Friday, September 15, 2006

Veggietown Dumb and dumber

One of Chumptown's favorite games is to demand sources. I go to the book and cite the page, but does he bother to read. I will no longer post sources for Uptown's request. His request is an annoying game and he has been over the same information a dozen times. He turns around and makes the same request later.

Chumptown is not supposed to be on this blog by his own word. He said if we can prove he harrased Lashawn Barber he would leave. Florian produced the quote which indeed proved beyond a shadow of a doubt he harrassed Lashawn. Did Uptown keep his word, of course not because Uptown is a chronic liar and just spins. He played the same routine with calling people who disagreed with him JOOOOOOOS. The evidence was provided and Uptown tries to waffle out on yet another fiasco. Calling people JOOOOOOS because they disagree with me isn't anti-semitic.

Now Uptown's lates bit is yet another bit of racial minutia. The whole world knows that the Rosenbaum family had a malpractice suit against NYC. Uptown has decided the case of a Drug abused man who was hit by a car is the same despite no claims of malpractice. The only way the cases are similar is in Uptowns demented mind. An angry mob yells kill the Jooooos and Rosenbaumwas stabbed to death. Did the city find all the other members of the mob as in Howard Beach or Bensonhurst? No, years later they convicted a Charles Price for inciting the riot.

The first time the mutant Lemerick Nelson was aquited the jury had a dinner celebration with the defendant and his lawyer. The Rosenbaum malpractice suit was discussed by the jury and that should have led to a mistrial. This is common knowledge to anyone who followed the case. However, Chumptown likes to waste space on stuff he should allready know. Prove Michael Lerner is a Commie, this again is basic knowledge.

My blog is not Uptown's special Ed Classroom.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


I think you may be unnecessarily harsh. If Uptownseteve were intellectually honest and never made ignorant, asinine comments, how would we know he's a leftist?

MissingLink said...

I must agree with Mr Beamish.
You are a tad too harsh.
And what makes you think that Marx was a communist anyway?
Only because you don't like what he says you call him a communist, right?
Please provide us with some evidence that Marx was a communist.

Patiently waiting for your reply.

beakerkin said...


This is amazing that is a perfect Chumptown style post. He also goes on how he is here to expose me. He never raises a point, but this remains a mystery.

Russet Shadows said...

Expose you as what? Mossad's secret agent in Vermont? Maybe he wants to see you nakie. With Uptown, one never knows.

beakerkin said...


Uptown is a total clown and a genuine communist. There have been genuine KKK types calling blacks mongrels on FPM and Uptown does not say a word. He will dwell for ages on if Michael Lerner is a Communist. He will also try to gloss over the communism of Paul Robeson and WEB Dubois and call them activists.

Even on thiss blog Uptown has been here when John Brown uses an anti-black epithet Sambo at Warren. Uptown said absolutely aero because he could care less about genuine racism from the left. He also said zero when Ducky called Condi Rice Aunt Jemmimah. Ducky hid behind Harry Belacommie. His racial victim bit is an act as he could care less about genuine racism.

Uptown is still looking for a post on the Duke rape case from me. He seems to think I have an obligation to comment on every news story. He also seems to think if Mel Gibson were Black I would be writting for days about the story. Obviously Uptown works for Psychic Friends network.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Marx was a communist? What the fuck?

Just kiddin'

uptownseteve said...


"There have been genuine KKK types calling blacks mongrels on FPM and Uptown does not say a word."

Puh-leeze beaker.

You have KKK types right here like Bargholz, florian and johnnymac and you make excuses for them.

YOU'VE even uttered racist filth like "the more white blacks have in them the better they look".

And you probably look like a young Ben Stein.

"He will dwell for ages on if Michael Lerner is a Communist."

You've produced no evidence he is a member of the Communist Party.

"He will also try to gloss over the communism of Paul Robeson and WEB Dubois and call them activists."

So what if they were?

Shall I produce a list of Jewish Americans who were Communists during the same period?

uptownseteve said...


