG. One is also certified by blaming Israel or a Jooooish cabal for 9-11. One is also certifid by having a blog that dedicates more then half its content to bashing Israel.

Typical mindless examples of anti semitism come from our bird brained duck. Take a bow Ducky. Ducky blames the huge hoin traficking in Lebanon on Israeli users. If every person in Israel was a junkie this would be an tiny blip in a huge market. Ducky also claimed that Israel invaded Lebanon to steal water from the Litani River.
His catch phrase is no blood for water but he did write that here. More odd was a discussion about the Ducks hatred of Renoir that turned into a diatribe on Jews in Art. We do not spend much time on Isreal but our friend the Duck seems to bring the conversation there by reflex.

TMW will also remind people of a slew of people who visit Bad Eagle and bring every post back to the Jews. These people are always on the far left and this mindless obsession starts to resemble an Elmer Fudd type cartoon obsession


The Merry Widow said...

I don't remember the names, but I can testify to the disruptions that caused gentlemanly Dr. Yeagley to pull the plug! After chewing them out! Dr. Y. rarely chews anyone out, it's just not him, but he has had his good nature treated with disrespect! Certain trolls seem to live in a strange new world where the Jooooos control everything, funny, I have a vivid imagination and I've never found the place! Of course these are the same people who are absolutely certain that the odious "The Handmaiden's Tale" is prophetic about Christians taking over America! LOL! It's so bizzaro that you can only walk away shaking your head and wondering how they function!


beakerkin said...

There is plenty of condescension from the far left about religious Christians. An example of this was Duncy's linking of evangelicals to terrorists.

Always On Watch said...

Even the brain adled Richard Cohen who described Israel as a mistake noted the mindlessness of this shallow anti semitic shell game.

Still, when I read that particular column of Cohen's in the WaPo, I gasped. I was reading the paper poolside, and everyone turned to look. I found myself unable to discuss coherently what I'd just read, so I packed up and left.

beakerkin said...

I read that and did not expect the furor that ensued. Richard Cohen is a Beltway type along with Michael Kinsley. They spend their time at DC cocktail parties with State Department hacks and University far left goofballs. Cohen is used to placating them in his real life and assumed the rest of America is reflective of the Georgetown Cocktail Party circut.
He has backed off that statement in other columns.

Brooke said...

I'm surprised that the same people who tout "tolerance" and "acceptance" can spout such anti-sematism with impunity.

The Merry Widow said...

Brooke- The weird thing is, they don't see the complete disconnect between their stated beliefs and their actual practices! That can be a definition of a psychosis! And they are completely unaware!

Insanity rules!

Anonymous said...

On the plus side, the lefties have had little to drag back from Mr. Yeagley's lately except a thrashing of insane Palis!!!!