Saturday, September 16, 2006

A rare personal post

Some of you may seem to think I was a tad rough of Greg. I asked Greg not to post here and to remove any links. I 100% stand by my statements as made. There is no such thing as a Palestinian ethnicity, never has been and never will be. Moreover, I stand by my critique of Greg who was rather humorously crying about slander and libel on this site. The one correction is his parents didn't push the Aliyah bit on him. That being said I will reiterate my points

1 Greg is a moron. I have looked for intelligent posts or even well constructed arguments but they are not on his site. One sees plenty of rants and adhominem but zero of intellectual substance.

2 Greg readilly associates with Communist anti- semites. While he admitedly " does not know what communism is" he allowed venomously anti-semetic personal attacks from Gert while crying about my alleged bigotry in my remarks visa vis a lack of a Palestinian ethnicity.

3 Greg also readilly lies about the timeline and after I told him to get lost uses my own quote " Close the door on your way out" from an email in a comment and allegedly bans me. In fact until Freedom Now pointed it out I had not even looked at the dimwit's thread.

However, even after all of this Greg is still not my enemy. He doesn't have the intellect to be anything more than a minor irritant. We have to accept people as they are and Greg is a nut with a low IQ.

Anyone who reads this blog over a protracted period of time knows I am secular. I do respect religious people like Warren, Justin, MZ, TMW and Elmer among others. When deeply religious people offer advice I do listen as it is sincere. I do not listen to the advice of imposters pretending they are something they are not. Even MZ who is the genuine article does not take this tone with me.

" Now let me explain where you go wrong. As human beings we strive towards goodness; towards being good people and as Jews we also strive to be good Jews. What does it mean to be a "good Jew?". It means to keep as many mitzvot as possible even if you are not religiouis (his unique spelling)per say, it means teaching your children the right thing, teaching them certain values and customs, it means loving the Jewish people and hating its enemies: Neo Nazis such as David Duke and Arab terrorists such as Abu Alla or Hassan Nasrallah."

Greg is trying to comedically use his alleged religious superiority over yours trully. I do not talk about my past, but it is more than likely I have spent more time asleep in religious training than the dimwit Greg has attended himself. Moreover, by any objective standard he is inferior on this standard to MZ who he obsesses over. MZ is the genuine article and has too much class to ever start this line with me. Moreover sincere religious folk like TMW and Warren never talk down in this tone to anyone.

Notably, the dimwit forgets the greatest enemy of our people the Communist far left.
His good friend Gertie, think Dr Smith or Snagglepuss, exudes those qualities in abundance. His antics make Ducky's anti- semitic idiocy look mild. We will deconstruct the obvious signs of Geties leanings. Moreover while Greg is hyperventilating over my point that there is no Palestinian ethnicity as racist. He allows Gertie the fop to make blatant vulgar and anti-semitic remarks.

" You are a fascist with a Communist-fobia. ( I can think of 100,000,000 reasons to
have problems with Communist. That is a rather interesting way to spell phobia, but I do not lecture others about spelling.)You hate all Arabs and are a racist as well.
( Where he deduces this is a mystery, maybe he works for psychic friends in his spare time. Arabs are still not a race and the correct term is bigot. Lets see they have millions of acres of stolen land opressed Jews and other indigenous people for 1400 years. Then they have the nerve to demand more land from one of the people they brutalized for 1400 years. Where is Kurdistan, Assyria and a state for the indigenous Copts of Egypt?) . This does not mean being a good Jew, nor a good human being. ( Greg thinks all those who disagree with him are bad Jews and lousy people)
You and MZ are a detrument to society and the soomer a good person like Freedomnow understands this the better.( what is detrument, another creative spelling from a person who would lecture me. I am a big fan of the Summerians but I think Greg made a typo and meant sooner.) Now Greg wants to tell Freedomnow who to associate with. Maybe he stayed at a Holiday Inn, because he shows no sign of wisdom anywhere.

"What did you achieve by slandering me and insulting my friend, Saba?" (Where was he slandered? I called him a dullard and a nut and he has gone out of his way to prove me correct. If Saba was upset about my entirely political and historic points this is her problem.

