Monday, September 04, 2006

The Khmer Rouge the face of Communist Evil Unmasked

We have heard the standard excuses from the Duck. The Duck claims I equate Communist brutality with the Soviet Union. According to the Duck there is some inbred evil qualities associated with Russian Peasantry. Obviously, these same qualities must be present in Chinese, Cambodians, Vietnamese but never blame the philosophy of Communism itself. According to the Duck we should reserve our disdain for Randoids.

Fact No Randoid has ever created hell on earth. This is the unique province of Nazis,
Commies and Jihadis.

The left is forever full of excuses and other things. The fact remains that the Khmer Rouge was a variant of Chinese Communist thugery that borrowed elements from the French Communist Party, North Korean Model and Russian Model. While survivors told the horror stories Noam Chomsky dismissed them as liars. This was despite the fact that Noam, nor his sources ever set foot into Cambodia.

How do Commie thugs deal with pesky Moooooslims. Well first they starve them just like the rest of the population. Then they insist Muslims alone raise pigs, long after meat has disappeared from the diet. Then enlightened Commie thugs demand under pain of execution Moooslims eat pork twice a week. This extra protien is a reason why the fatality rate amongst moooslims was lower than that of Catholics. Communists can not even manage a genocide properly.

While our standard nut is raving about plantations lets discuss real slaughter.

The wholesale evacuation and extermination of class enemies is a commie standard. The use of food as a weapon is a commie standard. Lets see a starving man grabs a fruit from a tree and is executed. The tree belongs to the state and that is theft, this is not out of Victor Hugo. If one visits their family this is counter-revolutionary and punishable by death.

The Khmer Rouge depended on Child soldiers and a population starved into docility.
Yet even after this example and many others the mindless drones of the left will still work there self into knots about America and Israel. Sorry Comwad shipping Mooooslims in Cattle Cars to Siberia and starving Moooslims and forcing them to raise and eat pigs at gunpoint are the Marxist solutions to the problems facing Israel.

This chapther provides a clear example of why Marxists are never to be listened to.
Moreover, Communism is more of a warped death cult than a coherent system of governance.

Save yourself the self criticism and listen to the Mark Levin show and read the Crankfiles daily. All you comwads repeat after me " Marx is the philosophy of idiots and loooooosers". " Starvation does liberate anyone".

I am sure Felis and my other creative readers will have some more ideas.

Beamish in 08.

Make the USA a better place send American Commies to North Korea


MissingLink said...

I remember vividly when Edward Gierek’s faction of the Polish United Worker Party became victorious in their struggle against Wladislaw Gomulka’s faction in 1970.
All previous errors, we were promised, were supposed to be eliminated and never repeated again. General happiness was supposed to reign forever and the quality of our shitty lives was to be risen sky high.

Of course the same mistakes were repeated again and finally the whole happy circus had to face brutal reality: attack the West or surrender.

The cruel fact is – Marxism, as any other totalitarian ideology, is a recipe for mass murder and destruction. All the ingredients for such atrocities are inbuilt into it.

What makes the likes of John Brown or the other pet troll of yours better suited than Lenin, Brezniev or Gierek to introduce communism?
Better intellectual qualities?
Better leadership skills?
Better understanding of Marxism?
Or is it because the first attempts to build communism were handled by savages of the 3rd world? Shall we assume then that the enlightened Western intellectuals/workers will be better suited to tackle this glorious task of building yet another paradise on earth?

This is why we have massacres in Cambodias.
People like Chomsky and other fellow travelers have blood of innocent people on their hands.
They influenced (bullied) Western democracies into accepting genocide as ‘coexistence’ between ‘different’ systems.
Even now they keep saying – we should not impose our values upon others – can you see the irony?
As long as it is the only successful model we shouldn’t, but if it is communism it is desirable.
In my eyes they are as disgusting and appalling as Nazis, and other psychopathic mass murderers.
Great rant Beak.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Stupid people are stupid people.

Politically active stupid people are leftists.

The Merry Widow said...

It boils down to power and control! IMHO. The political outsider wants to be on the inside, the powerless, geeky intellectual wants what they can't get by hard work, the congenetally stupid can't think his way into power and control over those they feel have marginalized them. Or ignored them, or run over them. So, they are left with something that sounds good, especially if the intellectuals philosophize and polish it to a fair thee well. Then present it to the perpetually discontented as a solution to their self inflicted problems. A failling govermental system already in place helps the process along. Emotions, insanity and hysteria help drive it! What a mess! Mass suicide is a result.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Da Weaz said...

