Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day out with the Maltese

My daughter and I took the Maltese to the dog run in Union Square. The dog did not want to stay in the dog carier. He jumped out when I made a small space for his head. He trembled with fear as the train took him to Manhattan.

The dog runs are used by locals who have small apartments and big dogs. Rex as a Malttese was smaller than the rest and mostly played with one or two dogs. He didn't want to leave. Finally when I got the leash on him he enjoyed his first trip to Manhattan. He was relaxed going home and I kept him on a short leash on the train.
He fell asleep until his friend Prince the Maltese visited.

I will try and visit Forrest Park. The area is dense woods and it will be his first trip into such an environment.

We send our deepest sympathies to the people of Japan. They lead the world in eartquake technology, but floods are a tough problem.

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Always On Watch said...

That lucky Maltese!