"Nothing. You only make enemies where friends used to be. You only plant ripe seeds of hatred where there were none. You have made an ass out of yourself and from here on in I am banning you from my site"

( It is presumptuous on his part to describe himself as a friend of mine. My numerous friends know who they are and you were never accorded such a status. My defense of Greg was on youth, never on friendship or substance. The whole episode shows that MZ figured out Greg long ago and was correct, he is a child. I may disagree with MZ, but he is always first and foremost my friend. You never were a friend and never will be. I respect honesty and intellect two qualities Greg lacks.)

"Oh... and close the door on your way out."

This last part really annoys me. Greg had recieved an off line communication where I told him I want nothing to do with him. I closed my email with this line. In fact I had no idea I was banned because I never read this thread until Freedomnow alerted me to it. Greg is attempting to appeal to his far left crowd by pretending he banned me after I dissmissed him. He will scream at the top of his lungs " I am a right wing Jew", but he seeks the approval of far left anti-semites.

These are select quotes from Greg's friends


Quoting me " As usual you put emotions ahead of facts"

" And? What's your point? That emotions are not valid? That non-emotive arguments are somehow better or more valid" if so how?

You're a dickhead nuff said"

Lets see when one has no facts as Greg, Gert, Andrew and Saba have use emotion. Then resort to calling me Senile or a Dickhead. A real class act, but as a leftard wee Andy is incapable of coherent thought.

Then we have the Dr Smith/ Snagglepuss Commie Gertie with a classic example of Anti-Ameicanism, Anti-semitism and likely poor breeding/ manners.

" Beaker's "analysis" based on "original languages" and more poppycock is really risible: American English is an original language? On that basis the Injuns( his spelling) must reclaim Amewikah and rename it in their own indigenous language... On that basis you are a second class citizen, not just a first rate arsehole.

Beakerfart: learn Hebrew and move to Israel instead of being the most ridiculous blowhard I've come across in years. ( Obviously he doesn't own a mirror.)..Go on, put your bollocks where your mouth is."

Still no refutation of facts pure adhominem and typical anti-semitic venom. I wonder what Ducky or his kin would say to someone who told Uptown to go back to Africa. They would scream rant and rave and be 100% correct. Moreover Gert, has proven beyond a shadow of the doubt he can not follow a logical argument. Did Greg who pretends he is Super Jooooo say a word about the anti-semitic quote above? No he just ignores genuine bigotry and bloviates.

Andrew goes on the standard Marxist point Arabs are Semitic and prejudices against Jews are not anti semitic. Freedomnow corrects wee Andy and terms his response "mental masturbation". Freedomnow is being generous at this point. Freedomnow forgets that the Amhara of Ethiopia also speak the fourth Semitic tounge and are defacto Semites. Few people are aware that Semitic refers to a language group. The four primary languages are Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac and Amharic.

From the earlier MZ attack post.

From Snagglepuss ( Gertie)

Beakercunt: ( Given his proclivities this is an insult. He seems more Boy George than George Hamilton. In fact he seems more akin to Curious George when he decided to fling fecal matter than Boy George. However, Curious George remained a loveable sort and that adjective has never been used to describe Gertie.)

" You remain a complette and utter pillock, and your blog a place of great amusement to me. ( Yes we have a thing called readers. Gertie has a blog called " Developing your Web Presence". He is such an expert he has no readers. Then again one does need some social skills and intelligent thought to gain readership. His blog is mostly anti-Israel cut and paste jobs. When he is not attacking Isreal about 70% of his space he is attacking America with the remainder.) Please do keep going. You are unbelievably funny, whenever I need a comical Jew I look at your "blog".

Remember, two months ago or so, you were still a closet Jew. Now you think you're quite the Zionistbut really you are nothing but a little coward, who for reasons unbeknown to me, couldn't accept their own ethnicity.

You're a joke and so are the idiots( including the "leftist" ones), who comment in a non-sensical one linerson your ramblings. And when are you going to learn to spell and punctuate? ( This is funny coming from a clown who starts a sentence with a conjunction. Then again my blog provides fresh content as opposed to cut and paste.)
You twat....

