Sunday, September 10, 2006

Special treat Bob Grant on the Mark Levin Fan Blog

Those of you lucky enough to live in the NYC metro area are more than likely familiar with the Great Bob Grant. I have been depressed about the impending date looming on the horizon. Well meaning people ask the most difficult questions. If I were back home I would be one of many. Yet up here I am one of the few who was there.
I try and answer the best I can, but it becomes difficult after a while. I guess people expect a profound survivors wisdom, well the big guy upstairs picked an unusual witness. There is no profound wisdom in acts of evil, juxtaposed with duty and honor. Sadly, this is what life is about sometimes.

There were times that I would be between jobs and the Bob Grant show was the highlight of my day. I would actually schedule my classes around the Grant Show. Grant and not Limbaugh was the big man in NYC and drove the Professors up the wall. A subversive activity in the eighties was to listen to the Bob Grant show on Campus and read the late Eric Briendel.

Also on the Bob Grant interview with Sean Hannity is the mercurial Jay Diamond. Jay Diamond has moved way over to the left but he was a showman. The Urban legend was he was fired after doing a one man version of Its a wonderful life with Al Sharpton in the Jimmy Stewart role. I remember that show and my friends talked about it for weeks. The Diamond segment is at the end of the interview.

The whole segment is on the Mark Levin fan board. It seem that Bob Grant is under contract for another 90 days and there is something planned. This does not make up for those idiots cancelling John Batchelor. Maybe we could see Bob sub for Sean and Levin.

You can find the interview by Googling Mark Levin Fan. If Levin is available in your area tune in. He is the next best thing to Bob Grant.

Beamish in 08.


Justin said...

I enjoy my evening drive time thanks in a lot to Mark Levin. He is one of the few radio talk show commentators that I will listen to because he is at least honest and does not waiver in his beliefs.

You have to respect a man who still believes a spade is a spade and he does not let liberal idiots hijack his air time unlike so many others do. He knows you cannot debate with lunacy and I do love it when I hear "GET OFF THE PHONE YOU MORON" :)

On my trips to NYC I did get to listen to Bob Grant and was amazed at the number of what we concieved as Northern East Coast Liberals that actually listened to someone who told the truth. I had to reasses my whole concept of Yankees at that point. Think about it a voice of truth and reason in a left wing bastion. :)

I have to say I do not really care for Sean Hannity because I find him to be disingenous at times when confronting Liberal Democrats.

I think it will be great if they can get Bob Grant to do some subs for his show and others. At least Bob knows and is not afraid to shine the light on just who and what our enemy is. He is a apologist for no one.

Ayeeeeee Viva Speedy.

beakerkin said...

I had forgot that your area was the first to get the syndicated Mark Levin show. Levin is the closest in style to Grant. I was unaware that Levin was such a huge fan of Grant. He mentioned on the air he used to call in to the Bob Grant show as a teen.

Hannity is very smart and understands the NYC market. Grant carried huge clout in the NYC market and he is apparently fiendly
with Bob Grant. Grant has a huge following and a NYC Bob Grant show
is trying to draw some of the fans.
I would listen to Hannity if Grant was on vacation or interviewing those blasted psychics.

Warren said...

Friday, I heard the Bob Grant segment on Hannity's show. I'm getting tired of Hannity but he does get some great interviews.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I rarely tune in to talk radio, but I do listen to Mark Levin when I'm near a radio during his show.

Hannity's lost me. Yes, he's trying to rally people to the polls with the frightening words "Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi," but I need more than that.

Something like Republicans coming out and saying "if you keep us in charge of Congress, we'll act like it this time."

Always On Watch said...

I occasionally get to hear Mark Levin on one of the talk-radio stations here. It's the same station which fired Michael Graham.

beakerkin said...

Hannity does have his detractors, but his show is better than most. I still preffer style of Levin. His GET OFF THE PHONE YOU DOPE was a direct rip off of Grants GET OFF MY PHONE YOU CREEP.

Rumors are that ABC is going to sell its radio stations. This would be the best thing to happen to Talk Radio in ages. I can still see Hanity and Levin having Grant as a permanent sub.

FLORIAN said...

Beamish: You mean you don't listen to Michael Savage? ARRRGGHHHHHH.........

I've never heard of Levin before--will have to look for him.
Hang in there Beaker. Don't let the date get you down as so many of us posted in your last post. We're all behind you! Take care my friend.

Warren said...

Rush refers to Mark Levin as "F. Lee Levin".

FLORIAN said...

Um Warren--what is that supposed to mean? F.LEE? As in who?

Please excuse my noobishness on this...

Mr. Ducky said...

Warren listens to "Talent on Loan from Synthetic Morphine". What a surprise.

beakerkin said...

Lets see Duck

A person that is an advocate for class slaughter and terrorism should not lecture anyone else about anything. Moreover, your good friends in FARC, Hezbollah and the Taliban fill the streets with drugs.

Warren said...

Ducky, go watch a terribly dreadful boorish movie and pretend it has some relevance to reality!

Oh, My bad! That's what your life, (such as it is), consists of.

Go peal an apple.


Warren said...