"He also seems to think if Mel Gibson were Black I would be writting for days about the story."

Then why the fuck are you whining about Robeson and DuBois, WHO ARE DEAD, but say nothing about Gibson who is a powerful Hollywood player who utters anti-Semitic filth?

beakerkin said...

Gibson was drunk and is an actor. Unlike Dubois he has no history of supporting Nazism. Moreover, Robeson betrayed a Jewish personal friend rather than betray the party. His silence doomed Feffer to death, but what does one expect from a Stalinist.

Florian, Bargholz and JMac have personal issues with you. They do at times post on racial issues that have zero interest to me. However, if you have a problem with any of them Bargholz has a huge blog. JMac is found at Donal's site and Florian has his own blog. I have not seen any racial malice from the people you named.

uptownseteve said...



You are totally ridiculous!!!!

Jesse Jackson never supported Nazism either but I bet you have no problem calling HIM an anti-Semite.

Tell me, how is "Hymietown" worse than "F^cking Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world"?

As far as Bargholz, etc...are concerned, your rationalization of their racism is childish.

Let's say I have personal issues with them.

Am I justified in venting racial epithets toward them?

Your claim to not have "seen racial malice" from them is an outright lie.

beakerkin said...


My critique of Jackson has been based on his insane far left adgenda and propensity towards shakedowns. I do not mention him with any frequency and the Hymietown thing is long ago.

I will repeat myself. I see no racial malice from the people you named. If you have trouble with them take it up with them on their sites. All of the above are friends of mine.

uptownseteve said...

On Air America this morning, Stephanie Miller played an excerpt from a recent Michael Savage show.

Weiner-Savage raged that "the towel-heads are going to see how the white man deals with threats to our civilization".

That's the goal, isn't it beak?

To position the Zionist agenda as a battle against whites against the "mud people".

To ignore the most egregious examples of white Christian anti-semitism, demonize the Islamic faith and rail about the phantom of black Jewish hatred.

Good luck buddy.

tee hee

uptownseteve said...


Do you feel that Jackson is an anti-semite?

If so, why isn't Gibson?

beakerkin said...

Lets see in order for you to condemn Savages racism you add your own. Zionism has nothing to do with race as Jews come in all colors.According to the great Conservative Howard Dean if you link Iraq to Israel you have engaged in Anti-Semitism.

My issues with Jackson are related to his Marxist/ Communist worldview.

uptownseteve said...


You're either nuts or a liar if you deny that the invasion of Iraq was a vital part of the Zionist neo-con vision of Middle East restructuring.

But you haven't answered my question.

Do you consider Jesse Jackson an anti-semite?


uptownseteve said...


Identifying the neo-con agenda is hardly "anti-semitism" since there are many prominent Jews who are vocally opposed to it.

beakerkin said...

According to the Great Conservative Howard Dean you are an anti- semite.

I have not commented on Jacksons case and it is not relavent nor have I made a big deal about the remarks when they were issued. My problem with Jackson is his Marxist world view and propensity towards shakedowns.

I have not called Jackson an anti-semite. You are clearly an anti semite.

beakerkin said...

What Jews are those Chomsky, Lerner
or the communist of your choice. Howard Dean isn't Liberal enough for you. Susan Estritch who has said the same thing isn't liberal enough. Who is liberal enough for you Fidel Castro?

uptownseteve said...


I didn't link Iraq to Israel.

I spoke of the neo-con intellectuals who have teamed up with the oil corporatists which are presently running our government and have indulged our nation in an internecine civil war/protracted occupation that will cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars with no endgame.

beakerkin said...

Lets see you have just spouted standard communist conspiracy dogma. Do you want to continue to dig yourself in lower?

kuhnkat said...

UppitySleeze said in part:

"...and trillions of dollars with no endgame."

It's all just a game to you then??


You MORON!!!

kuhnkat said...


what IS a neo-con??? The only definition I ever heard was that it is a Lefty Jew who has changed stripes to get conservatives to help protect Israel.

Is that true??