Lets see he got one point correct Ducky and John Brown are idiots. He seems to spend a bit of time here. Lets see the part about me stepping out of the Semitic closet was in response to the critique from leftard that I announce my Judaism before each post. Obviously, anyone who reads this blog for more than a few posts knows I am a Jew. Ducky, John Brown, 167 and Uptown Steve bring it up every two seconds. Interestingly, earlier on the post I pointed out that I do not call myself a Zionist.
This is something Communist Anti-semites do reflexively as Gertie just demonstrated.

He makes a point in calling me a Joooish clown. Now if I called Uptown Homey the clown that would be racist, but bigotry seems to flow from the left. I would ask where this fop comes off calling me a coward. He isn't even brave enough to post a comment here.

Andrew proves his stupidity by calling Kurds Semites.
Wee Andy compares the 1400 year brutal oppression of Jews and others to the plight of Palestinians Now. He also claims the Phillistines lived in Israel before the Jews.

All of the above are laughable and have zero to do with is there a Palestinian ethnicity.

This quote says it best about Arabs

"So most of the worlds established nations are based on invasion and colonization; are you challenging ALL of these nations rights to exist."

Lets see Jooish colonialism is evil but 1400 years of Islamo-brutality is peachy. Arabs have a plethora of stolen land, but it is up to them Joooos who they opressed for 1400 years to settle Arab colonialists on their tiny bit of land.

Then the Albert Einstein of this special Ed class shows up Tooners ( This is not counting Freedomnow who is intelligent and a class act)

"When I first moved here ( Baharain), I started watching the newsand saw what the Israeli's were doing to the Palestinians...driving their tanks through towns and killing innocent children ( like the ones at Beslan) for throwing rocks at their tanks. Like rocks will hurt them. To me they reminded me of the Germans. ( Joo as Nazi so original). And here in the States all you hear about is how the Jews were treated by Hitler, but in a sense, the jews are doing the same thing to the Palestinians, but refuse to see it. ( Holocaust fatigue and comparing genocide with the situation in the West Bank, commenters should have to take a drug test before posting)

A guy I used to work for ( someone this stupid was gainfully employed)went to Jerusalem for holiday and the thing I couldn't believe was all the places set up to make money off of Christians religious beliefs. It was sickening to be honest. ( Do you think this idiot should go and see for herself before making absurd comments. Making money off of Pilgrims predates Israel, but those greedy Jooos are sooo evil.Wait until this yutz goes to Disneyworld.)It left a bad taste in my mouth immediately, and to see how the Isreali's are terrorists themselves... which I have seen time and time again ( On 9-11 or 7-7)but then want to turn around and play the victim more times than not and blame the Arabs.. well it's sad and pathetic."

( This is a labotomy )

"I don't know hard facts, ( or history or logic.....)but I see what I see. ( So do we you are an idiot)Not all Israeli's are like this, but I tend to think the ones living in the United States are the worst! ( Does she mean Israeli living in the USA or dem Jooooos) But hey, when you've been pampered all your life by the U.S. , then why not, right." ( Lets see is this a rich Jooo insult or standard cliche far left lazy Americans like Ducky. Has Ducky ever done an honest days work in his life.)

"I think it is great that Greg is standing up against this guy... and I think it is great that he is showing that all Jews are not alike... because not all Arabs are alike. If you want to call Arabs terrorists then you should take a hard look at yourselves .. because when the word terrorist comes to mind, your soldiers and government come to my mind. ( She has a mind HAHAHAHA you moron thanks Kuhnkat I needed that)

Here we have the true purpose of Greg's excersize. He like to call MZ and to a lesser extent me racists to give him cachet with people like this dolt and Gertie.
He then turns around and calls a class person like Nanc a looser. Did Nanc ever compare Jews to Nazis or bandy anti-semitic stereotypes. Of course not, as she exudes class and humanity Nanc would never say such a thing. Greg did apologize to Nanc to his credit.

