Friday, May 11, 2012

Leftist BS about Gays

The left lives in a fantasy world of fear mongering. Elect a Republican and gays get herded into closets and watching Will and Grace is prohibited.

The truth is that there is a severe problem with homophobia in the West Indian community. Contrary to imagined media rationalizations the perpetrators are neither religious nor Conservative. The same people that will end a career over real and frequently imagined racial slights have no problem using homophobic slurs and claim that certain women posses "gaydar".

In media circles the craven Obama move is being potrayed as courage. In fact he was elected by cowardly hiding who he is. At the last hour his position on this issue changes after talking with his family. I want to point out that this series of expedient back flips is exactly why he shouldn't be trusted and can not lead. The anti Obama Mayor Bloomburg stated his convictions when expediency was not in his favor. Bloomberg is a genuine leader  and Obama is a joke on all levels.

The joke is on the American people and was never funny, it is pathetic.


Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, off topic.

Here's a link to some of my latest porn. Let me know what you think, I got what I wanted here.

beakerkin said...

I was expecting photos of corn dogs or funnel cakes. Food porn is
the cutting edge right now.

I brought home some odd food in my travels. The Guyanese call Chinese Long Beans Bora. For whatever reason I enjoy the stuff and get a craving for it. I prepared it with margarine garlic, a chicken cutlet
and a Texas White Onion.

I do not know why I am craving odd produce like leeks and wax beans.
Must be the start of summer cooking season.