Florian, When Rush jokes about the head of the EIB network legal department, F. Lee Levin, (a take off of F Lee Bailey), he is talking about Mark Levin who is a practicing Constitutional Lawyer and heads the, Landmark Legal Foundation.

FLORIAN said...

OH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember now....
OJ Simpson's scam artist lawyers.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Beamish: You mean you don't listen to Michael Savage? ARRRGGHHHHHH.........

The only reason I listen to Michael Savage is to see how long it takes him from the time I tune in to the point he reveals his historical ignorance, and then I turn him off.

So, we're talking spurts of 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Mr. Ducky said...

Warren, the cinema has no relevance to reality? How foolish. It is certainly more relevant than the Vulgar Pigboy, Limbaugh.

You should pick up a copy of "Band of Outsiders" which is probably the most popular Godard for people who don't particularly like Godard.

The children of Marx and Coca-Cola. He had slacker culture pegged way back in the sixties. Less nostalgic for the past than bored by the present. It has a great scene where the three just read from the paper and they start reading about severe trouble in Rwanda, (it's the only time in Band of Outsiders that Godard makes reference to a current political event, and over 40 years later, the effect is not to date the film but to confront us with the horror of a history that won't go away).

Farmer John might like it also -— the knowledge that the last traces of the world of Verlaine and Rimbaud, of Renoir, the father, and Jean Renoir, the son, are about to be obliterated by the onrush of '60s consumer capitalism.

Certainly a film that was prescient and valuable to those who would listen.

Vive Godard.

Farmer John said...

No, mr. ducky...he didn't peg the "slacker culture". He recognized the validity that lay in much of what Marcuse said in '55

“Happiness,” said Freud, “is no cultural value.” Happiness must be subordinated to the discipline of work as fulltime occupation, to the discipline of monogamic reproduction, to the established system of law and order. The methodical sacrifice of libido, its rigidly enforced deflection to socially useful activities and expressions, is culture.

The sacrifice has paid off well: in the technically advanced areas of civilization, the conquest of nature is practically complete, and more needs of a greater number of people are fulfilled than ever before. Neither the mechanization and standardization of life, nor the mental impoverishment, nor the growing destructiveness of present-day progress provides sufficient ground for questioning the “principle” which has governed the progress of Western civilization. The continual increase of productivity makes constantly more realistic the promise of an even better life for all.

However, intensified progress seems to be bound up with intensified unfreedom. Throughout the world of industrial civilization, the domination of man by man is growing in scope and efficiency. Nor does this trend appear as an incidental, transitory regression on the road to progress. Concentration camps, mass exterminations, world wars, and atom bombs are no “relapse into barbarism,” but the unrepressed implementation of the achievements of modern science, technology, and domination. And the most effective subjugation and destruction of man by man takes place at the height of civilization, when the material and intellectual attainments of mankind seem to allow the creation of a truly free world.

...and the need to create a slacker culture... a Green movement...

Mr. Ducky said...

I have never read of him being particularly aware of Marcuse, but it does make a certain sense, Farmer.

beakerkin said...

Ducky class or victims based Marxism is a dead end. You are free to spend your life in the banality of art. I appreciate the art without larger implications because the artist is apt to posses less vision then your plumber.

You may live in cinematic never never land, but I have real life. Men like myself just get things done despite the interference of dreamers and totalitarians.

Farmer John said...

...of course Marcuse did change a bit by 1966 as he became more well known and his new Progressive Movement began to materialize as the model for the 60's generation...(from his new Political Preface to "Eros and Civilization")

It was the thesis of Eros and Civilization, more fully developed in my One-Dimensional Man, that man could avoid the fate of a Welfare-Through-Warfare State only by achieving a new starting point where he could reconstruct the productive apparatus without that “inner-worldly asceticism” which provided the mental basis for domination and exploration. This image of man was the determinate negation of Nietzsche’s superman: man intelligent enough and healthy enough to dispense with all heros and heroic virtues, man without the impulse to live dangerously, to meet the challenge; man with the good conscience to make life an end-in-itself, to live in joy a life without fear. “Polymorphous sexuality” was the term which I used to indicate that the new direction of progress would depend completely on the opportunity to activate repressed or arrested organic, biological needs: to make the human body an instrument of pleasure rather than labor. The old formula, the development of prevailing needs and faculties, seemed to be inadequate; the emergence of new, qualitatively different needs and faculties seemed to be the prerequisite, the content of liberation.

Polymorphous sexuality...Make love, not war!

One must be able to think to overcome Freud's pleasure principle and embrace Thanatos. To develop one's own more ascetic value.

Marcuse was unable to imagine an ubermensch Third-Wave society. He wrote the people off as being too stupid! And then came... The Information Age.

...and so the Age of Iron finally came to an end. Maybe.

Farmer John said...

That is... if the people like you on Left can take your hands off your privates long enough to place them on a keyboard!

uptownseteve said...


Bob Grant is a bottom dwelling racist.

You admit to being a fan?

beakerkin said...

I have listened to Grant for over twenty five years. You call everyone a racist. Do I care what you think? I haven't heard anything that qualifies as racist.
Grant tells it like it is.