Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mad Poultry Disease and Veggietown Joins the Anti American Conspiracy Theory

Our fine feathered communist antisemitic poultry seems to be exceptionally bird brained. The Duck asked me where my "payoth were" and has called me an inbred Lubavitcher previously. The bird brained duck has called me a Kahanist. This must come as a great surprise to KahaneLoyalist at MZ's site. Why a person would attribute a secular type with Hasidic hairstyle or call someone an inbred Lubavitcher
is typical of the anti-semites we have seen from the left.

Welcome to the brand new world of All in the Beaker Family. Archie Beakerkin is the sane one and Duckhead is in bigoted overdrive.

Duck: Them zionists are evil and should give back the land to peaceul Palestinians
Archie Beakerkin: Lets see them Arabs have 22 states allready and have brutalized the Jews for 1400 years, but now you want to take land from the Jews and give it to the Arabs who have it in abundance.
Duck: Where is your payoth you inbred Kahanist Lubavitcher?
Uptown Jefferson: Thats right the government is run by a Cabal of Neocons and a corrut Oil Cartel.
Archie: Good lord look at what the wind blew in. Can't you knock like other people.
TMW: Oh be nice Archie Uptown just wanted to borrow some Malt Liquor and Bob Marley tapes.
Archie: I don't drink Malt liquor? I drink Shapiros Kosher wine.
TMW: I got some at Goldberg's market incase Uptown decided to visit.
Archie: Will you look at that Uptown is even eating my bagel and making off with my Hebrew National products.
Uptown: I can't but them in the market I gots an image to uphold.
Duck: The zionist Beakerkin just doesn't welcome you because your Black.
Uptown: Word Up my Brotha.
Archie: What else can go wrong I got a bird brain son in law and Malcolm Ex-lax on the right.
Uptown: Did you remember my black hair care products
TMW: Goldberg's doesn't sell them.
Uptown: Just deduct them from my reparations. Word up I am going to take my hoopdee over to my business Uptowns Exotic fish sticks. Our secret ingredient is fish.
Archie: Don't hit the door hit you on the way out.


The Merry Widow said...

Bwahahahaha! I'll stock up on the Hebrew Nationals, they are good, if I could get kosher chicken I would buy it, less likely to have salmonella! Just remember to avoid mexichano produce, that stuff can kill you!


beakerkin said...

TMW, I wonder why Ducky doesn't say anything about this satire. Uptown will be along at any moment complaining about fish sticks.

The Merry Widow said...

And what's wrong with fish sticks I wonder? I personally eat them, I know lots of people who eat them. Gee whiz, these leftista look for anything to get in a snit about! I wonder how come they don't have more strokes and heart attacks! Hmmmm, that may be a good study...


Mad Zionist said...

BTW, Lubavichers don't wear payos.

beakerkin said...

So the Satmar in Montreal tried to fool me with an invitation.

beakerkin said...

I would never sit down at a table with the Satmar. I have nothing but contempt for that group.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Archie Bunker was a dipshit union dockworker, happily paying his dues to support the party that gave him the most to bitch about.

nanc said...

guess nobody really cares about overcooked duck and veggies.