Snagglepuss calls me Beakercunt and claims that Jews and Arabs are both indigenous to the area. He fails to note they allready have tons of stolen land and should settle their own refugees like the Jews.

This next line is funny as I respect Freedomnow. However, he is too much of a gentleman and this is standard Marxist drivel. Where is Jeff Bargholz or Mister Beamish when we need them.

To Freedomnow
" This is why in my opinion ( worth what we pay for it)you're a closed mind. (What type of sentence is this? Oh wait he was lecturing me about punctuation.)Propaganda exists on both sides: ( Moral relativism, how quaint)the Islamists may be masters at it but so is the U.S. government. ( What is this idiot watching?)You only look at one side of the coin and conclude you are right. ( This idiot thinks he is open minded. Empty headed yes, open minded no,)That's close-mindedness in action.... (what type of sentence is that)

Try and compare news sources.( like the North Korean Times)Then try and make up your mind. ( Freedomnow has a mind unlike Gertie)Your worldview is manicaean, like Bush and Blair. ( Notably in the mainstream unlike Gertie who may be mainstream in Cuba or in a Stalinist time warp. Shouldn't manicaean be capitalized, but he is the expert.) Unthinking, biased and prejudiced... and quite stupid to boot. ( Does this idiot ever read his comments before posting them)

Beakerfart is a schmuck and you're a putz. ( Two Yiddish words from an anti-semite)

Go on: hoist the star spangled banner and play with your tin soldiers.... ( How does one hoist a song? Then again this is the same punctuation expert that found an imaginative use for a colon and type of sentence ends in ........ Gertie proves once again to be vulgar stupid and incoherent. Some of you thought he was a mere Communist anti-semite. Has Greg said a word about any of this? NO

The next quote lets us know where Gertie is coming fom. If Greg had a brain then he would understand this subtle quote.

" Where do you get your figures from. From "From Time Immemorial".

Experienced readers would know that Gertie has just referenced a book allegedly debunked by notorious Holocaust minimizer Norman Finklestein. Finklestein just happens to be a communist whose books were compared by the NYT to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Lets see even Benny Morris whom Finky quotes claims that his material was quoted out of context. His famous quotes include calling Ellie Wiesel a "professional Jew". He claimed Alan Dershowitz did not write his book until a copy showed up in long hand. Finky's history casts far more doubt on his own credibility than that of Peters or Dershowitz. However, if Gertie wants to cite notorious Nazi Ernst Zundel's favorite Jew as a valid source be my guest. Zundel calls Finky a Jooish David Irving. Finky is only sourced by Anti-semites and Communists.

In short I want nothing to do with Greg. I find him to be a self promoter who readily attacks MZ and myself to give him cachet with his far left anti- semitic readership. I do not want an apology and Greg and I have talked off line. He has attempted to undo the damage, but the best thing he can do is never coss my path again. He is too stupid to rate any consideration as an enemy. I have looked at his blog for two days to find a well constructed argument, but it isn't there. He seems to spend a great amount of time shooting his mouth off and back tracking. I have made my wishes plain off line, but he still thinks this is about Saba. Greg should also remember when you start a fight others may finish it.

I decided not to deconstruct Gertie's commie blog. In doing so I would give him more readers than he deserves based on his skill. Moreover, his blog is only passable if I insert jokes in between his verbose pointless commie tripe.

Beamish in 08


The Merry Widow said...

They do natter, don't they? It's funny, but those who have something worthwhile to say can say it in fewer words. As for communism, 100,000,000 is just a starting point! The internet attracts all sorts, one must wade through the masses to find the gems one is looking for!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


beakerkin said...

This Gert is a genuine low class individual. A simple look at his blog reaveals him to be an anti-semite.

I find it amusing that a person who has likely never met a Native American would presume to lecture me. I would seriously love this dolt to try this act on Bad Eagle. Native Americans think for themselves and do not enjoy far left types speaking in their name.
Maybe he thinks Ward Churchill is a typical Native American.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


You cause yourself much grief with your bizarre notion that there exist leftists that are actually physically capable of rational thought. Stop doing that.

Russet Shadows said...

