Thursday, September 14, 2006

Welcome to the anti- semitic world of Chumptown

Chumptown Steve is not black, he is a hodgepoge of everything White, Black, Native American and Zuchinni. There are plenty on noble African Americans in our country. These African Americans serve with distinction in every walk of life. These African Americans take great pride in their country.

Uptown is your classic victims rights Marcuse Communist. The only Jews Veggietown loves are Noam Chimpanzee and faux Rabbi Lerner, both Communists. Uptown claims to read Tikkunand that a rabid anti-semite would be a reader speaks vollumes to Michael Lerner's message. Uptown is also fond of Commies Paul Robeson and WEB Dubois.How Veggietown misses who claims to read Tikkun misses that Lerner is a Communist speaks vollumes about his low intelligence.

The points of Rachel Corrie's death were all made clear to Veggietown on Front Page magazine by Northern Steve and others. Uptown being a commited anti-semite and having
the IQ of a turnip thinks cold blooded murder and a construction mishap are the same.
Uptown also thinks a car accident victim and a man killed by a mob of people screaming kill the Jews is the same. Uptown rants and raves about NYC payment to the Rosenbaum family that was a malpractice settlement. He sees a racial bias in cases that have zero to do with malpractice. Yussef Hawkins was murdered by a mob, no malpractice was alleged. Uptown fails to note the difference.

Uptown also likes to call people who disagree with him JEWS capatalized. He also sees
nothing bigoted and has done this to at least four people. He lied through his teeth and then when evidence is presented he changes his story. He promised to leave if we produced evidence that he harassed LaShawn Barber. His story in his own words and the link produced by Florian prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he sexually harassed LaShawn. Yet Uptown fails to honor his words, because Uptown always spins and does not feel that he has to honor his words like the rest of us.

He likes to claim we are obsessed with him. However, he searches the web and seeks me out. Does anyone come here to read Uptowns thoughts? He interjects himself in the middle and then runs into victim mode. There is no government cheese here Uptown if you want an audience build it yourself. All I hear from you is victimization and sloth. Get up off your kiester and build your own site.


The Merry Widow said...

The previous post proves who has brains! And it ain't uppity!


Mr. Ducky said...

Boring !!! But let's review Bush's accomplishments.

And what a litany of non-accomplishment (partial):

- Osama is still on the loose
- So is his number two
- Al Qaeda still has a thriving No. 3 manufacturing base
- The Taliban is resurgent
- Mullah Omar, what happened to that guy, oh yeah, he's still free too
- For those of you who doubted that Afghanistan could be a bigger shithole, well, think again.
- Removing CIA assets before we captured Osama around Christman 2001 to get ready for Iraq...ooooooh, good plan!!
- No WMDs
- No Flowers and Sweets
- No General Shinseki
- No Ties to Al Qaeda
- No Casualties in Iraq, like you told Pat "Holy Roller" Robertson
- No more Rummy handshakes with Saddam
- Plenty of "Suiciders"
- Yet no ending to the "dead enders"
- Launching an illegal war, "It feels good!"
- We must cut taxes in a time of war!
- Freedom Fries, Freedom Toast, Freedom Bread, Freedom Ticklers
- No welcoming as liberators - while you take away our liberties
- Hey, let's fire all of the Iraqi Army
- No flag that looks like Israel
- No flag-drapped caskets
- 2,672 of 'em from Iraq, 338 in Afghanistan
- Tens of thousands of dead Iraqi & Afghanistan Civilians
- Iraqi National Congress, oh good job there
- Plenty of looting
- It's okay for my people to out CIA Operatives working on WMD
- It's wrong for the press to report on unconstitutional spying & secret prisons
- Not secuiring munitions dumps
- Talking about Iraq's corrupt Oil-for-Food program, ignoring the fact that even more money was lost or embezzled early on in the occupation
- "This War is so fucking illegal" - Pat Tillman
- Pat Tillman killed by friendly fire, you gladly assist in covering up his death
- Manhattan's hole in the ground requires pre-fab temporary memorials
- Rudy Giuliani is richer to the tune of $20 million a year
- Michael Moore is "fat" so naturally he is a liar
- Denny Hastert is "fat" but he's naturally trustworthy
- It's the terrorists, no its Saddam, it's the gays, its the gay bathist terrorists
- No evolution
- No global warming
- No star wars either, but we'll spend the money
- No clear pronunciation, but plenty of "moments of clarity"
- Creepily favoring "special love" for gynecologists
- I want to personally see that you waterboard that crazy Al Qaeda hotel ownin' guy!
- If I say it isn't torture, then it isn't torture. Now commence the nut-punching!
- The terrorists never stop planning ways to hurt America, and neither do we.
- We're Making Progress, wait six months
- We're Making Progress, wait six months
- We're Making Progress, wait six months
- John Kerry swiftboated, while you should have won the medal of honor for saving Houston from the 'cong.
- You're re-elected, thanks Ken Blackwell & Diebold!
- We're Making Progress, wait six months
- Okay, we're not making progress, Iraq needs six more months
- Okay, we're not making progress, Iraq needs six more months
- Okay, we're not making progress, Iraq needs six more months
- If we don't blow the fuck out of 'em over there, they will follow us over here and convert each and every American chile to the religion of peace.
- You know the real problem with liberals is that they don't take their kids being killed in needless wars with a steely resolve.
- Jenna & Not-Jenna no longer need fake IDs, so the terrorists haven't won.
- Hurricane, but I'm on a vacation?
- Nice shoes Condi, been shopping?
- $3 a gallon gas -- but hey at least it will fall during election season
- Your only veto is against defrosting something
- Seeing into Putin's heart, holding the Saudi King's hand, you bad touch Angela Merkle.
- I cannot see Dick's energy task force records, but you can read my emails
- And listen to my phone calls, if necessary
- Strawman arguments
- "The Decider"
- Pre-Screened audiences
- Expanded Free Speech Zones
- If you oppose the war you support terrorists
- If you don't support the Iraq war enough you support terrorists
- If you criticize the war you support the terrorists
- If you criticize how the war is fought you support the terrorists
- If you don't support our terror-policies, you support the terrorists
- If you don't support violating the Geneva Convention you support the terrorists
- If you oppose any Bush Administration policy you support the terrorists
- If you are a Democrat you support the terrorists
- Call critics terrorist-appeasers
- Hey, thanks for the gee-tar, let's take a picture
- I can't talk about the Hurricane right now, I've gotta pretend I won World War II
- Fine, I'll buzz the thirsty brown people, jeez!
- Let me use this non-political speech to tell you why only my political part can keep you all from beeing anally raped by an islamo-fascist!
- Non-victory in Anbar!
- Iran, third time's a charm!

