Sunday, May 01, 2011

Media morons

I have been on record opposing the claims of the birthers. I have not seen the names of the doccument experts or qualifications of those who have proclaimed this doccument genuine. In the past I have been hostile to birthers as some of them are indeed racist.

The doccument has anomolies that do warrant a full investigation at the document lab.
The term African was not used in 1961. This could bwe a clerical oddity or something greater. The self proclaimed media experts have zero qualifications in this area. This is done by a narrow team of professionals from an original in a lab.

Sorry, just as the birthers can't wish a doccument fake, the Obama labotomy media serfs can't wish it real without forensic examination. Given the anomoly this doccument does need further review.

My daughter visited the Greek place twice. I expected a disaster but she ate waffles with fruit and had fries and a grilled cheese sandwich the next day. The owner and waitresses took special care of her.

Onto fast food news.

The UTZ Crabseasoned Potato Chips are out. Every year a good buddy tries to find them
and usually succeeds. I bought six bags. Also of note are the amazing Honey BBQ Cheese Doodles. My daughter loves those.

Given the choice between fast food and the Greek Dinner I choose the latter. I like spinach pie and mousaka. However with a Hindu daughter I won't be seeing the latter.

On personal news I won a commendation for my service. Those whom I talk to off line know which communities reccomended me for the award. Remember officers are heroes and bird brained Marxist doodlers may only dream of being relevant.


-FJ said...

Congratulations on your commendation, beakerkin! It's heartening to know that good men like yourself are being recognized for their dedicated service to this great nation.

beakerkin said...

Thanks FJ. It was rough for many years. The joke of new management was that I was a visionary. In fact many of the things my former boss made a stink over are in fact policies.

I do not wish to go upstairs. I am happy seeing the faces of those in need.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, you should become a food editor.

Honey BBQ Cheese Doodles, man, talk about exotic. You bring them back from Guyana?

You disciplining the brat or are you still training a drama queen?

Ducky's here said...

Beak, I'm upset to read that you doubt the authenticity of the birth certificate.

It's true, most of us aren't doccument(sic) experts and when a seasoned pencil pusher like yourself has questions, well ... we have to take notice.

Always On Watch said...

I do not wish to go upstairs. I am happy seeing the faces of those in need.

You are a true mensch!