Saturday, September 16, 2006

Muslims upset, is this news

Members of the religion of peace seem to be in a near perpetual state of rage. If it is not the Pope's comments than it is some cartoons. If it is not some cartoon we can rail about Israel's mere existance on land muslims colonized. If Israel disappeared well they can cry about the Crusades.

I am tired of placating every absurd gripe from the religion of peace. I am even more
irritated by the commie left rationalizing and stirring the pot for these absurd gripes. 3000 dead NYC residents incinerated by Muslim nuts and Duncy is worried about anti mooooslim anger from Randoids. Repeated attacks against Jews bring a restrained Israeli attack and Duncy is all of the sudden worried about civilians. He shows zero concern when the civilians are Jooooos.

The religion of peace has a problem with French laws outlawing the Hijab in schools and public employment. The solution is send your kids to private schools, get private sector jobs or emigrate. These same people have zero problem creating lawless pockets in France and rioting. The concept of lawless pockets and allowing
a riot to progress for weeks seems to be learned from the Dinkins mayoralty in NYC.

Here is a new headline, how about some headlimes rest of the world upset with Muslims for pointless violence and endless land hunger. The amount of land given to Muslims is never enough. How about Americans sick of far left treason and complicity with terrorist want the actual laws of sedition and treason enforced. How about Americans wanting far left types who insist upon interfering getting jailed and deported. Lets start with the leadership of Code Pinko, lets place them on trial for giving money to our enemies in Falujah. This should be a Capital punishment case with an option of denaturalization and deportation for the entire household with no possibility of pardon.

I guess the rest of us are just not as relevant as upset Muslims, because we do not behead people and smack planes into office buildings.

Beamish in 08


Justin said...

I'm sure Ducky will join his rag headed brethern in labeling the Pope a Hate Monger and condemn his words about their God Muhammed.


Muhammed = 0

Think about it you have these 5th century monkeys living in and using 21st century technology and yet they actually believe there is a prophet that was born 2000 years ago living in a cave somewhere and one day he is going to emerge and hand the muslims the world on a silver plater.

I'm sure Ducky eats that up with glee.

The Merry Widow said...

They're a bunch of whining toddlers! The only way to deal with that is to NOT give them what they want and a smack on the fanny helps get the message across! Whining grates my teeth.


Justin said...

foot note: I will not apologize to any muslim I may have offended with my words. I am sick and tired of hearing people told that they must walk on egg shells and not offend these people.

I have heard no outrage against the terrorist about 9/11 from the muslim world. I have not heard one word of outrage against hezbolla, al quida, or any one of their other 100's of stupid terrorist names.

When I see the Imams stand up in the Mosques and Condem al-zawhri, ossama ben laden, and all the other rag headed cave dweller. Then and only then will I speak out against any who offend their religion.

When I see the muslim world stand together and call openly for the capture, condemnation and death for these spawns of hell, then I will consider them worthy of listening to.

Until that time their right to continued existance in my mind is questionable.

kuhnkat said...

Good posts Beakerkin and Justin.

Only partially OT, here is an interesting article giving a more considered look at the aftermath of the Lebanon conflict:

Sorry Little Che Sucky the traitor, speaking agitprop doesn't make it true, never has and never will!!


PS: I would also like to thank the Pope for continuing to OFFEND Islam!!


Mr. Ducky said...

Well there has been a distinct shift from the papacy of John Paul II. That was a very ecumenical minded papacy and Benedict XVI has no such intent.

Vatican offices concerned with inter faith matters have been demoted and Benedict has made his opposition to Turkey joining the EU quite clear.

In the matter of the speech it was poorly reported. The single quote shouldn't have been reported out of context.

As for muslims being whiners. Te believers in the great float up seem very whiny when there little fairy tail is tested by reason and ridiculed.

Oh Beak, if you haven't been paying attention (and in your little bigoted case that's a given) there has been no backlash in France of any import against the hijab law.

Mr. Ducky said...

Kumquart, I didn't bother with the Jerusalem Post article. They're further right than Beak and don't circulate much outside the David Horowitz and the Great Float Up crowd.

beakerkin said...

Lets see the Duck who claims I want to put Muslims in the ovens calls me a bigot. Lets see a gratuitous Jew-Nazi comparison is standard anti-semitism. One would think after weeks of rioting that the religion of peace would find a new pretext to riot. Lets see its not cartoons, we will scream about the Pope. However rest assured, if and when the religion of peace conquers the planet you will likely die first. It seems that I can be a dhimmi, but I will fight to the death. You are communist vermin and will be offered no possiblity of extortion. You might be better of beheaded as you never used your head in the first place.

