Sunday, September 24, 2006

They just don't comprehend

Outraged Muslim clerics are demanding that the Pope resign. Have these clerics figured out that they have no say in who the Pope is? This is yet another example of
Muslims thinking that they are the center of the Universe. No doubt the Commie far left will placate and stoke this slight. They have had issues with this Pope as he was a key factor in getting the Revolutionary Theology bit out of the Church.

These same Muslim clerics may think that the rest of the planet is unaware of their own statements. However, one can easily go to Memri and find no shortage of statements urging violence against non Muslims. The time has come to say to these clerics shut up and look in the mirror.

No doubt Muslims will be angry about something next week. Maybe they will demand Mr Clean wear a Kafiyah next? If this is not the case we can rail about Israel? If not Israel we can complain about India? Enough allready.


The Merry Widow said...

Beaker- It is a hallmark of 2 yr. olds to think that they are the center of the universe! Usually a few swats on the behind disabuse them of that fallacy! Now, how to administer a few well aimed and diserved swats to these throwers of temoer tantrums?


The Merry Widow said...

Good grief,
temper, not temoer


Always On Watch said...

If Muslims can demand the resignation of the Pope, then I can demand their rock. You know the one I mean--the one they bang their heads on the ground in the direction of.

What arrogance for Muslim clerics to demand the Pope's resignation! What the Pope says is truly none of their business. Hint: The church is not required on any level to answer to Islam.

Muslims need to get over themselves.

Justin said...

I have long since lost patience with these "Sons of a desert She Dogs." I am tired of them, their incessant whining and most of all tired of their "APOSTATE" 7th century religion dreamed up in the "Sun" fried brain of a "Son of a desert She Dog" while in a cave who was I am sure doing a top grade "peyote".

I agree AOW it is time we demand that the abomination sitting on the "Temple Mount" be torn down. These people call for the destruction of "The followers of the Cross". Well all you Moofties,Mooolahs, and Imams. I personaly call for the destruction of all the followers of the "Meteor". Face it you dont worship Allah, G*D you worship a cold "Space Rock".

nanc said...

o.t. - beak - it's official - mr. dipippo has banned r.m. and his brother from autonomist - apparently it was his brother who was trying to burn him off with the rest of us. shame a brother would be that way.

beakerkin said...


I am sorry it came to that. I was never a fan of Rightminded, but Richard Poe speaks very highly of him.


The real problem with Islam starts with us. We define their religion in the context of our own and it just doesn't fit. The notion of life is sacred to Judeo-Christian thought as well as many other religions. The thought is not about what type of life or whose life.

In Islam life itself is a comodity
subordinated to the collective, akin to communism. The notion that it is okay to toss away your life as well as that of others to blow up a Pizzeria or a school is abhorent.

This has nothing to do with war as we know it. Professional soldiers do not shoot naked school kids in the back. In fact many soldiers have died trying to avoid civilian casualties.

Welcome to the new world where Commies and Jihadis try to create needless civilian deaths even amongst their own for a photo op.
This evil reminds me of the ancient
human sacrafices. Life is sacred and we all lose when it is treated as a disposable comodity.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

It seems that the Popester will meeting with "Muslim leaders" on Monday for whatever non-productive or counter-productive negotiation of payment of jizyah will come of the Vatican's ass-kissery.

What I'm really interested in is who these "Muslim leaders" are. The previous Pope used to meet with extremely radical associates of Osama Bin Laden whenever he wanted to have a interfaith pow-wow.

I wonder if these "Muslim leaders" are of the mythical terrorism-condemning type.

Always On Watch said...

The real problem with Islam starts with us. We define their religion in the context of our own and it just doesn't fit.

As Jason has pointed out time and again, Islam is first a geopolitical ideology. Too many in the West simply don't comprehend that fact!