Friday, September 01, 2006

There is nothing Progressive about the far Left

Our familiar far left lunatics like to call themselves " Progressive". When you hear the words "Progressive or Social Justice" you are likely dealing with a Communist clown

Progressive Ideas

1 Lets invent a new ethnicity and make the worlds must brutal Colonialists into victims.

2 Lets ignore all human rights violations in the world and hold Israel and America to absurdly high standards?

3 Lets ignore the historic realities of brutal Islamo-colonial oppression.

4 Lets celebrate people who sever heads, deal drugs and run Hitler Youth type educational facilities.

5 Lets rail about the plight of African American slavery and ignore the Eastern Slave trade. Moreover lets cellebrate FARC, TALIBAN and HEZBOLLAH who push drugs that make lives miserable.

The truth is we should hardly be surprised by the far lefts lies and antisemitism.
There were Americans who defended Stalin as he made alliances with the Nazis, slaughtered whole ethnicities but when do facts matter to genocidal nuts.

The same nuts claimed that the American Communist Party was independent of Moscow and did not engage in espionage. We know these were lies through the Soviet Archives and the Venona intercepts. Our greatest error was made by George Bush one. We should have immediately sent Russia billions of dollars for open access to Soviet Files.
There are many unanswered questions that could have been answered and we are paying the price now. Did Tom Hayden meet with Soviet Intelligence? When and where did Gomer Kerry meet with the NVA in Paris and what was discussed. Kerry's actions while a member of the US Naval Reserve should have been punished with a treason charge. This is probably the reason Gomer Kerry still will not open his military records.

These questions will be answered in the future maybe after I am gone. No doubt the seditious, treasonous, bigoted and decietful ways of the far left remain unchanged.

Beamish in 08.

Ducky and 167 had to cancel plans to celebrate Freddy Mercury's birthday. No doubt all Ducky needs to know about Arabs was learned from watching Lawrence of Arabia, Jenin Jenin and reading Fanon. Lets see Bat Yeor lived under Prislam, but Fanon a commie dope just visited.


Purple Avenger said...

Well, we know know the Katyn forest massacre wasn't due to the Nazis, rather the Soviets. The Naziz can be blamed for many thing, but Katyn wasn't one of them.

The Soviet was just as evil as the Nazis. Commies are always evil. This is why the American left us giving Islamoterrorists a sloppy wet kiss these days. They foolishly think they're fellow travelers.

Mr. Ducky said...

Actually Beak my first source was Hodgson's "Venture of Islam". The method is a little dated but it is a superior scholarly work to anything Patai or that AIPAC stooge B'at Shit has written.

beakerkin said...

Say goodbye Uptown

Always On Watch said...

Description of Venture of Islam, from Amazon:

Book Description
The Venture of Islam has been honored as a magisterial work of the mind since its publication in early 1975. In this three-volume study, illustrated with charts and maps, Hodgson traces and interprets the historical development of Islamic civilization from before the birth of Muhammad to the middle of the twentieth century. This work grew out of the famous course on Islamic civilization that Hodgson created and taught for many years at the University of Chicago.

In the second work of this three-volume set, Hodgson investigates the establishment of an international Islamic civilization through about 1500. This includes a theoretical discussion of cultural patterning in the Islamic world and the Occident.

"This is a nonpareil work, not only because of its command of its subject but also because it demonstrates how, ideally, history should be written."--The New Yorker

From Wikipedia:

Marshall G.S. Hodgson (1922 - 1968), was an Islamic scholar and a world historian at the University of Chicago. He was chairman of the interdisciplinary Committee on Social Thought in Chicago. He was also a practising Quaker (important to note, since his religious outlook informed his views on world history).

