Saturday, September 02, 2006

Chapter 9

The author describes how the stories of attrocities became exagerated. Many of the panels were Commie rigged especially those led by Bertrand Russel and VVAW. There was no examination of Communist attrocities.

Lewy is more charitable about the lies of the left regarding our POWs. Our POWs were starved and subjected to genuine torture. Many of the statements were coerced via torture. Men also died to avoid stating Communist lies. However, the nation never turned any scrutiny on known Communist Jane Fonda and David Dellinger who called the POW claims of torture lies. Moreover, there is ample evidence that POW's were tortured to provide American leftists with Photo Ops. I also refuse to believe Fonda, Hayden and many others were unaware of this torture.

The media largely ignored the story of tortured POW. It has totally ignored the complicity of Peace Activists and the American far left in the torture.


Jason_Pappas said...

I was in college but remember being appalled by Kerry. I had no trouble with people supporting the war or being opposed; but why vilify the troops? Most of the skeptics I knew didn’t think Vietnam was strategic or worth the cost. That’s a respectable position. But Kerry and friends set the precedent for making American the enemy and evil-doer. Why they choice to become part of the enemy propaganda machine is beyond me.

VVAW was more like a cult. Even Kerry had to distance himself after awhile. Of course he never repudiated VVAW since it was his ticket to fame. But VVAW felt used by Kerry (they were) as he abandoned them when they continued to sink into a hard left consciousness-raising cult-like behavior. I knew some VVAW guys in college during the Vietnam War so I saw the mentality firsthand.

Elmer's Brother said...

and then they go on and on about playing naked twister at Abu Ghraib..sheesh

Purple Avenger said...

VVAW was more like a cult. Even Kerry had to distance himself after awhile.

Tawdry schemes to murder senators will make someone with political aspirations do things like that...