Wednesday, September 20, 2006

All in the Beakerkin Family part 2

Archie Beakerkin: I wish you would stop placing Malt Liquor in the fridge. It gives that jerk Uptown Jefferson an excuse to come in and raid my refrigerator. He is a Golberg's grocery demandng that they sell Black hair care products.
TMW: Be nice Archie, Uptown is our nieghbor. You wouldn't want him to feel unwelcome in our home.
Archie: Am I miscommmunicating, the man is rude and a freeloader.
Ducky: Your real problem with him is because he is black.
Archie: He spends more time in my refrigerator than I do. The other day we ran out of Shapiro's Wine but there was plenty of Malt Liquor. He even eats all the bagels and Hebrew National products.

Speaking of freeloaders, I want you to stop having sex with my daughter and get a real job.

Ducky: Archie we are married. I got a certificate from city hall
TMW: Archie he is married to our daughter.
Archie: Let me see that. Of all the man my little girl could have married she picks an unemployable Commie PInko who watches art films. When are you going to get a real job like the rest of us.

TMW we are out of Hebrew National and no Miracle Whip.
TMW: Ducky said we should use Shofar products instead as the term Hebrew National is racist. Miracle Whip could be offensive to aethiests or people who are into S&M. Spic
and Span is...........
Archie: TMW why do you listen to the Commie Freeloader.
TMW: It is easier to shut him up.
Archie: Where is my Aunt Jemima Syrup.
Ducky: Aunt Jemimah is a racist term only appropriate when I use it to describe Condi Rice.
Archie: Aunt Jemimah is a beloved woman who sells products and is gainfully employed.
Ducky: She is a racist symbol of corporate greed.
Beakerambo: Me Mi Mi Me Huh????
Archie: You see my cousin. He looks like a freak can't string together a sentence and makes a living selling action figures and luchboxes. I wish he would stop sleeping with married women but he should be your role model.
Uptown: Your cousin is a mulato just look at the Don King hair and that is ebonics.
Beakerambo: Mi me mee meep Moronics.
Archie: What are you talking about? He has the family nose and has even been blood tested. His own parents didn't believe he was their kid. Apparently, smoking pot does have an effect on your kids.
Beakerambo: Mi me meeep %^%^% you Me
TMW: Archie you hurt your Cousins feelings.
Ducky: Can't you see that Beakerambo is exploited. He generates huge proffits and gets pennies on the dollar.
Beakerambo: Me meee meep Pinko. Me mmmeee meeep Out of here.
TMW: You all should be ashamed of yourselves picking on Beakerambo.
Archie: Well this is a first someone came into the house without raiding the refrigerator.
Beakerambo: Me me meep Forgot. Meep meepp me Thank you
Archie: Oh will you look at that he made off with my Pastami on Rye and Knish.
Beakerambo: Me mi meeep me
TMW: Well he did leave a gift.
Archie: I am not taking a Beakerambo lunchbox to work.
Uptown: Afraid to let your coworkers know you have a black cousin?
Archie: Beakerambo is not Black he is incoherent.
Ducky: That is not incoherence its ebonics.
Archie: Thats is TMW we are going out for dinner. Its the only way we can get pece and quiet around here.


The Merry Widow said...

I'll take a spicy chicken wrap!


David Ashley Gilbert said...

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beakerkin said...

I guess we can't go wrong with that.

The Merry Widow said...

That way you can have your "Kentucky Flied" and I get something possibly healthy!


Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, why not write or post some interesting articles? I would suggest looking at the current energy markets.

Now the average Bushista is going to be grateful to George for lowering prices but they will be hard pressed to describe exactly what he did.

As information comes out the roll of unregulated hedge funds and energy market deregulation (remember Enron brought to you by Dick Armey (R - The Full Ayn Rand) et. al?) is becoming clear. They were running a futures game which is coming to a halt because they have no place to put the stuff. Our storage capacity is near 100% full.

So the speculators produce nothing but manage to drive up the price and effect a massive income transfer from the working and middle class to the rich. It's one hell of a scam since the clowns who got screwed are now going to thank the folks that screwed them.

There was one small bright light. Not many people know there is a law that allows oil companies to pay no lease on new drilling when the price of oil goes over $50 a barrel. The majors were looking to get ANWAR on the cheap but those bad Dem tree huggers blocked them and it's because of them that the price of gas was so high.

So try posting and discussing useful issues Beak. You can help educate your readers who might enjoy learning how they've been screwed economically as well as turned into a bunch of diaper pissers afraid of the sharia bogey man.

beakerkin said...

Lets see bait and switch, by the Judeopathic duck. 3,000 NYC people were incinerated by whom. Terrorism is just my imagination as is incesant Islamo lust for colonized land.

This is yet more rationalization and spin of barbarism. There is no excuse or rationalization and your kinds rationalization and spin have brought us to where we are today. Fear not we will get hit again. When we do the outrage of the American people will not spare your kind. You may find yourself in Gitmo.

The Merry Widow said...

It's not about you, plucky! It's Beaker's site and he can write whatever he wants to! If you don't like the conversations, go home, or hang out with more communists! I believe DU has what you want!
Beaker- You can have my biscuit!


beakerkin said...


Ah a woman after my own heart.

We worked Beakerambo and the lunchboxes into the plot. There is even the product placement of the lunchboxes.

Farmer John said...

...are they big enough to hold an entire six-pack of Colt 45?

beakerkin said...

I am sure Uptown will take anything free.

Anonymous said...

The price of gas is still less than $5/gal. The commies must be very disapointed.

kuhnkat said...