I have to agree with Beamish on this one. Leftists fundamentally do not think. They do not use reason to construct their arguments. They vomit out a bunch of half-formed borrowed ideas, throw in some profanities for spice, and then declare it "nuanced". It's just camoflague for a lack of thought. I have a friend who has a leftist friend who just now stumbled across the Downing Street Memos and think that they were the truth.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Russet Shadows,

He should be so lucky. The only leftist I know personally thinks the Pentagon was hit by a missile.

beakerkin said...

Weazie is fond of that type of stupidity.

Kyle said...

Beak, you should not be so worked up over these trolls. They are not worth the spit and bile I would bestow upon them.

Yes, I have been lurking here but not commenting much. Sometimes there are better things in life than politics, like
fishing, football, bar b que, and gaming!

nanc said...

or golf.

kuhnkat said...

Beakerkin said:

"Some of you may seem to think I was a tad rough of Greg."

Huh?? Someone is so touchy they don't appreciate you kicking ROCKS now??


beakerkin said...


Greg is exceptionally stupid as he mistook Nanc for you. Nanc is not shy about expressing her opinions.

If that moron Tooners ever shows up here every one should great her with HAHAHA YOU MORON. She is almost as dumb as Janice.

nanc said...

and all this time i thought gertie was a woman...

beakerkin said...

Getie is a very feminine and crass
man, most probably with an alternative lifestlye. He may think he is a woman as well. He is mixed up about almost everything.

Purple Avenger said...

Beamish is right.

You're trying to deconstruct a turnip. Ain't no neurons firing in there. Any resemblance to neural functioning is strictly coincidence. Its a veg man, just a veg.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Mad Zionist said...

Beak, you talk to Greggy-poo off line? Why, and for what purpose?

BTW, you have truly become the bloggers blog. What I mean by that is you have taken the community as a whole and have re-invented your blog to be a sort of commentary on the commentators. I like it when you do that and think it is the best work that you do here. It's sort of a hub for us to come and see what's the latest "he said, she said", and that keeps us all tied together better. Keep this format going.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Beak's place has always been an electronic bar. The drinks are cheap, the music is loud, the chicks are hot, and there's always a leftist coming around looking to get a pool cue broke off in his ass.

It's fun for the whole family!

Mad Zionist said...

BTW, I just clicked on Saba and Greg's "Hope" website, where they express puppy love and write poetry to each other, and "poooof" it's gone. No more website, no more Saba. Also, Saba is missing from Greggy-poo's links page, too. Sounds like Greggy and his little moslem hotty Saba may have broken up.

beakerkin said...

That is a shame because by any standard Saba was a decent person who I disagreed with. I do not blame Greg for standing up for a friend. I do blame him for terming political and historic points racist. Moreover, genuine personal attacks were permitted by those on the left.

I have zero problem with Saba. The rest of that crew minus Freedomnow and Cookie leaves much to be desired.

Best of luck to her wherever she is ensconsed, but I stand by my points as stated.

beakerkin said...


She has taken her link down. As a courtesy I was going to inform her Greg was a true friend to her. He did try to get an apology from me, but I have yet to figure out for what.I stand by the statements as made but Greg is in no way responsible for my comments. Many times he isn't responsable for his own comments.

I feel sad for Greg because he had deep affection for Sabba. Howver, when one tries to please everyone one pleases nobody so be yourself unless you are John Brown or Gertie. If you are either of those two just stay away from people and do not reproduce.

Anonymous said...

Whats up beak! Still pulling in all sorts of...people.
Laughed throughout, great post.
[blog is only passable if I insert jokes in between his verbose pointless commie tripe.]
Communist phobia? is that a genuine term?...

beakerkin said...

Communist phobia is a term, but rational people would tend to have a problem with genocidal types.

That Gert is a genuine creepy bufoon who thinks he is such a genius. The problem is that when one places themselves on a pedastal
it becomes easy to have all types of malicious fun.

Gertie never shows his face around here. Mr Beamish would have all kinds of fun with wee Gertie. Then again Mr Beamish is the best with those types.

Good to see you Elijah. Stop by and send regards to Warren.

Anonymous said...

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