Interesting how the communist Duck is soooo worried about those harboring any ill will to Moooslims but ignores his own anti-semitism.

The Merry Widow said...

And his own danger. As for the Rapture, time will tell. mohammadins still flare up over everything, that hasn't changed.


kuhnkat said...

Little Che Sucky the MORON said:

"I didn't bother with the Jerusalem Post article."

I expected no better from a closet minded bigot as yourself. I just like to reiterate positions occasionally for new browsers!!


Sucky, keep up the big float up stuff. It's hilarious!! Just one of many ways you continue to show your Uneducated STUPIDITY!!!!!


Justin said...

Duck I left this for you on AOW's Blog but I think it goes just as well here.

I realize that even if you and the left combined all of your single celled brains together you still could not grasp that there are people out there that seek to destroy not only your way of life but this country and any religion that is not Islam as well.

You and others like you run to DEFEND people like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who calls for the destruction of Israel and America, Ayman al-Zawahri who calls for the destruction of America and do we need to add (put that plan into action,) I will not go on with the list as it would take to much space.

You defend these people who put their words into action and you then have the gall to whine and moan and accuse people who show what hypocrosy there is in this so called religion of peace of spreading hate and hate mongering.

I'm just wondering did at Hitlers rise to power your Daddy if you had one attend those Nazi rallies held in Madison Square Garden calling for the U.S. to be brought under Nazi control? That might account for your insane logic and your sheer ignorance of who and what these people you defend are.

Ducky I know the Constitution affords you the right to express your thoughts speak your mind but, it also affords you one other option.

When you are done wringing your hands, whining and moaning about how evil this country is and about those of us who support it and its values are.

You have the option of "LEAVING" going to live with these people you think are so wonderful.

But, I dont think we will ever see that option accepted because you know you wouldnt last any longer than a June bug around a bunch of Mocking Birds with your rag headed, dune jumping, camel jockey buddies.

Funny we dont notice you calling on your Rag heads to recant from what they have done and said but you try to nail the Pope and all of us for saying and doing far less.

I was glad to hear that Benedict said he regreted that the muslims were offended. He didnt say he was sorry for it. This man was drafted by the most evil of all men in history so I guess he should know what these chulos you worship would do.

religion of pieces said...

Congratulations to Pope Benedict for promoting interfaith unity. I'm sure his comments will meet with agreement from all (non-moonbat) Eastern Orthodox, Protestants, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs, as well as Catholics.

Have I left anyone out?

Always On Watch said...

Muslims are perpetually pissed-off. They look for any opportunity to feel that way. They are like children throwing tantrums.

Please show my Christians burning down art museums after Piss Christ. **snerk**

Love the title you chose here.

Mark said...

Always said that Muslims are like children throwing tantrums. That's exactly what they are like! Children throwing tantrums! But it's the way they are brought up, don't you know? Muslim boys are raised to be like little caesars. Nothing they do is wrong. All their wishes are catered for. With this kind of upbringing, what the hell do you expect?

Like you, Beakerkin, I, too, would like to see a headline some day: 'Westerners sick and tired of Muslims' griping! When will it ever end?'

This Pope should be applauded for having had the courage to stand up to these morons. He is 79 years old, very erudite, very intellectual, and wonderful.

He has shown more courage this week than our politicians, both sides of the Pond, have shown in five years. Would that Pope Benedict XVI could lead us all! Three cheers for the Pope!

MissingLink said...

....John Paul II. That was a very ecumenical minded papacy and Benedict XVI has no such intent.
Nothing can be further from reality.
B16 was appointed by JP2 to continue what he JP2 started.
Nothing in Catholic church happens in 5 minutes.
It takes time, and JP2 started replacing slowly so called progressive clergy (and policies) with those he trusted who actually wanted to be Catholic not Wiccans, Gnostics or Marxists).

Like with everything in our Judeo-Christian heritage (mostly referred to as Western Culture), Catholic church is still going through a terrible identity crisis caused by the same forces which try to convince us that pedophilia is the way of the future.

People unfit to be priests entered Catholic seminars because the papacy lost the plot in the 60's.
The same people became bishops and started protecting their younger disciples.
JP2, came from a country, which still believed in 'good old Christian values' and resisted so called forces of 'progress'.

Wojtyla was also a clever tactician.
He knew that by sudden changes he wouldn't achieve much.