Oh, yeah

Farmer John said...

- Launching an illegal war, "It feels good!" far as I know, the only legal war ever launched was by the ACLU.

...and that one didn't make everybody feel good either.

Perhaps that's because it didn't make everybody more powerful. Just a few.

beakerkin said...

Lets see the list of accomplishments of Commies like Ducky. There are no Communist accomplishments.

I do not need to cut and paste either.

kuhnkat said...

Little Che Sucky just HATES to be upstaged by Uppity or, as Beakerkin has most eloquently translated to English, CHUMPTOWN!!!


Hey CHUMPTOWN, here is some more of that reality you LOVE to IGNORE:


kuhnkat said...

Little Che Sucky the MORON Propagandist,

I actually looked at your list to attempt a response.

Sorry, when you are SERIOUS about a dialogue try again. Your list is such a ridiculous list of non-sequiturs, distortions, and flat out lies it is a waste of time!!


Keep wasting your time compiling those pointless lists. It keeps you from spending all that GOLD!! Who knows, you might live long enough to NEED IT!


Mr. Ducky said...

Hey kuhncat. Suicide bomber got inside the perimeter today. 60 casualties.

Why don't you give that the Haha you useless assrack.

We will regret letting a right wing draft dodger conduct a war. Bad enough that you let a right winger be in charge. Just a couple of choruses of Freddom Isn't Free and those dunecoons just scatter? Right asshole?

We got butt fucked you moron and you want to defend the leaders responsible? Ok, skippy.

beakerkin said...

Lets see the Duncy brand off illogic. Everytime there is a setback our policy is to be questioned. Then again we could follow Duncy's example and try class genocide, planned starvation or bore them with obscure films.

You will make a good projectionist at GITMO. I can see it now all you Jihadis come to the Harold Lloyd film festival.

kuhnkat said...

Little Che Sucky the Casualty master,


You mean the Middle Easterners are STILL KILLING EACH OTHER OVER THERE?

Damn, I'm all choked up over that. Unfortunately they DID manage to get a couple more of my brothers. They have paid for that privilege and will pay a LOT MORE before we leave!!!

Little Che Sucky,

I would bring our guys back in a second if your buddies wouldn't take that as weakness and crank up their offensive activities. Since they would, we should kill however many are necessary to convince them NOT to attack us for a while!!


You should go on THEIR WEBSITES and convince THEM to stop killing people. This would be over a LOT SOONER WITH A LOT FEWER ME's DEAD if you could!!


Little Che Sucky tells us more than we want to know about his sex life:

"We got butt fucked you moron and you want to defend the leaders responsible? Ok, skippy."

