Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Media BS

The sex criminal politician just happens to be a SOCIALIST. Now whenever a scandal real or imagined has anything to do with the GOP the papers place GOP all over the place.He was exploiting the working class far worse than the capitalist owners. Why does a self absorbed egomanical Socialist need to stay in a luxury hotel. What sort of idiots place a fiscal illiterate in charge of the IMF?

Socialists should never be allowed near banks, young children and small animals.

I returned from the Bronx Zoo with the Sprite. She is not easy to travel with and rushed me through everything. The Madagascar Exhibit was amazing but she pushed me through this visual wonder in less than ten minutes. The World of Darkness closed due to budget cuts. I am hoping they build something like the Madagascar exhibit with Indonesia in mind or a huge Amazon themed building like the one in DC in its place. The world of Darkness was revolutionary in its time and I always enjoyed it. However, it has not held up over the years. The World of Birds also needs a makeover.

I am also disappointed in that there were no Aligator Snapping Turtles on display.

The Sprite had her face painted to look like a butterfly. Apparently she has something against the undead. Perhaps we can make a spoof dawn of the Undead Marxists for next Halloween.

Number 45 is next week. It will also be fathers day. Having a young daughter, great friends, a small Maltese, a great job and a wonderful family has given me pause to be thankful. Many good people are suffering from the Obama economy. At this point he has done little to create jobs other than massage his ego.

Osama was great about how about jobs.


Ducky's here said...

What do you want him to do about jobs?

I he initiates a Keynesian stimulus the fringe right like yourself will go gaga.

He spent money to minimize the layoffs of government hacks like yourself so don't complain too much.

Again, what do you want done, you want taxes lowered even further to increase the deficit? Not much different than Keynesian spending.

I know that you yahoo's like to remind us of the great success of Saint Ronnie Raygun but you lying right wing cretins always fail to mention that he didn't increase revenue if you adjust for inflation and his huge SSI tax increase.

So why not have one of the great fringe right economic minds explain your program.

The Pagan Temple said...

Adjust for inflation? Ducky, he increased revenues over the preceding Carter era. How much inflation rise could there have been between Carter and Reagan? You're just pissed cos he smashed the Soviet Union and made them his little bitches.

To say nothing of the fact that for a brief period inflation fell flat as a pancake under Reagan.

And who was responsible for that high inflation to begin with? That's right, Jimmy "The Killer Rabbit" Carter had double-digit inflation AND double-digit interest rates.

You and this wall of denial you've built up around yourself is enslaving you to chains of political demagoguery.

Mr. Ducky-Tear. Down. That. Wall.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah Pagan and it was Carter who appointed Paul Volker who did what was necessary to lower inflation.

Saint Ronnie Raygun, hero to right wing goobers everywhere did nothing but hike SSI taxes and set up for the daddy Bush recession.

And if Brezhnev hadn't died, the freaking asshole would have gotten us into a war with Russia. Be very thankful for that serendipity.

Worst moron we've ever had in the oval office. Worse than Chucklenuts Bush.

The Pagan Temple said...

Brezhnev died in 1983, and frankly if he had lived on and Reagan had gotten us into a war with the Soviets, we would have kicked their fucking asses. Now if it had happened under Carter it probably would have been a different story. You can thank the Kennedy Brozos for things getting as bad as they did between us to begin with.

Most politicians, including Republicans, had an internationalist policy of trying to get along with the murderous thugs. Reagan came along and said, no, we're not going to get along with them, we are going to bury them.

And we did.

Just ask yourself, Ducky, if the Peanuts farmer had been re-elected, would Volcker's fed policies have made one iota of difference? No, the Soviet Union would probably have buried us after we died from the continuation of three decades of self-inflicted wounds.

Now Carter's policies are back on steroids, continued by the Democratic Party's White House Lawn Jockey, and I am not hopeful that we will survive.