Please note one phenomenon - how the 'progressives' are trying now to hijack JP2 name to oppose his successor.

As you all must remember, when JP2 was alive he was the most hated pope by all the forces of 'goodness'.
They even tried to knock him off (literally).
From being conservative, dogmatic, from a primitive country, not understandig the West and democracy even responsible for millions dying of AIDS - now all of a sudden the left sees him as a saint.
As Kunhkat would say:
And they KNOW that JP2 wouldn't like B16.
Yeah, right.
Conclaves aren't presidential elections and it took JP2 a while to appoint majority of cardinals who would vote in his successor he wanted to have.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I don't like to lead people by the nose, but Mr. Ratzinger did not criticize Islam beyond an assessment that Islam cannot be changed or reformed because of Muslim belief in the literal divine origin of the Koran. His speech quickly moved on to addressing secularism, and some bizarre Catholic notion that Christianity is malleable. Make whatever you will of the distinct differences between Christian theology and Ratzinger theology, but at least note that there was no condemnation or insult to Islam from the head chickenshit of the coop.

MissingLink said...

chickenshit of the coop..

I may not have faith but I am still part of this chickenshit coop. ;-)

Always On Watch said...

A few excerpts from this AP story on Yahoo! News:

...Bertone said the pontiff sought in his university speech to condemn all religious motivation for violence, "from whatever side it may come." But the pope's words only seemed to fan rage.

Bertone's statement, released Saturday by the Vatican press office, failed to satisfy critics, although British Muslim leaders said it was a welcome step.

Mohammed Bishr, a senior Muslim Brotherhood member in Egypt, said the statement "was not an apology" but a "pretext that the pope was quoting somebody else as saying so and so."

"We need the pope to admit the big mistake he has committed and then agree on apologizing, because we will not accept others to apologize on his behalf," Bishr said....

Morocco recalled its ambassador to the Vatican on Saturday to protest the pope's "offensive" remarks, and Afghanistan's parliament and Foreign Ministry demanded the pope apologize.

Turkey cast some doubt on whether Benedict could proceed with a planned visit in November in what would be the pontiff's first trip to a Muslim nation.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan insisted the pope apologize to the Muslim world, saying he had spoken "not like a man of religion but like a usual politician."...

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, spiritual leader of the world's 200 million Orthodox Christians, issued a statement saying he was "deeply" saddened by the tensions sparked by the pope's comments....

In West Bank attacks on four churches, Palestinians used guns, firebombs and lighter fluid, leaving church doors charred and walls scorched by flames and pocked with bullet holes. Nobody was reported injured. Two Catholic churches, an Anglican one and a Greek Orthodox one were hit. A Greek Orthodox church was also attacked in Gaza City.

A group calling itself "Lions of Monotheism" told The Associated Press by phone that the attacks were a protest of the pope's remarks on Islam....

The grand sheik of Cairo's Al-Azhar Mosque, the Sunni Arab world's most powerful institution, condemned the pope's remarks as "reflecting ignorance."

Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, whose Southeast Asian nation has a large Muslim population, demanded that Benedict retract his remarks and not "take lightly the spread of outrage that has been created."

In a first reaction from a top Christian leader, the head of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church criticized the pope. "Any remarks which offend Islam and Muslims are against the teachings of Christ," Coptic Pope Shenouda III was quoted as telling the pro-government newspaper Al-Ahram.

Get that last one? "Any remarks which offend Islam and Muslims are against the teachings of Christ," Not so! Jesus taught us to speak up against evil: "He who denies Me, him will I deny."

In India, Cardinal Telesphore Toppo, who is president of the Indian Catholic Bishops Conference, said the Christian community in that country must face Muslim protests over the pope's speech "with Christian courage and prayer because truth needs no other defense," according to AsiaNews, a Vatican-affiliated news agency.

At last! A hint that the Pope might have been speaking the truth.

Interesting article here: "Muslim Labor Peer Demands Apology".

The above site has several interesting articles about the Papicifada.

Always On Watch said...

Maybe that should be Pope-ifada. Or Vaticanifada.

Whatever. Related to the cartoonifada.

Always On Watch said...

Mark said, Muslim boys are raised to be like little caesars. Nothing they do is wrong. All their wishes are catered for. With this kind of upbringing, what the hell do you expect?

Exactly so. I saw it time and again with Muslim students when their parents came in for a conference. The daughters were cracked on, but not the sons.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Muslims will go apeshit over just about anything. Anything Mr. Ratzinger would have said about Islam would have provoked this reaction. 99.9999874% of Muslims who now have something to say about his comments haven't actually read them.

