Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Military does its job no matter who is in office

The US military does its job no matter who is in office. The media has largely been silent about the Obama administrations increased use of drone strikes.

The Obama saga raises many questions about Pakistan. It is inconceivable that the government had no clue where Osama was. Pakistan needs to produce Dr. Zawaheri and Muhlah Omar yesterday. There needs to be congressional hearings onto the topic of who in Pakistan protected and sheltered Osama.

At some point the civilized world needs to have a serious conversation with Muslims and their leftist agitators. The era where mindless slaughter of civilians as a publicity stunt is over. There is zero excuse or rationalization for this activity and its continuation stigmatizes Muslims everywhere. The leftist rationalization of these war crimes is a willing accomplice to the mayhem that is a cancer for society.

Lefties like to pretend that the government of Syria, Lybia and yes post Nasser Egypt have nothing to do with Arab Marxism. The truth is that the age of mindless lefties pushing Arab rage against Jews does not get Abdul a job. If Abdul and Fatima have jobs and are working then there is no time for anticivilization mindless hate preachers to spread mayhem. Of course creating jobs in the Arab world is a tall order, but future peace depends on it.


Always On Watch said...

The Obama saga raises many questions about Pakistan. It is inconceivable that the government had no clue where Osama was.

Pakistan has been duplicitous from the git go.

Ducky's here said...

Gee whiz, Beak, first Egypt opens the border with Gaza and now Fatah and Hamas sign a reconciliation pact in Cairo.

Nutty-yahoo must be thrilled.

No documentation of bin Laden's death. Get ready for that new rock group, Glenn Beck and the Deathers.

beakerkin said...

How this post relates to Israel remains unknown. This is yet another
example of the unhealthy obsession with Jooooos by Communists.

Actually, the deathers would be more reality based than Commies who continue to make rationalizations for a sick and peverse alternative lifestyle that has killed 100,000,000
with no tangible benefits. Do note that purportedly some of the folks at the Daily Konstipation were pushing the deather bit and they can not be confused with patriotic conservatives like Mr. Beamish.

Onto Birtherism.

Up until the long form birth certificate was released I dismissed the whole phenomenon. However, given the anomalies in the long form this does warrant a professional forensic examination
of the document. That being said the irregularities do not infer that the document is fraudulent as they can be the product of a quirk
by a clerk.

I have yet to see a report certifying this document from a credible expert. Note experts on computer software are not the required expertise. This person would need to be familiar with documents from that time period and locale and be corroborated in a lab.

The Absolute Marxist said...

Intellectual honesty from the Left?

You're dreamin' again, beakerkin. If they were intellectually honest, they'd recognize North Korea as their model and Kim Jong Il as an ideological visionary.