I've got a bloodstained flag for your bloodstained country.


beakerkin said...

Felis and TMW

Communism in the USA has cult like elements. Members search for Utopia but the Utopia always fails.
Indivdualism, is the enemy of Marxism and Commie rail to sever family and even bonds of friendship.

Divide and conquer and sow seeds of mistrust. Starvation as liberation and mass slaughter are Communist norms.

Communism never was a viable alternative to Capitalism. It was and remains a death cult with high functioning apologists.

Let me start the self criticism sessions for any comwads that have dared to read this blog.


For those of you Comwads who need
more intense treatment we are marketing Marx with commentary from
Mr Beamish for $99.99.

" Close the book. Go to KFC. Drink a cold Brew and read the Crankfiles
until you can decipher the hidden messages".

JINGOIST said...

Great rant Beak! You cleared up the question about the Khmer Rouge and targeting Muzzies. Now another question. What is a Randoid?

Here's my list of evil bad guys, starting with the worst:

1. Communists in power. Khmer, Soviets, East Germany, Romania. They all plumb the depths of human depravity.

2. Nazis and Islamofascists.

3. The American left. They are Soviets minus the firing squads. Jesus Aitch Christ are they despicable SOB's!


beakerkin said...


The psychopath who claims he isn't
a commie seems to be worked up. Let me point out Weazie that you Comwads have a near monopoly on human misery since 1950. The Moooslims that you appologize for have a 1400 year history of abuses against every culture they come into contact with.

I am proud that my country burried the Soviet Union. I would be happier if they burried Communists
like yourself with the dng pile hells you created.

Only a deluded fool points the finger at the USA and praises Marx or Jihad. Tell the people at the institution to increase your dossage.

As far as your lame attempts to flirt with Nanc. She thinks for herself and allready has a great set of values and social skills.
The odds of a 3'11'' psycho with multiple personalities, no brains
or social skills getting anywhere with her are 0.Try women without brains at your local mental institution.

Vaya Con Dios Puto

beakerkin said...

The Duck seems to think Liberterians are the ultimate source of evil. One can see his rants at Liberty and Culture.

I merely piss off Communist by stating the truth. They delude themselves into thinking that an anti-communist liberal can be worked with. Libererians like Jason scare the shit out of Commies. They want to pull the plug on their stupid ideas and make them get real jobs. 167, fled as soon as Jason became a semi-regular. Liberterians are like cryptonite for commies.

Warren said...

Da Weaz said...

"I've got a bloodstained flag for your bloodstained country."

He said from the top of a pile of 150,000,000 dead bodies.

JINGOIST said...

Gentlemen, What is a Randoid?


beakerkin said...


Randoid is the term Ducky uses to describe Liberterians. It combines Rand and Hemrhoid into one word. Similar construction was used to create Comwad. I combined the word Comrade and you get the point....

Interestingly, Comwads also get upset by spelling Jew Jooooooooo.
If you don't believe me ask Warren.
167 and other anti-semites get annoyed at the Joooooooo bit.

JINGOIST said...

Beak they get upset every time they're exposed. When you say Joooos they understand it comes directly from the leftist fever swamp of anti-Semitism. They also hate the term Islamofacist because they know damn well that they support those rags. They hate being confronted with the fact that they are supporting facists in their war against civilization. I say "F" em! Keep up the good work Beak!


beakerkin said...


It is amazing how many people are upset with this blog but read each and every day. I have more critics than John Brown, Weasie and Gert have readers. These critics come back every day and keep driving the ratings up.

JINGOIST said...

You're right. Judging yourself by your critics is every bit as accurate as judging yourself by your friends. Let's see if I can't go make some "obscene" capitalist profits today! Have a good one Beak!


kuhnkat said...


please open your carotoid and bleed on the flag about 3 quarts more. Us bloodthirsty Christians don't like half@ssed commie methods. It is all or nothing ComWad!!


Farmer John said...

Be happy kuhnkat...

The weaz just admitted that it was "our" country. And it takes blood AND bloodstains to have and hold one of those...

The weaz is part of the new Marxist diaspora (it's all down to Kim Il, now)... It's just a shame his religion is not as constructive as that of the Jews....

Purple Avenger said...

I'm apparently a libertarian although hardly a one of the ultra-doctrinaire Rand persuasion. I find most of here writing so tedious I can't get past a couple of pages before nodding off ;->

The Merry Widow said...

PA- Neither could I, tedious is a nice way of putting it! I am a libertarian of the get out of my wallet, house and life variety.