Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mess in the Globe

My sympathies go out to the people of Japan. No doubt many people have suffered from
the terrible tragedy. The people of Japan will rebuild and flourish because they are a normal society run by responsible adults. It will take for longer for the Cuban people to overcome the ineptitude of Castro than the disaster in Japan.

Once again the Pseudostinians by their behavior show why they are not fit for self rule. It would be wrong to blame an entire people for the actions of a depraved killer.Such tragedies do take place in the USA. However, one does not see people handing out sweets after such a wantonly crime against human nature. The reality is most of us do not have the capacity to stab young children to death. This is because most of us by nature of our common humanity are programmed to protect children. The actions of these terrorists once again shows how radical Islam and Communism violate human nature. Of course the Duck will pretend that commies killing Kulaks or whomever is just an aberration that just happens again and again.

How does one make peace with a group that condones these types of acts?

My mother's operation is this week. I have placed in a blanket sick leave for the next ten days. I do not intend to miss any time, but the paperwork was filed as a precaution in case the need should arise.


Always On Watch said...

I'll be praying for your mother.

The people of Japan will rebuild and flourish because they are a normal society run by responsible adults.

And no looting!

I'll never get over those images after Hurricane Katrina: those fools were stealing televisions and had no hope of electrical power for an extended period of time.

The Pagan Temple said...

AOW-they were planning for the future. They knew people would eventually return and one of the first things they would be wanting is a new television. I'm not excusing it, just saying that's how they were probably thinking. These are criminal sociopaths at work.

Beak-You make peace with these people at your own peril. The Israelis are living in a fools paradise if they think otherwise. They need to give the Palestinians a timetable in which to find some other place to go-some other MUSLIM country-provided they can find one that will take them in. They need to make it clear that once that time frame has elapsed, Gaza, the West Bank, and the Golan will be leveled.

They also need to make it clear to the international "community" that they wouldn't have one problem whatsoever using all the resources of Dimona if they absolutely have to, and that they are perfectly capable of protecting that resource from anybody, as well as using it.

The Israelis could have settled this long ago if the Europeans and, yes, the US would just butt the hell out.

The US and Europe governments are in a sense as responsible for the massacre of the Fogel family as the Palestinian swine that actually carried it out, in a very real way, as they enabled them and helped it to happen.

This is why I don't give a shit about all these fuckheads in the Middle East who supposedly want "freedom". Fuck them, I know what they're idea of freedom is, the freedom to massacre innocent families because they are Jews, or infidels, or whatever. That's just the kind of people they are.

They are ruled by the very type of tyrants they themselves are, and what they deserve.

Always On Watch said...

Remember your mother in prayer today.