Monday, May 07, 2012

Lefties in scare tactic mode as Elmer Fudd

I am borrowing the rhetoric of the far left before elections. They trot out the usual hysterical fear bit like the claims about lynching and the election of Bush. The idea is to scare seniors, gays, Hispanics and Blacks into voting for Obama the savior.

Lefty Fudd: If you ewect a Wepublican its back to the closet for you hooomoosexuals. The sex police are going to invade your bedwooms and burn all your Bette Midler cds. Will and Gwace will be taken off cable and Fox will show Wedneck Eye for the Gay Guy.  The GOP plans to make a weal man card requiring men to was NASCAR and the NFL and ban tofu.

Of course this is utter bs. There are countries that do indeed have sex police, but it is not politically correct to name them.  Of course the left is too busy stoking Jooo hatred or worrying about the 700 Club to get this one right. Most conservatives don't care about who does what in private as long as all parties can consent. The problem starts with the hysterical need to indoctrinate politically correct views about homosexuality in grade school. Problems with low class behavior at Gay parades are frequently mentioned by many gays who are embarrassed by these antics.

Similarly, there are those who portray all opposition to Obama as racist. Actually, the GOP was well on their way to electing Cain before a media campaign side tracked him. Does anyone remember John Edwards or Bill Clinton getting a fraction of the scrutiny of Cain. Nobody accused Cain of rape, and Bill Clinton lied until Blue stained dresses and tapes made this impossible. Are some people bothered by Obama's race? Did many vote for him because he was Black and a symbol?

We live in an era where Hispanics outnumber Blacks. Many of the new Blacks come from Africa and the West Indies and are not the desecndants of slaves or people who labored under Jim Crow. Obamas sole genetic relation to slavery in America was his mothers family owned slaves. We were given a series of guilt trips about slavery. However, why should an immigrant from Mali benefitf from programs designd to right historic wrongs that have little or nthing to do with them. In fact slavery in Africa was ended by those evil colonialists that the left likes to whine about.

Its time we started to laugh at these scare tactics.

We need look no further than Greece to see where the cult of Obama goes.

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Ducky's here said...

Most conservatives don't care about who does what in private as long as all parties can consent.


As long as they don't try to get married.