Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hard to say good bye

I find it hard to say goodbye to a close family friend that knows me my entire life. It is in many ways harder to lose a neighbor like that than a relative you see whenever.


Always On Watch said...

My sincere sympathies.

Mr. AOW has had to say goodbye to two of his dearest friends. So far, I've been spared that grief with regard to my friends.

Z said...

From death, Beak? I'm sorry...
I couldn't tell what you meant here and maybe that's how you wanted it.
I'm sorry for whatever or however the loss has happened.

Alligator mentioned your being "in a family way" or something at Beamish's and I came over to see if he meant a BABY?!! Am sorry I've been gone a LOT lately, but that got me back! Can't find a post about it so I guess he just meant "involved with a woman!"?

xxxx blessings to you, Beak.

The_Editrix said...

Happy Birthday nevertheless, Beak!

Alligator said...

By "family way" I meant the relationship he speaks of with the Guyanese lady and the Sprite.