Friday, September 01, 2006

Sad News in Boston

Twenty two year old pitcher John Lester has been diagnosed with lymphoma. There are issues larger than baseball and I am rooting for a full recovery for Lester. He will likely never play again, but he will always be a winner in the eyes of this Yankee fan.


Always On Watch said...

According to this site, the prognosis now isn't as bad as it used to be. Still, certain forms of lymphoma--and there are several--are quite bad.

John Lester is young and strong. I hope that he can beat this cancer!

beakerkin said...

There is something disheartening about a 22 year old athlette getting cancer. I hope he has a full recovery. Baseball is just a game, but this is more serious.

JINGOIST said...

Ya I read about that on Comcast news Beak and felt bad for him. Even though he's on the wrong team this Twins fan is rooting for him on this one.


The Merry Widow said...

Well, Dave Draveki went back to pitching for a while after he lost his arm to cancer. And if you have something to live FOR, you fight hard! May G*D have mercy on him!


beakerkin said...


Dave Dravecky did not have a good ending. The NY Giants have lost seveal players due to cancer and even Karl Nelson who survived was never the same.

Lester should forget about sports and concentrate on life. I am unaware of the caliber of person who owns the Red Sox, dating Katie Couric is a negative. Some owners do the right thing such as the late Wellington Mara and Leon Hess.
Hess paid Dennis Byrds full salary
after he was paralyzed and made sure that Byrd got the best treatment moner can buy. I hope the Red Sox ownership takes care of this rookie, but they are under no obligation.

The Merry Widow said...

Too true, but Draveky did try and was a gentleman through the whole ordeal. Team owners in many ways should "feel" some responsibility, close friends and family ties, I know they aren't, but it used to be that owners felt responsibility and acted on it. That's called class! I hope the Red Sox owner has some!


beakerkin said...

I know people do no associate George Stienbrenner and class, but he did involve himself quietly with the family of a former pitcher who lost his wife to cancer. He even offered the use of his jet.

Steinbrenner also was involved with the treatment of a prospect who had cancer. He never once complained about paying a large bonus for a player who will never produce.

I hope Tom Werner does the right thing, but I am not optimistic.

Wellington Mara paid for Jeff Hostetler's son's brain surgery durring the strike. The Union Rep George Martin even told Hostetler to cross the pickett line. Mara the gentle soul, told Hostetler to rejoin his team mates on strike and paid the insurance premium. Mara also paid Bavaro long after his injuries made him a shell of the player he was.

They don't make men like Mara or Leon Hess anymore. I don't want to even consider how Donald Trump would handle this.

The Merry Widow said...

I guess class could be described as treating others as you'd like to be treated!