Tuesday, September 12, 2006

After my brush with mortality

After 9-11 I bagan to question the purpose of my life. I had been working in the fashion industry on the logistics side making a decent living. However, I began to question what I had accomplished in my life. I helped many companies stay improve their bottom line, but that was never enough. I was only as good as tommorow's performance.

I was too old to pick up a rifle and go to Afghanistan. Moreover, if I came back I would probably do time for disposing of people like Duncy. Thus I started the long process of applying for a DHS job. I took a huge cut in pay and moved far from everyone I loved to do my part.

The job is mostly rewarding reuiniting families of LEGAL immigrants. Recently, I am working with vocational cases and it is not rewarding. Most of the cases are Indian Computer experts. However, there were a couple of cancer researchers. Most of the job is common sense.

My stint should come to an end at the end of January unless I am one of the few that passes the test and is selected. Part of me wants to return home. St Albans is a nice place, but it is not home.


Elmer's Brother said...

Beak, I hope it works out for you to stay on. I'll be praying for you.

The Merry Widow said...

You are on our hearts, you know!


nanc said...

on your side, at your back and will lead the charge! you'll do well whatever the endeavor.

i've fired a missive your way - somewhat impotent.

MissingLink said...

if I came back I would probably do time for disposing of people like Duncy.

So the things are that bad in the US you cannot even exterminate vermin without being hassled by the PC authorities??

Sad times Beak.

The Merry Widow said...

totally off topic alert! Beaker- Have you seen the Terminator 4 video, over at purple avengers site? ROTFLOL! Who says Christians can't laugh at themselves?


Purple Avenger said...

Here's the link to T4 "return to jesus"

Elmer's Brother said...

pa - that was hilarious. I tried to comment on your blog..I don't know what happened but...anyway that video was funny.

The Merry Widow said...

EB- My son says his youth pastor showed it last year, but there were teens and adults that didn't get it! I can just see G*D "stressing" over one of us obdurant humans! The "Pontius Pilate at 10 o'clock" was good as was the "Why?" segment, just like a toddler!
I can't comment either, so I'll come over here and clutter up Beaker's comments, till PA gets it fixed. :hint, hint:


Greg said...

I heard of what happened to you on 9/11 from Warren. I hope you succeed in your new work. I know how tough it is sitting home without a job. I'm starting to work at a new place soon, but it's been some time.

Good luck. I mean it.

Purple Avenger said...

Might have to use the "other" thing rather than Blogger ID. I switched to that Blogger Beta (BIG effing mistake). There doesn't seem to be any way to undo the switch.

I would be embarrased to have shipped something that rife with egregious problems out as a "beta". Pre-alpha seems more like it...