Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank You Daily News

In the early days of this blog we had an unusually stupid far left gay Dane living in the UK lecturing people about the USA, Israel and so forth. One comedic rant was about the numbers of gays killed in NYC exceeded the total murders in London. This was shown to be worthy of comedy central. Especially comedic were his odd claims that the PA was gay friendly based upon his travels when in fact gay Pseudostinians flee to Israel regularly. There were strange claims that all the gays executed in Iran were guilty of something else. Justin had some fun with his series of comedic rants about justice in China vs the USA.

The Daily News reported that gays are fleeing Jamaica to come to NYC. This is a fact that anyone who works in the immigration field in NYC would be aware of. The cliche left would have one think that Jamaica is fine based upon trips to posh resorts where the locals are segregated in a manner that is reminiscent of a plantation punctuated by trips to markets where corrupt police are all over the place. There is some scary hatred of gays in the West Indies and in Africa. The odd claim that it is religious conservatism is pure hot air. The governments of Jamaica have been on the left and have not done much.

We will all be in a better place when we adopt the Beakerkin "who cares" attitude.
Baseless prejudice against anyone for an entirely private matter is wrong. That being said the rants of people being victims of AIDS is a bit much. AIDS is a tragic
situation but then again so is cancer and heart disease and so forth. The same people that have zero sympathy for smokers who develop health problems will wax on about the noble virtues of AIDS patients.

Lets show everyone who is ill respect without the moral rants.


Z said...

Hi, Beak, you draw some good analogies here, and expose such agenda-driven thinking; You're right; everyone deserves sympathy for having contracted ANY disease, AIDS should not make one special. But, hey, if we had a STRAIGHT PARADE, we'd all get arrested for discrimination and they sure don't get arrested for leaving straights out, right?
I didn't know there's such anti-gay sentiment in Jamaica.

Speedy G said...

Better yet, lets KEEP the moral rants and continue to discourage (not outlaw) smokers from smoking, just as everyone (gays and straights included) should be discouraged (not outlawed) from practicing sodomy on the very truthful basis that it's "potentially VERY dangerous/ even DEADLY to your health," and the "public health" in general.

Speedy G said...

...and if telling a smoker with lung cancer or a homosexual with AIDS "I told you so" is offensive... then what is NOT telling them to avoid smoking or committing acts of sodomy?

I'd call it "socially irresponsible".

The Pagan Temple said...

If there's blatant discrimination against AIDS in Jamaica I'm guessing that could quickly spiral out of control. They might have a civil war on their hand if they aren't careful.

Ducky's here said...

Farmer, your caring for the poor benighted homos is touching.

I wish I knew the source of the right's obsession with homosexuality. I know Beak became interested when he found out that his mentor Yeagley is queer but I'm interested in the more general issue.

beakerkin said...


I serve many communities in my line of work. When people whose fecal matter contains more wisdom than you posses need assistance they seek my opinion. The gay community is well aware of my work in this area that speraks for itself.

Your unusual interest in homosexuality is quite unusal for a warped lefty.

The Pagan Temple said...

I wonder how long its going to be before the proper use of gerbils is taught in middle school sex education classes, along with condoms and oral sex. Isn't it high time?

And how about a sensitivity training requirement for the parents of homosexual children? Hey come on now, just because you discover your twelve year old son has an asshole the size of a grapefruit doesn't give you the right to judge him. Forget that Bible crap, this is your son we're talking about. Churches should take the lead in this. After all, they wouldn't want their tax exempt status yanked.

Time to move into the 21st century.

Speedy G said...

I just wish I knew the source of the Left's obsession with sodomy.

Hmmm.... never mind. I think I can "guess" it.