Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Last Gasp before Death

There was yet another loud protest by unions and their Marxist stooge parasite corner in NYC yesterday.We are in an era of tighter budgets. The age of unionism draws to a close. Everyone has to tighten their belts.

We are seeing the last gasp of a movement that failed to adapt to the present.


Always On Watch said...

The age of unionism draws to a close.

Could be.

The recent display of arrogance by the unions in Wisconsin did not play well in the rest of America.

Joe Conservative said...

REAL Change for America.

Alligator said...

Last gasp, or are they morphing into something else - quasi-government agencies?

Even though the traditional concepts of unions is fading, their leadership seems to be thriving and having unbridled access to the halls of Congress and the White House as "advisers."

Also, they unions seem to be going more global in scope and less focused on the USA.