Thursday, March 03, 2011

Galliano's Stupid Rant

The rants of a certain flamboyant Gay Fashonista prove once again that beyond their niche many artists are imbeciles. Hitler was not fond of gays and a flamboyant and obnoxious loon that looks and dresses like a cartoon would have been placed in a camp in seconds. The Night of the Long Knives where Hitler purged his party in part due to the homosexuality of Roehm is a fact.

The policy of Nazis towards gays outside Germany was indifference.

Like our own Ducky, this is yet another art student who earned his F in history.

Inquiring minds want to know if this loon has been designing Khadafy's idiotic clothes.

Next on Fox

Job Switch

Fashionista Galliano and Khadafy trade jobs. Perhaps Khadafy can be eased into retirement with the promising job opening at Christian Dior or just design clothes for Elton John.

The people of Lybia would probably not notice much difference except that Khadafy allegedly has lucid moments and can occasionally wear a decent military uniform and not look like something out of the Village People.

Actually having Galliano replace Charlie Sheen on a familiar sitcom would be the ultimate network revenge. It would also be worth watching for at least two episodes.
Of course the network execs would never see the potential of this comedic revenge on two people who should have been in rehab long ago.

I usually do not do popular culture posts, but this stupidity warrants an exception.


The_Editrix said...

"The Night of the Long Knives where Hitler purged his party in part due to the homosexuality of Roehm is a fact."

Röhm knew things from Hitler's life in Vienna and was killed for that.

In fact, the entire Nazi leadership was heavily weighed down by homosexuality. Hermann Goering wore more lipstick than Joan Crawford and Baldur von Schirach, the Hitler Youth leader, was as gay as a cricket. Talking about appointing the billy goat as gardener.

Nazi aesthetics, too, were homosexual jerk-off material.


Ducky's here said...

I received a B in European History.

beakerkin said...


Perhaps this was a course that had little other than the history of Marx and Co.

James said...

I studied the history of Lybia