Speak for yourself Little Sucky. The Dhimmicrats have been trying to ream US for years and have damn near accomplished the job. It ain't over yet!!

Buck up. Oil is going down and GOLD is going up!! That 1/4 mil will be up to 1/3 by the end of next week!!

So why the downer Sucky?? You been reading where even Kofi has said Hizbully has to disarm?? Like it really means anything?

How about the number of people who are getting upset in Iran about the MORONS running things interfering with their westernised life style?

Maybe that report from Syria where they are trying to blame the attack on our Embassy there on us trying to make it seem like thay actually have terrorists there?


Your side is starting to look pretty pitiful when all they can manage is to blow up a lot of REAL CIVILIANS!

Give it up Sucky, they are the bad guys no matter how you try to twist it. Bush ain't Jesus returned, but, he ain't the anti-christ either. He is a man who does the best he can and makes mistakes. I am happy to live with his mistakes in preference to what the Dhimmicrats and the rest of your allies will do on PURPOSE!!


Poor deluded Little Che Sucky the Elite!

Purple Avenger said...

There are no Communist accomplishments.

I beg to differ.

- Killing fields
- Gulags
- Mass graves
- Comatose economies

These are nothing to sneeze at. It takes a real talent and extrordinary vision to destroy societies in so thorough and definitive manner.

MissingLink said...

Are you sure Beak that this Seteve character isn't just somebody's alter ego?
I mean no real person can be that thick.

beakerkin said...

Purple Avenger

That is 100% true.


Uptown is a real genuine nut. One time on FPM I pestered him for a month to name a book that he has read. He listed a book about Nat Turner and Morgan caught him botching the title. He is as dumb as they get.

uptownseteve said...


Why do you keep dedicating threads to attacking me and then telling me to leave you alone?

It doesn't quite make sense, does it?

Then again you righties don't have a freakin clue anyway.

uptownseteve said...

BTW Beaker

You're a pathetic liar, but you already now that right?

Rosenbaum's family was awarded $1 million dollars by the city of New York in a lawsuit settlement where the Rosenbaum's claimed that the city failed to protect Yankel Rosenbaum.

uptownseteve said...

Another lie.

You claimed that I THREATENED LaShawn Barber.

I did no such thing and you continue your lies.

And that's why you will have to ban or delete me beaker because, unfortunately for you, I will continue to come here and expose you and your 2 or 3 regulars as the sick, demented, lying lowlife fanatical bigots that you are.

uptownseteve said...

Another lie.

A couple of months back I decided to put "uptownsteve" in the search engine after not visiting any blogs or forums for a while and I find YOU discussing ME.

You're really sad beaker.

No honor, nor character whatsoever.

beakerkin said...

Wrong again Chumptown, the money paid to the Rosenbaum family was to settle the malpractice suit against Kings County Hospital.

You did sexually harass Lashawn Barber. This was my point from the beginig and now you are changing your story again. My site has far more than two or three regulars and averages around 100 hits a day.

This is another examples of you deceptive nature and lies. Did you leave as promised? Or do you change the story every time. My story has never changed.

You do not have the brains to expose anything other than your stupidity.

Purple Avenger said...

We will regret letting a right wing draft dodger conduct a war.

Because the left wing draft doger was such a smashing success in Somalia right?

uptownseteve said...

You're a pathetic liar beaker.

Produce factial evidence that the Rosenbaum settlement was the result of medical malpractice and I will leave voluntarily.

Here's your chance.

beakerkin said...

I produced a whole series of links to your previous requests. Did you look at any of them? This is part of the game you play and three weeks later you will repeat the same stuff as if nothing happened. This is basic knowledge Uptown.

uptownseteve said...

You are a liar.

You know you want me to leave more than anything else so here's your chance.

If you had any evidence, you'd produce it.

You're sad.

beakerkin said...

That funny if you had placed Yankel Rosenbaum malpractice in Yahoo you would see the malpractice trial is starting.

uptownseteve said...

Then how could they have already settled???

What a slimeball.

beakerkin said...

The city's contention is the payment was to settle the suit. However, I hope the Rosenbaum family takes them for the exact same ammount that Louima got.

Oh yes Louima's cousin hit Volpe and started the mess. Has Louima's cousin served any time.

beakerkin said...

Louima also perjured himself with the Guiliani time bit.

beakerkin said...

You may also check the fourth link in Google. The city considered that money as payment for the malpractice suit.This is basic knowledge, but why anyone should be bothered by this payout is revealing. This is more evidence of Veggietowns Joooo obsession.

uptownseteve said...


He just keeps on lying...

and keeps on lying....

and keeps on lying....