Little Che Sucky you MORON,

Enron was brought to us by the Clinton Administration and the California Dems with their deregulation of only half the energy market!!!

Buy a clue with some of that GOLD of yours!!


kuhnkat said...

Oh, and Little Che Sucky you MORON,

here is some more info on that Bottle Rocket technology used to hurt the Israelis tank corps:

Nothing like chewing gum and bailing wire huh??


uptownseteve said...


Still can't get me off your mind, eh?

"Terrorism is just my imagination as is incesant Islamo lust for colonized land."

Speaking of terrorism, how many Iraqi civilians have been murdered over the last 3 years?

Let's hear what the Lebanese people have to say about indiscriminate killing by those put upon Israelis.

beakerkin said...

I put you to good use as a free loading less talented version of George Jefferson gone Marxist.

The Lebanese people have nobody to blame for their plight other than Hezbollah. If you have been reading the paper instead of doodling you would have been aware.

Lets see if we divide the numbers killed by Saddam, things are going quite well in comparison. As far as the civilians one would have to discount factionalism.

Then again logic and Uptown Steve should not be used in the same sentence.

Thank you for your oil/neocon conspiracy angle. You are proving my depiction of you as a Marxist more accurate every time you post.

uptownseteve said...

Bush recently said that if evidence revealed that Bin Laden was in Pakistan he couldn't go after Bin Laden because Pakistan was a sovereign nation.

But wasn't Iraq a sovereign nation?

uptownseteve said...

"The price of gas is still less than $5/gal. The commies must be very disapointed."

Us "commies" have vehicles and we're very happy to see gasoline prices falling.

We also realize that the falling gas prices are occuring right before the elections.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

With gas prices beginning to make their annual autumn down trend, I don't think we ought to throw out tried and true basic economic theory on the basis of Ducky's fluctuations between thinking we live in a Randian free market utopia and thinking we live in a price-fixed totalitarian state economy.

I mean, Ducky ought to master shapes and colors first, and leave the heavy intellectual lifting to non-leftists.

Current low gasoline prices are the result of a combination of things, including BP's completion of repairs on the Alaskan pipeline, recovery from damaged terminals in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a production glut in the Middle East as the oil-producing Arab nations that have suffered attacks on their soil by Hezbollah over the last couple of decades give Iran the big "fuck you" as international sanctions appear likely, and also the reduced need for gasoline with the decrease in "recreational" driving as the colder months come on.

As a Missourian finally seeing the lowest gas prices in America after carrying Boston, Los Angeles, and other non-productive parts of the country on my back, I'd say it's about time.

kuhnkat said...

Uppity declaimed:

"Speaking of terrorism, how many Iraqi civilians have been murdered over the last 3 years?

Let's hear what the Lebanese people have to say about indiscriminate killing by those put upon Israelis."

First off, ya wanna tell me how many of those so called civilians were REALLY non-combatants. If you can actually do that, THEN you can tell me how many of those who were actually non-combatants were killed by Shia/Sunni militias, Baath party partisans, al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists...

As far as the Lebanese people, I haven't seen too many articles in the Pravda, uh, I mean the New York Times about the Lebanese little guy wanting to get Israel for what they did to them. In fact, I have seen several articles in other sources where Lebanese are particularly PISSED at Hizbully for getting their beautiful country TORCHED!! In fact, Hizbully is LAYING LOW to help the FORGET THEIR MURDEROUS STUPIDITY.


you really are MORE IGNORANT than Little Che Sucky the MORON!!!!


Warren said...

Funny thing, Ducktard.

Seems the largest portion of those speculators were pension funds and endowments looking for short term profit yields of 14% and better.

Rumor has it that the largest speculators were Universities looking to pad the exorbent pension funds of their non-producing staffs.

nanc said...

i'd like some slaw and hushpuppies to go with that, please.

Farmer John said...

...any government that has to make separate truces with tribes (and not the county's official diplomats) that exist on its' borders (or anywhere else) is NOT a "sovereign" nation, by definition. Lebanon (with no troops allowed in the south) was NOT a sovereign nation. Neither is modern day Pakistan, or just about ANY country in the Middle East.

Farmer John said...

Did Iraq have control over its' airspace when W attacked? Iraq lost its' "sovereignty" in '91, and never got it back. Too many peace treaty violations (ie - WMD disclosure), not enough treaty "compliance" to earn the trust needed for them to regain their "sovereignty".

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Not many "nations" on our planet actually have the right to exist. I'd say the number is under 50.

kuhnkat said...

Farmer John quoted:

"...any government that has to make separate truces with tribes (and not the county's official diplomats) that exist on its' borders (or anywhere else) is NOT a "sovereign" nation,"

Lemme see now, the US signed separate truces AND treaties with a number of native Indian tribes WITHIN our borders.

Are you trying to tell us something we don't want to know FJ??


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


The story of the Cherokee Nation's dealings with the US government is the story of just how far the Democratic Party will go to persecute dark-skinned people.

Farmer John said...

I guess that didn't come out very well. I'm saying that if one of Canada's tribes declares war on the US, we can simply go in there kick their asses, and not have to declare war on Canada...that Canada has ceeded that territory and the tribes are the sovereigns of those territories they control.

This is what we have to do in Pakistan. And Pakistani's who don't want to get hit in the crossfire need to get out of the way OR deal with the tribes themselves. Lebanon & the Shi'a are a case in point.

kuhnkat said...


I totally agree with that. We should hvae SpecOps in there now marking targets!!!


Elmer's Brother said...

Beak you should do a take on Sanford and Son....anyone one of these meatheads could play "dummy"