Ratzinger does not condemn jihad at all. He rather instead slings a rather peculiar line of inquiry about how secularism has helped shape his faith.

Nothing particularly offensive to Muslims in his soliloquy, and certainly not the "grave insult" that would justify the media outcry.

The thing that gets me is that Ratzinger's rather tepid and uninspiring pablum about Muslims having a book from God and Christians having a book from men actually attacks Bible literalists, not Muslims.

The media is pretending that Mr. Ratzinger insulted Islam when he did the exact opposite.

If Mr. Ratzinger had an honorable bone in his body he'd stop basking in the limelight of a media lie, taking credit for an act he did not do.

If that honorable bone was his spinal column, he WOULD INSULT ISLAM INTENTIONALLY.

Always On Watch said...

"Muslims Prove the Pope Wrong". Complete with pictures.

Always On Watch said...

Mr. Beamish,
Muslims will go apeshit over just about anything.

Cartoons, dog hair, the Pope's reading from a centuries-old document, etc., etc.

American Crusader said...

thanks for stopping by's been awhile.
My take on this latest Islamic outrage is tough shit. I am so sick of their constant threats of retaliation in the name of peace. I'm thinking of starting a collection to be paid as a bounty. Reminiscent of how we cleared the old West. I might be willing to accept one of their flea infested beards instead of a scalp. Our government won't take action so maybe it's time for the citizens of this country to step in.
Should mosques be considered fair targets?
churches and synagogues certainly are

kuhnkat said...

Just to help the Pope out, Ducky, or anyone else, how about a little cinema of the Pope getting drunk with Muhammed and his 9 yo and all three of them urinating on the meteorite?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Elmer's Brother said...

I'm with AC. I am sick of the outrage over the outrage and it's outrageous.

Justin said...

After watching the news this morning seeing the reaction of the muslim world who follows the words of this spawn of satan and a she dog in the middle of the Arabian desert confirms in my mind they are truely sub-human.

The Press is mainly responsible for most of the problem because they do not and will not print the truth about anything. I quote an AP story this morning.

The Headline Said:
"Pope 'deeply sorry' for comments on Islam"

What the Pope Said was:

"Pope Benedict XVI said Sunday that he was “deeply sorry” about the angry reaction to his recent remarks about Islam, which he said came from a text that didn’t reflect his personal opinion."

Does one wonder why that was not in the headline.

Where did he say he was sorry about the comments? I see only he is deeply sorry about the angry reaction.

Ahhh but then what would one expect out of a press who beds down with these son's of she dogs? As my grandaddy said to me. "If you lie down with dogs dont cry to me when you get their fleas and cant get rid of them."

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

As I said, Muslims will go apeshit over anything. Mr. Ratzinger made a statement about the strength of Muslim faith and the malleability of "Christian" faith that the media reported as a insult towards Muslims, and the Muslims, ignorant of what he actually said, are running with it.

Meanwhile, the greater controversy, that Ratzinger claims the Bible is not of divine origin, goes largely unnoticed. If Ratzinger were Christian, rather than Catholic, this would be a big deal.

Justin said...

Pope Benny's interpertation of where the bible came from and mine are different. It should have been the main focus of the report about his speech.

Can anyone imagine if he wielded the power over the church that the Imams do over the mosques. We could have another crusade and maybe do it right this time.

Can you imagine the press and the muslims if the millions of catholics not to exclude all christian faiths acted toward them like they do us. A few well placed christian bombs might send a wake up call to these infidels.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Devoted Catholics don't need a Holy Spirit to guide their words and deeds with the Popester around to steer them "correctly."

nanc said...

never, ever, under any circumstance apologize for telling the truth. the first law of beamish.

secondly, if you do - prepare for the worst. second law of beamish.

it's tried and true.

Always On Watch said...

And even with the headlines ("Pope apologizes"), Muslims are still outraged. They are really proving that Islam is a religion of peace. **snerk**

They won't be satisfied until the Pope bangs his head on the ground five times a day.

Pity that this latest Muslim tantrum wasn't met with choruses of THIS.

religion of pieces said...

Muzzie anti-Pope hatefest outside cathedral in Londonistan:

Always On Watch said...

A little more info on the link which ROP left.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Our father who ain't in Rome,
Hallowed be Your Name,
Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts, as we also forgive our debters. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver vs from evil: for Yours is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory forever. Amen.