And what the fvck does Louima's cousin have to do with this?

Beaker are this much of an idiot?

Rosenbaum's murderer was a criminal and he sits in jail presently.

The guy who rammed a broom handle up Abner Louima's a$$ and paraded the blood and feces stained stick around the police stationhouse was a NYC POLICEMAN!!!!

An employee of the city.

Mr. Ducky said...

Comeon uptown, Beak needs us. We make him feel wanted and we make him feel like he's taking part in the "war on terror".

Don't be TOO hard on him.

uptownseteve said...

I hear you ducky but I often wonder, does beaker think he's real slick and the rest of the world is stupid?

beakerkin said...

Lets see Louima lied about Guiliani time to get a larger settlement. This is called purjury
and ample evidence to toss his award entirely.

The entire fracas was started by Louima's cousin who assaulted Vople in the back fled and left his cousin behind. Was Louima's cousin charged with anything? He instigated everything that followed.

Lets see Rosenbaum is dead beacause City employees failed to do their job. Louima is still very much alive.

uptownseteve said...

Louima's cousin instigated a police assault?

Did it ever occur to the freakin cops to find out who punch him and ARREST THEM?

We pay cops to maintain order and protect the citizenry and when we have cops engaging in wanton violence and mayhem then you have a CIVIL BREAKDOWN.

Using your standards then the city failed to protect Willie Turks, Michael Griffith and Yusef Hawkins who all were murdered by white mobs.

Where's their money beak??????

beakerkin said...

The city is not in the business of paying out money to crime victims.
The cases you mentioned had zero relationship to misconduct of City employees. Rosenbaum died of Malpractice and the money was paid as such.

The City should have prosecuted Louima's cousin and made a deal and settled for a lower ammount.
This would depend on the cooperation of the Brooklyn DA Charlie Hynes known for grandstanding. Michael Griffith's was high on drugs and was hit by a car. His death should have never been prosecuted as anything above manslaughter. However Charlie Hynes and Mario Cuomo wanted to grandstand the case.

uptownseteve said...

But of course you don't have any evidence to present here of any malpractice settlement, right?

beakerkin said...

Check the fourth link on google.
The City's contention is the one million dollars awarded was settlement of the malpractice case.

uptownseteve said...

What search terms beak?

beakerkin said...

Try Google Yankel Rosenbaum Malpractice Suit.

uptownseteve said...

omigod beaker

I really hope you ddon't have any kids.

Hey, folks any guesses why beaker won't cut and paste or link his so-called "evidence"???

Because it doesn't exist.

I'm through with you today beaker.


nanc said...

bet he's not.

beakerkin said...

Uptown don't hurry back.

FYI Michael Warren the liar for Lemmerick Nelson was well aware of the malpractice suit. The whole world knows about it except you. I found the information in thirty seconds.

kuhnkat said...

Uppity and Little Che Sucky,

being a resident of a city possibly even more LEFTARD than New York, I would point out to you MORONS that they are the result of MAJOR LEFTARD IDIOCY in hiring, police policy, socialist policies...

The types of stupidity you are complaining about are CAUSED by the MORONS YOU PUT IN OFFICE!!!!!

Try voting for CONSERVATIVES and some of that STUPIDITY can be CHANGED!!


The Merry Widow said...

KuhnKat- As a resident of Santa Cruz for 4 1/2 yrs., tell me all about it! They were either leftistas or psychos. No joke, you DID NOT want to be in even a traffic stop, especially with an ICYTHUS on the back of your vehicle!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


If it were humanly possible to stretch the imagination to include the possible reality of a leftist discovering how to be rational, how would you rectify your favorite ideas of a completely weakened and powerless Baathist military command in Iraq containing Iranian hegemony before we toppled Saddam Hussein?

Iraq now has over a half-million troops trained by US forces operating directly under the command of the freely elected sovereign government. 200,000+ are Kurds with over 15 years of experience with sovereign rule AND US military training.

But keep pissing and moaning about a plank up your ass. Let us know when you want to talk about what's going on in Iraq.

For real.

beakerkin said...

Upotown's new game is to place his comments on old threads. Just as well because he is irrelevant.

uptownseteve said...


"FYI Michael Warren the liar for Lemmerick Nelson was well aware of the malpractice suit. The whole world knows about it except you. I found the information in thirty seconds."

What information beak?

Post it here.

Warren said...

Lil' stevie said:

"What information beak?

Post it here.

Why, are you too damned stupid to use google and count to four?

kuhnkat said...

Warren asked Stevie:

"Why, are you too damned stupid to use google and count to four?"

Chumptown IS a commie racist. I would think that pretty much sums up his intelligence, or lack thereof.