Sunday, April 03, 2011

Passing of a Queen

I went to the funeral of a former boss.Whatever happened to me took place after her duties were altered. She was the rare boss who was loved by the public, workers and attorneys. She knew the law beeter than you and used common sense and heart. Many a person was touch by an angel with a kindness and modesty.

Our work is governed by a series of laws and what we can tell fellow officers is governed by the Privacy Act. The general principle is "needs to know". An officer asked me to explain some issues on a case that had been unresolved for 18 years. I was reluctant to provide context because it touched on deeply personal aspects of the person's private life. Our angel smiled at me and said you know the right thing to do and expedite bringing the file home 18 years is too long. I conveyed the information and the case was approved in two hours and on its way to NYC. The thing that made our angel special was she hated those who are BS artists or Proceduralists.
The procedure should never be more important than serving the public.

I was lucky to have worked with such a magnificent person. I count her amongst the most memorable influences in my career.

I will miss her greatly as will many others.

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