Sunday, September 24, 2006

More Stupidity From Greg

Greg keeps on proving that he is a moron in every sense of the word. His venture with Saba Hope hit the rocks. It seems that someone threatened Saba and that is an outrage. However, it is clear who did it and why. Moreover, the dimwit still seems to point the finger at Jewish zealots.

Even in NYC people who speak out against Islam or mention the true history of Islam are threatened. I have friends in the Coptic community of NJ who readily tell me of the abuses they face in Egypt. I asked why they do not speak out. The answer is you do not understand. I have been threatened several times for speaking out about the colonial history of Islam and the abuses of a wide array of people.

However, I am an American and nobody silences me. Any Commie or Jihadi that want to try are in for a long bitter fight. This is not Cuba or Saudi Arabia and if you do not like it leave. Moreover, if you break our laws we should denaturalize you and toss you out permanently. If you are involved with terrorism we should send you to meet Allah and Stalin.

Greg fails once again to understand that his hope is as elusive as a pipe dream. There is a reason that the vast preponderance of ethnic conflicts involve Islam. Moreover, any discussion over who has abused whom between Jew and Muslim is a serious joke. There are no Palestinians, there never were Palestinians and the real context of this fight has alwys been Pan Arabism. A Jewish State in a sea of Colonized Arab land is anathema to the religious Nazis. There is a ton of Arab land already and there is no reason Arabs should have used generations of their bretheren as human hockey pucks. Arabs made the problem and Jews should not have to fix a problem created by Arabs, especially when there is tons of stolen land readilly available for Arabs. Jews settled their own refugees and it is time Arabs stopped the absurd fake ethnicity angle and settled their own.

The people that threatened Saba are quite typical of what Arabs face. Does the mindless Greg think that all the lynched colaberators actually collaberate with Israel. Welcome to the lawless jungle where people are lynched without trial by mob justice. Welcome to the lawless jungle where people may be lynched because they differ from the political thoughts of the religious zealots. Welcome to the jungle where sexual paradise is obtained by blowing up Jews in Pizzerias. Welcome to the jungle where Gays are lynched and flee for their lives to Israel and elsewhere. Welcome to the jungle where Communazis from the West aid and encourage this degeneration of humanity.

The reality is that Gregs pipe dream of peace remains a pipe dream. 1400 years of Islamo brutality is not an accident. Who does Greg want peace with Hamas, Al Aqsah or the corrupt Red Fattah?

The rest of us live in reality while Greg dreams.

Beamish in 08


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

You'd be surprised what you can do when you're being shot at.

beakerkin said...

The reality is that if Greg showed up in Ramalah he would end up like those Israeli soldiers who were lynched. Greg lives in a dream world and is a moron.

Freedomnow said...

This is a fascinating story...that someone suffered death threats to stop blogging and felt that the threat was real enough to comply.

I wonder how often this happens.

The media is threatened and intimidated all the time, but there are endless accusations that "Bush is a fascist that is taking away our rights".

beakerkin said...

Freedom Now

Early on we got threats from the efeminate minions of 167. They wanted to pay me a visit in Northern VT. This is laughable because this section is not friendly to that type. Moreover, anyone asking questions in town would likely get a visit from the State Police or locals.

I am not surprised Saba was threatened. She is lucky that she lives in Canada. People have been threatened in the USA for far less.
However, I am a different breed and I do not put up with this absurdity.

The reaction of Greg is fairly typical. Deranged zealots threaten Saba, but lets blame the right wing Jews who had zero to do with it.

He is a fake, phony and fraud who pals around with far left anti-semites. I have zero respect for the dolt.

Freedomnow said...

His comments section attracts a nice mix of naive liberals, moderate Zionists and under-cover Islamists.

It is a great place to fly the US flag.

I dont agree with some of Greg's political views, but I am a people-person and stuff like that doesnt bother me.

beakerkin said...

Freedom Now you are far to generous
to Greg. His recent behavior with Gertie again shows his cowardly streak. I am glad he can attempt to show a spine when dealing with me or MZ.

Snagglepuss most likely did write the comment comparing the Talmud to Mein Kamph. He is also not known for courage. He throws out a whole series of epithets and does Greg say a word. Any coherent examination of Gertie's comments show them seething with anti-semitism. However, Greg shows zero courage and folds up like a Walmart bridge table.

Freedomnow said...

Yeah Gertie's website is full of references to the "Jewish Lobby" here in the states.

He is a milder Jobro...