Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Junk food

I went for round two at Potbelly. I had a sandwich called a "wreck". It was a work of brilliance. Frankly, there is zero reason or rationale to sit in a Subway if a Potbelly is available. At this location Boylan Black Cherry was available. The only thing that was less than perfect was the high end chips that lack a punch. I have no idea who makes Zaps but they are not upto par.

The Sandwich shop is a crowded genre. For a Philly Cheese Steak I still prefer Carl Jr's and every now and then they have an awesome fish sandwich that would be perfect with a better bread. I don't think I have set foot in a Quiznos in two years or more. I may go in and take a look. I will go into a Subway only for a special and not their ordinary fare. I do like Au Bon Pain but Pot Belly is so much better that unless I am by the SI Ferry I will not set foot in one. Many people have tried to get me to try Cosi and I will have to get around to it.

Onto Music. J&R moved the Oldies Music Upstairs. I have been listening to CD's from an outfit called ACE Records. I can honestly say that the Teen Beat 3 was so good that I ran to locate vollume 2 and 4.
One of my CD's went Bad but I got another. A CD with Ride the Wild Surf by Jan and Dean and the hysterical Surfer Joe is worth a play.

I got killed at work. I am still in a holding pattern due to jury duty. I was told to call in and given a message to go to work and call again. I do not know until 5 if I have to report to the court. I got nailed with seven cases and zero prep time. No officer gets more than five but I brought them home with no fanfare. The attorneys were overjoyed with the switch as I was not scheduled to hear cases and work on another team.
Hopefully, I will get nothing tommorow and make room in my office.

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