Saturday, September 02, 2006

The more things change........

I am reading the definitive book on Vietnam, America in Vietnam by Guenter Lewy. I went straight to the chapter on atrocities. Page 322 recounts a story where a reporter dared a soldier to cut the ear of a dead Vietnamese. The reporter even gave the knife to the soldier. The camera man admitted giving the knife to the soldiers.

The Network was CBS.

In the Vietnam era there was no LGF to investigate media malfeasance. There was no talk radio to scrutinize the accuracy of the material. It is ironic that now that we have more options to get the news than ever before Noam Chimpanzee whines about Corporate media. If Corporate media were truly in power there would be more stations like the old FOX News, because the proffit would be greatest in an underserved market. Chimpanzee does not criticize state run media in places like Cuba.

Things never change.


Purple Avenger said...

Nixon's book was quite good also. He revealed many aspects of the war and dealing with the commie mindset that never managed to make the news.

Farmer John said...

That reporter wasn't Dan Rather, was it?