Monday, March 21, 2011

The Lybian Mess

Obama seems to finally have done something with Hillary leading the charge. The problem is as he is hostage to the idiotic world views of imbeciles like his mentor
Frank Davis we can expect no plan. The notion that a military action led by the UK or France is somehow more acceptable to the Arabs and the demented left is failed logic. While we certainly want to see the crazy Col. leave, his good friend Hugo is guuilty of similar crimes and should be next.

The big domino is Syria and if that goes the Assad family will be brutal. The Alawite clique knows that they will be massacred in any revolution and they will fight much harder and with more disregard for the public than the goofy Col.

Maybe if we offer the Crazy Col a set of KFC franchises he will step down. Khadafy Fried Chicken does have a nice ring.

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Always On Watch said...

I can't imagine that Obama will ever try to remove Chavez from power.