Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yet another fake Indian

After the Ward Churchill scandal, I thought I heard the last story of leftists faking being Indians for jobs in higher ed. Elizabeth Warren is not an Indian and should be facing charges for falsely claiminmg  to be one in order to get a high paying job she did not earn on merrit.

The time has come for a full review of hirring practies in higher education.


Ducky's here said...

I do find the claim ridiculous and she's certainly getting raked about it.

However, as usual, you are a liar. That's your stock in trade. There is no evidence she used to designation to gain an advantage.

Applications that have been examined do not have the Native American classification.

I can't stand Warren, she's a Blue Dog corporate pimp just like The Black Messiah but this is a bit of a tempest in a teapot.

beakerkin said...


She should also be fired from her job asap. Federal employees are fired for smaller lies than that regularly.

There is no other purpose for this deception other than self promotion. This is yet another example of the dubious hiring practices in academia.

"Black Messiah" even the great Mr. B doesn't use that term. Have you been reading Bad Eagle again? Now unlike Warren Yeagley is an authentic Indian and certified..

Ducky's here said...

Gay Eagle is certifiable alright.

beakerkin said...


There is zero proof that Yeagley is gay. His sexual preferences have
nothing to do with his vulgar views of race.

In my world being gay is no big deal. Obviously you are not as enlightened as you think.