Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thank You Editrix

The Editrix and AOW and a few of you know today is my birthday. I share this day with John Wayne, James Arness and Sissy Spacek. Oddly this date including the year is shared with the people of Guyana.
Today is Guyana independence day.  When I do work with my families community this is part of the stand up comedy act I do for a few charities. The charities raise money to send Guyanese kids for medical treatment in India.

I am going to spend time with my daughter and the little dog. The little dog is probably the only living creature that steals food from me and lived to tell the story. Actually the daughter has been known to steal a spinach roll or spinach pie from me. Sometimes she gets mad at me because of the jokes. I told her the story of a little girl who drank pineapple soda on the night of a full moon with a thunderstorm and became a werepinapple. There was a thunder storm outside and I spun the tale and told her to check her skin and hair. She was scared but I told her there was no full moon. What would a werepineapple do anyway search for coconuts.

As I age it is impossible not to see how much I have mellowed out over time. How much of that is time or being a dad only the guy upstairs knows.

Other May 26 events House Unamerican activities started and Stevie Nicks, Peggy Lee and Brett Musburger were born today.

Z thanks for your help.


Patrick Kelley said...

Happy Birthday Beak.

Ducky's here said...

HUAC was founded on your birthday.

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

jams o donnell said...

Happy Birthday!

Mr. AOW said...

Happy birthday, Beak!

Mrs. AOW will be along later today with belated wishes. Shame on her for forgetting yesterday! She has been really busy the past few weeks. Busier than usual!

Always On Watch said...

I forgot about your birthday! Sorry.

Well, Belated Happy Birthday NOW!

beakerkin said...

Thanks AOW

I had a good time. I just never want to see another slice of cheese cake in my life.

I have to write another book. Even if I fill the pages with filler it is better than cheesecake.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, you make such a deal out of being a New Yorker yet all you write about is fast food, walking the dog and filling out forms.

Why is that uniquely New York?

Do you participate in other aspects of New York life?

beakerkin said...

In NYC fast food is a battlefield, The sandwich field is very interesting in that it is going to narrow to three or four top brands.
Burger joints are out of vouge and will be with us. Nationally KFC leads and Popeyes and some regional
chains are it. I am at a loss for Church's fried chicken and Roy Rodgers had the best overall fare but appears to be on its way out. One of the highlights of my trips to VT were seeing a rare Roy Rogers and their great offerings. Having the best product sometimes does not assure market survival.

The little dog is the greatest joy.
I could spend days with him and never be happier. Didn't care for small dogs but I love the little guy who is always in my heart.

What you call forms are a really serious matter. Immigration is a serious business that directly impacts lives. My work, of which I state little here, is something hailed by many.

I enjoy my life as is.

Ducky's here said...

So in other words, NYC is great and you are in the elect because you are a connoisseur of junk food.

Now do you wonder why someone might be jaundiced with your description of your hack job?

Ducky's here said...

In NYC fast food is a battlefield, The sandwich field is very interesting in that it is going to narrow to three or four top brands.

You've just descried the junk food industry everywhere and also laissez-faire capitalism.

What does this have to do with NYC?

beakerkin said...

New York is the most intense fast food market in the country. Chains rise and fall and are forgotten

Nedicks was interesting but simple Franks and Orangeaid with waffle fries didn't hold up. Visiting one in Penn Station is like a trip in a time machine. You could imagine your grandparents eating at Nathans in Coney Island.

The burger business is on the decline except for Two Guys in NYC.
The rapid competition and likely demise of Blimpie and probably Quiznos is in the future.

It is a fascinating topic and timeless. The rare time I can find an Arthur Treachers brings memories back. I hope my daughter tells her kids of when dear old dad took her to Nathans.

Patrick Kelley said...

They used to have an Arthur Treacher's in Cincinnati. I personally found the food enjoyable. It was my first experience with fish and chips. Ducky probably doesn't like fast food chains because they're not owned by worker co-ops.

beakerkin said...

Ducky doesn't like anything that turns a proffit. He wants you to eat at Uncle Ches where the workere might see meat every month.

I would love to see a Smithsonian exhibit on vanishing chains. They could have old food available at the food court.

Ducky's here said...

Actually, I go independent.

If it's junk food I try a clam plate at Kelly's or maybe a veggie burger at "b. Good".

But we only have about 20 local junk chains. It's not like NYC.

When was the last time you actually sampled the night life in town?