Hodgson was the author of the three-volume The Venture of Islam: Conscience and History in a World Civilization. Through this work, and as an Orientalist, he was renowned in his day. However his modern importance rests with his work on world history, which remained relatively unnoticed during his lifetime. Much of it was rediscovered and subsequently published through the efforts of Edmund Burke III of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Hodgson's writings were a precursor to the modern world history approach. His initial motivation in writing world history was his desire to place Islamic history in a wider context and his dissatisfaction with the prevailing Eurocentrism of his day. Hodgson painted a global picture of world history, in which the 'Rise of Europe' was the end-product of millennia-long evolutionary developments in Eurasian society; modernity could conceivably have originated somewhere else. Indeed, he accepted that China in the 12th century was close to an industrial revolution, a development which was derailed, perhaps, by the Mongol onslaught in the 13th century:

"Occidental development had come ultimately from China, as did apparently, the idea of a civil service examination system, introduced in the eighteenth century. In such ways the Occident seems to have been the unconscious heir of the abortive industrial revolution of Sung China" Marshall G. S. Hodgson Rethinking World History: Essays on Europe, Islam and World History (Cambridge 1993), p.68.
Hodgson denied original western exceptionalism and moved the divergence of Europe forward -- from the Rennaisance in the 14th century to the Scientific Revolution of the 17th century. His explanations for the divergence (through his concept of 'transmutation') are rather less important than the overall approach to world history which he espoused.

Just tossing in the above between preparations for leaving for the beach. Other commenters have make of the above info what they will.

nanc said...

the facts of these matters are that if we fail to pay heed to history, we are doomed to repeat it - now, it's much closer to home.

beakerkin said...

I want to thank Ducky. It seems Ducky has started to agree with us.
He claims that a scholars bias makes their scholarship worthless.
We extend Ducky's logic to state that all scholarship produced by Marxists is worthless. Time to retire the Chimpanzee from MIT and toss his books and readers in the trash.

Farmer John said...

beak...Hodgeson was a Marxist?

beakerkin said...

I will have to look into that. However, the Duck has stated that the politics of an scholar influence their scholoarship. Time to toss vollumes of Chomsky and his accolytes into the shredder.

I would point out Bat Yeor unlike these Marxist crackpots does not require translations of Arabic. Moreover, she lived in Egypt unlike crackpot Marxist like Fanon
who was a mere visitor.

Farmer John said...

Tuesday is Freddy Mercury's birthday mr. ducky. How come I didn't rate an invite?

beakerkin said...

I don't think the Duck rated an invite either. Freddy Mercury was a genuine talentand his music has stood the test of time.

religion of pieces said...

"The politics of a scholar influences their scholarship." - that's one way of putting it.

But moonbat madness goes much deeper and is more destructive than that.

“All narratives are of equal worth”
- this is the malevolent mantra of Postmodernism.

Postmodernism is the anti-rational, anti-Western, culturally self-loathing pseudo-philosophy which permeates academia.

Postmodernism is a self-induced cancer which allows the alien virus of Islam to spread like a secondary infection throughout body of Western Civilization.

Postmodernist moonbats regard Mo's barbaric dark-age death-cult as a 'narrative' of equal value to the products of Judeo-Christian culture . In fact Islam may be a superior narrative because it is the product of victimhood.

I would strongly advise Infidels who wish to understand the threat that Islam poses to our civilization not only to study and critique Islam itself, but to understand and work against the suicidal and culturicidal self-loathing of Postmodernism.
“All narratives are of equal worth” - the Pomo dogma that dominates university arts, humanities and social studies departments. All narratives are socially constructed by dominant power groups - dead white males and Joooooooz being the usual suspects.

Postmodernism hasn't made much headway in science, engineering or mathematics departments, for reasons I'll come to in a moment.

Neither is postmodernism taken seriously by most philosophers, because it is in effect self-contradictory. "All narratives are of equal worth" So, optimistically all narratives should be equally true.

Unfortunately for the moonbats, diverse narratives contradict each other, so to maintain equality we must conclude that all narratives are equally false. However postmodernism is itself a narrative, so "all narratives are of equal worth" is as equally true/false as "some narratives are better than others". This is a variant of the old Cretan Paradox - 'Everything I say is a lie'. Pursue this line of reasoning far enough and the result will be insanity and/or left-wing politics. This spoof site (a postmodern essay generator) really hits the bullseye ..

Some years ago there was an attempt by pomo moonbat Marxist sociologists to protray science as a socially constructed narrative (constructed by all those Joooooooish Nobel prize winners with the poor old Muslim-victims being so underepresented ) . The logical outcome of this was if your culture said it was possible to float in the air then the socially-constructed Joooodeo-Christian (Newton and Einstein) laws of gravity would not apply to you as you stepped out of a sixth floor window.

This irrationalist obscurantist attack on science was debunked by the famous Sokal hoax, and the moonbats have not been back since...

