Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Why You Should Read Stephen Schwartz & Random

Reading Stephen Schwartz's writing often illuminates subjects that some over look. Even if you don't agree with him his arguments are well formed and worth reading.

We have seen far left types pretending that the loon in Lybia is not one of them. While Obama is due for his odd actions and statements on a variety of subjects one should heed the words of a patriot like Mr B. and deal with the dissent of a idiotic Marxists in a different manner.

Fact Khadafy did fund many far leftist groups in the UK including Trotskyites. Do not permit self righteous Marxist clowns who venerate the cult of Bronstein waffle.

Fact Khadafy is supported by Chavez and Nelson Mandela. There are those who pretended that Mandela is some sort of moral beacon. Mandela while preferable to more obnoxious
far left types has a few moral blind spots, supporting Khadafy is one of them.

Like a horror show villain heeeee's back. After stabbing his team, coach, QB, NY Giant fans, and wife in the back Tiki Barber wants to play in the NFL again. Is there a coach stupid enough to allow a fumble prone 36 year old cancer in their midst with and ego that rivals Hugo Chavez into the locker room.

Tiki failed at everything he tried because the public can see right through his apple shining amoral no talent act. Michael Strahan may not be as bright as Tiki, but he is a witty guy who remembers football is supposed to be fun. He comes across as charming and real.

Maybe Tiki should apologize for ruining Jim Fassel's career. Maybe he should apologize to Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning who won as soon as he left. Maybe he should apologize for ruining several seasons with his fumbling problems.

I will discuss the book Dupes at a future date.

Beamish in 12

Get Khadafy a job at Christian Dior


cube said...

I always felt that we had the good Barber on the Bucs. If there is a
next season, we will have Ronde for another year and we'll be happy to have him.

Ducky's here said...

I have it on good authority that the new Two and a Half Men lead is Mike Tyson.