Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Real Union Mess

The real battle is over the governments ability to make deductions from the paycheck in order to fund unions. I grasp the potential for reducing union ranks with this idea.

Much of the furor at government unions has some merit. Unions in many cases protect egregious misconduct. Workers can and do make errors and should be held accountable. In many cases the unions have merely become an adjunct of the far left democratic party. In an era where all need to tighten their belts unions must do their share.

The truth is that despite media claims, management can be brutal. Workers do get bullied and harassed and more times than one would suspect it is due to an arbitrary personal grudge. False charges, failure to abide by government rules and creating a hostile work environment are common.

The unions have done a lousy job presenting this to the public. They need to show that work place bullying is a serious issue that can happen to anyone.

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