However the university faculties where logical thinking may be more of a handicap than a help greatly outnumber the science/philosophy/engineering faculties. There has been a vast proliferation of Departments of Indefinite Studies, Post-Colonialist Awareness, Multicultural Assertion, etc etc.

Western culture is 'despised' because some aspects of it ARE DIFFICULT TO MASTER. Thus sneeering cultural self-loathing is used as a cover for intellectual inadequacy.

In this dumbed down 'academic' environment, is it any wonder that Islam, which would have been laughed to scorn by previous generations, is now regarded as a subject worthy of study in its own right as a valid narrative, rather than being seen as a primitive cult of interest primarily to the anthropologist and historian? Of course Edward Said has a lot to answer for, coming along at just the right time to exploit the rise in postmodernism and post-colonial guilt.

Postmodernism is the fatal crack in the intellectual structure of Western civilisation through which the virus of Islam enters.

Farmer John said...

The PoMo's must not have gotten Nietzsche's memo on cultural relativism and equality, from "Will to Power"...

858 (Nov. 1887-March 1888)

What determines your rank is the quantum of power you are: the rest is cowardice.

Anonymous said...

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Warren said...

Just a small point.

""All narratives are of equal worth" So, optimistically all narratives should be equally true."

Logically, "if all narratives are of equal worth", then all are worthless as there is no basis for judging "worth" within that framework.

By their own reasoning, this leaves the "pomo's" in the position of promoting worthless narratives no matter which they promote.

I'll admit that this doesn't affect them and doesn't account for their emotional endorsement of the patently absurd.

To believe in post modernism it becomes necessary to toss out Epistemology, Philosophy and all true science, (as opposed to social "science"), and embrace dialectical materialism as a greater truth.

Post modernism is merely shamanism posing as Philosophy and Science. Magic words and rituals dressed in a cloak of stupidity.

I believe this is why we see, among post modernists, such disdain for reality based people and institutions. We become a source of irritation that rubs raw against their silliness.

Quack, quack!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

No, no, Warren. Marx wasn't racist, that's just they way people talked back when people owned slaves...


nanc said...

great - i need warren and he's out bloghopping...

Purple Avenger said...

"All narratives are of equal worth"

I'm fairly certain Charles Manson would enthusiastically agree with this and use it as the basis for a parole action.

I'm equally certain, his "narrative" would come under heavy scrutiny should he then move nextdoor to one of these retards.

I think this notion was worn quite thin by Norman Mailer when he got that murderous loon Abbott released just because he wrote a decent book. Of course Abbott then went on to kill someone else after release -- because that's what murderous loons do.

Warren said...

Cuz, that explains it and why he only had praise for Black slavery!

What is is, is not. What is not is, is. What is not is not, is is.

Somebody stop me, I think I'm lapsing into post modernism.


nanc said...

STOP yourself, warren!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

"The meaning of a statement is its method of verification."

nanc said...

totally o.t., but one of the best has his blog up and running:

JINGOIST said...

To 'religion of pieces', thank you sir for that thoughtful essay above concerning postmodernism. A hearty WELL DONE to you!

Beaker this is one of your better posts in my humble opinion, I really liked it. There's one small bone of contention. There are a few "progressive" elements of the Communist ideology if you take the word to mean "those things that contiue to increase" in this case.

1. The despised income tax from the Communist Manifesto would increase dramatically under the Hildebeast or the Kerrytraitor.
2. Racial/Cultural politics continues to increase in ugliness, BY DESIGN with their ideology.
3. Government interference in every aspect of our lives is "progressive" in nature and one of their goals. East Germany and the Stasi epitomizes this nightmare communist approach to life. I think that bothers even American leftists, since they never mention it. They have cut East Germany out of their collective memories in the same manner Stalin's henchmen used to edit Party photos.

Always remember that by their own admission these pepole are the "worm that eats the apple from within."


Jason_Pappas said...

Actually, Hodgson's book paints a very negative picture of Muhammad's rise to power. Perhaps Ducky missed that chapter. But even Hodgson's book couldn't be written today. Of course, Edward Gibbon describes Muhammad's ethnic-cleansing of the Jews from Medina, in his 17th century magnum opus. It was only in the last few decades that this picture was air-brushed.