Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yes I am a liberal

The most amusing thing about this blog is those who are off the map to the left never get beyond the actual cliche lines about their opponents. When the sanctimonious left is criticized they go into reflexive memes. It took Communist Clown Renegade Eye years to deduce I am a liberal.

Liberals used to be more like me and less like John Kerry.

1) I am proud of my country and its history. I can look at the unpleasant chapters like the treatment of American Indians and Slavery in a balanced manner.

2) Communism is a nasty death cult of morons who are nore dogmatic than the folks at the 700 Club they mock with zero social graces and low IQs. They are not the moral arbiters of anything. I do not work with them or put up with their presence.

3) While I am not a Conservative, I usually respect their integrity. When I disagree with policies I respect their intentions. Communists rationalize every actions of our enemies and reflexively blame America for every imagined ill on the globe.

4) Socialism is a lousy idea. True socialists frequently allow actual commies into their ranks and are frequently obstructionist. While workers rights are an important item unions need to work place issues
and be as apolitical as possible.

5) Man made global warming is a hoax. Greens that go on diatribes against anti communists  like Kovel or ex Maoist Finklestein  fool nobody.

6) Obama is inept as a leader. He is incaple of correcting the economy.

7) I do not aspire to make the USA more like the EU.

8) The cost of higher education is outrageous.

9) I do not worship psychology. The field has become way too politicized. Long term patients like Woody Allen and Barbara Striesand have been at it for decades and are still loathsome on many levels.
A professional who told either to grow up and get their inflated egos back to reality would have been replaced long ago. Rationalizing their clients gross behavior does not promote sound mental health. Therapy has become a poor substitue for religion. The advice of most therapists is no more sound than that of a trained clergyman.

10) While I do believe in regulation, I oppose paper tyranny, procedural fetishism and cowboyism of governmental workers. Get people of sound judgement on the job and stay out of their way.

11) 90% of what we call art is BS.

12) Popular culture should entertain first and everything else is secondary.

Not a classic rant but it feels goooooooooood

Surf music is theraputic and clears my office. I fantasize about wearing a loud tropical shirt, Bermuda shorts and white shoes to work on a day I don't have to deal with the public. Until then I can unknown
songs like Gypsy Surfer, Sandstorm, Bullwinkle 2 and Bumble Boogie on the CD player and imagine.
I can also imagine Don Rickles style retorts to the human hockey pucks that make policies in DC.

Not exactly what Lennon Imagined but I am a real NYC guy.

Dudeology question of the day

Your girlfriend says she is angry at you for something and is not talking to you until you figure it out

Which response is worthy of being a dude

A) Give her flowers and let her vent
B) Ask exactly how is this a punishment
C) Pop a beer and get some chips and wait for whatever
D) Tell her how important she is to you and that you are not a psychic
E) Plan some romantic gesture to ride out the storm.

Remember, being a dude and sound judgement often are not the same. Not all of us can be Mr. B or Beakerkin.


Ducky's here said...

11) 90% of what we call art is BS.


Very common sentiment for right wingers like yourself.

I'm not sure where it comes from but your statement is interesting since apparently you reject Renaissance art, Greek and Egyptian sculpture, Baroque easel painting, the pre-Rphaelites .... etc. etc. In other words you should have said 90% of contemporary art is BS.

Since you are not familiar with contemporary movements your statement is BS, not the art. When was the last time your ass was at a gallery show or in a museum?

Do you attempt to create? Photography, music, writing, poetry ... anything? Just as I thought, you're oblivious.

But back to the topic. My guess is that the fringe right is so antagonistic toward modern art because they don't understand it and it challenges their very limited world view.

Any fan of the idiot Giuliani who calls himself a liberal is a sad joke.

beakerkin said...


Once again you forget there is a difference between regular people in the center left and apologists for criminality.You are Communist and rationalize every action of the criminal left.

The difference between you and I

1) I view my country and its history with pride. I have zero desire to see my country be like the EU.

2) I am not soft on crime. Nor do I rationalize or do the roots cause foolishness. Criminals should be punished for their actions.

3) Government should be accountable
on all levels. Nepotism is a serious
issue and needs to be addressed.

4) Individual rights are Constitutional and group rights totalitarian.

5) I oppose all forms of the criminal left. If saving your country from being Cuba redux requires taking up arms so be it.

Those that work with me each and every day assume I am a Democrat. My
respect for various communities including many that would shock you
has been established.

Your kind is a pox on humanity

Patrick Kelley said...

Ducky doesn't even realize Giuliani is a liberal himself. That's why he couldn't get the GOP nomination, because he was perceived as too liberal on social issues, and even some economic issues. Ducky as usual is clueless as ever.