Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank You Donald Trump

Now that we have seen the birth certificate can we move ahead. Obama is not a leader and can not manage. Of course he could have ended this long ago, but why should we expect logic from the clueless Barry O.

That being said it is very odd that the word African was used in 1961. In other certificates from the time period the word Negro was typically used in that time period. The mere fact that there is an anomaly does not infer that there is fraud.

Beware of web document experts with imagined expertise. An actual determination may only be done from an original by experts at the lab.


Always On Watch said...

I've never known a birth certificate of that period (1961) to use "African" instead of "Negro" or "Negroid" to designate that particular race.

Perhaps certificates of that period will surface using the same terminology as the certificate just released. I'd be interested to see if there is indeed such corroborating information.

Ducky's here said...

While you're at it, thank Egypt for opening the border with Gaza.

Likud must be taking a real crap.

-FJ said...

Kawanio che keekeru!

"Song for St. Tamminy s Day." - The Old Song.

Of Andrew, of Patrick, of David, & George,
What mighty achievements we hear!
While no one relates great Tammany's feats,
Although more heroic by far, my brave boys,
Although more heroic by far.

These heroes fought only as fancy inspired,
As by their own stories we find;
Whilst Tammany, he fought only to free,
From cruel oppression mankind, my brave boys,
From cruel oppression mankind.

"When our country was young and our numbers were few
To our fathers his friendship was shown,
(For he e'er would oppose whom he took for his foes),
And made our misfortunes his own, my brave boys,
And he made our misfortunes his own.
"At length growing old and quite worn out with years,
As history doth truly proclaim,
His wigwam was fired, he nobly expired,
And flew to the skies in a flame, my brave boys,
And flew to the skies in a flame.