Sunday, March 27, 2011

Protests are good except when the Tea Party does it non violently

The usual self righteous lefties are quick to point to every fringe racist in the almost entirely peaceful Tea Party protests. A person allegedly uses the N word surrounded by tons of cameras that can not corroberate ther story and Barney Frank is called a gay slur and the media is in over drive.

As noted before the leftists marches are Marxist led and frequently violent. Of course the self righteous fools on the left even the responsible folks at Harry's Place are quick to point out they share the goals but are upset by manipulation of a mass movement.

Lets also not pretend Khadafy and Assad are anything other than Marxist hack governments. When Syria kills or Hamas kills fellow Psuedostinians the left yawns.


Ducky's here said...


A two-year corruption and international money-laundering investigation stretching from the Jersey Shore to Brooklyn to Israel and Switzerland culminated in charges against 44 people on Thursday, including three New Jersey mayors, two state assemblymen and five rabbis, the authorities said.

The case began with bank fraud charges against a member of an insular Syrian Jewish enclave centered in a seaside town. But when that man became a federal informant and posed as a crooked real estate developer offering cash bribes to obtain government approvals, it mushroomed into a political scandal that could rival any of the most explosive and sleazy episodes in New Jersey’s recent past.

It was replete with tales of the illegal sales of body parts; of furtive negotiations in diners, parking lots and boiler rooms; of nervous jokes about “patting down” a man who turned out to indeed be an informant; and, again and again, of the passing of cash — once in a box of Apple Jacks cereal stuffed with $97,000.


Friends of yours, Beak?

beakerkin said...

Lets see the Marxist Duck makes a comment like the one above and wonders why people call him an anti semite.

The Pagan Temple said...

Ducky-so what? There is a Jewish Mafia. There is also, of course, an Italian Mafia. How long would it take for you to read the riot act if anybody inferred the Italian Mafia was typical of the average Italian American.

Another point-notice that this is New Jersey, both a Mafia stronghold, and a Democratic one. Who do both of these criminal enterprises work through and control?

Thaaaaaat's right, Ducky. The labor unions. Thankfully, New Jersey has somebody like Chris Christie to help clean up that cesspool.

beamish said...

If Ducky didn't make an anti-Semitic comment at least once a day his leftist friends would begin to doubt his commitment to the movement.

Z said...

Beak and Beamish, I had to laugh out loud at Ducky's anti semitism; you're so right, it's constant and nauseating.
So, he FINALLY found something on JEWS! OH, what a RED LETTER DAY FOR THE DUCK.
How sad...the 'big open minded liberal' at it again! :-)