Saturday, September 02, 2006

Clearing the air with Uptown

Uptown has accused our anonymous poster of being a friend Johny Mac. Johny Mac is a friend and always signs his name to his posts. He is always welcomed here as a friend, unlike Uptown. JMac doesn't post here often but can be found at Donal's site or FPM.

I want to state clearly my problems with Uptown.

1 He seems to think this blog is about him and his issues. I do not post on subjects like the Duke Race case. Even my scant postings about N.O. were about local incompetence, not race. There are many Black Americans who excell in every aspect of American life. However, those who excell outside of Universities and the entertainment media do not behave like Uptown. They do not run around crying about victimization nor do they think they are owed anything.

2 Uptown asks stupid questions that anyone with half a brainshould know. For example he is unaware Michael Lerner is a Marxist and claims to read Tikun. He asks for sources I provide them, but he doesn't check.

3 Behavior, every interviewee has answered the questions one by one except Uptown.
Even Ducky and an alleged Jihadi who were asked tougher questions treated the format with respect.

4 Uptown is an anti-semite. He calls Donal, J Baumgart, Hispano and the Pointman JEWS. He dennied he did it until shown proof and then he twisted it into well it isn't anti semitic. Uptowns usual rants contain idiotic rants about the authors of the Bell Curve. One may disagree with their conclusions, but there is zero evidence the authors are Nazis or Klnsmen. Moreover the authors never discuss this thesis in their classrom.

Uptown like to also point to Michael Savage as a Jewish leader. Savage does not call himself a Jewish leader, unlike Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

5 Uptown is a bore and racial issues are a bore.

6 Uptown clearly did sexually harass La Shawn Barber. What does her activities in a Motel have to do with the Duke Rape case? It was a vile statement and in the corporate world people are fired for less. Say Hebrew National to a feminist and you will learn quickly. I made a joke about John Gotti Juniors tie to a friend and ended up on report by a person who over heard the remark. " Whoever bought that tie should get ten years and Gotti should get five for wearing it" . For my remark I was reprimanded and driven over the coals and I am still clueless as to where the sexual content was in that statement. Uptown has also used bodily references to describe Donal.

JMac is always welcome wherever I go. I want to point out the only people that regularly talk about race are the two banned posters. Uptown and John Brown may have racial angst, but the regular readers of this blog don't.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

"Clearing the air with Uptown"

Lysol works better.

Russet Shadows said...

The twelve-year-old antics continue. John Brown and Uptown better hope that no future employer ever links them to their posts or they'll never work again -- except for Stormfront or some other loser outfit. Gah.

Anonymous said...

Johnnymac responds: Good evening beaker and hello to everyone else. As I told Upclow nmany times ,I could cared less what his skin color is. I've called what he his not as a racial pejoritive but for the self-loathing,angry racsit he is.And he's the person I've ever been so blunt with because,as the record shows,this is one very angry and bitter person;regardless of his skin color. Thanks so much to those of my friends out there.And yes,I always sign my posts. J'Mac.

Anonymous said...

Johnnymac responds: Thanks Beaker,thanks so much my friend and to all my friends out there. I'm humbled. I have always been blunt with this character because,quite frankly,I've never seen someone so angry and bitter as he is. I've told him many times I could care less what his skin color is. I've called what he is,not as a racial pejorative,but as merely pointing out what he is.UptownSteve is well known for what he is,there isn't anything more to say.And yes,I always sign my posts. J'Mac.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,posted twice. J'Mac.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,posted twice. J'Mac.

beakerkin said...


Never apologize for such a minor bit. It is good to see you.

Mr Beamish

I am still laughing at that one


John Brown doesn't have a job. He is a resident at a Commie finnishing school with his parents paying the bills for his delusions.
Uptown is a kept man and his wife supports him. A dog would have been a wiser choice but one can not have children with a dog.

Purple Avenger said...

Lysol works better.

I find D-Con to be more permanent. The only good commie is a dead commie.

Elmer's Brother said...

I prefer RAID.

uptownseteve said...


You're a clown.